New story time! This is literally just the prologue, so yeah, enjoy!

Humanstuck once again, but this will focus on all of the characters, and hopefully I'll be able to characterise them correctly. Wish me luck! Each character will also have a secondary... Kind of code-name based on their abilities and shit. Hopefully these won't be confusing!

Fair warning, there will be death, and a fuck load of it. So please enjoy Counting Stars.


Bloodlines had always been important, but when certain families appeared to be producing children with special abilities, bloodlines became something that would truly warrant being cherished and bragged about.

There were many types of blood abilities, ranging from telekinesis, transformation, incredible strength or speed, regeneration, and a whole spectrum of others. Some used magic as an explanation for these things, and indeed, some powers seemed as if they were spawned from the fairy-tales and legends of old. Other powers were horrific, and feared greatly; these were usually nightmarish, and only whispered about in safe, well-lit places.

Any humans that showed this kind of power were usually brought into service for their respective kingdom's armies, and given an incredible wage. It was a privilege to have this kind of ability, and they were highly valued.

Unfortunately, there were many rulers that didn't give any kind of choice to these humans about whether they wanted to serve or not. It was almost as if they were hunted down and indoctrinated, especially when they began showing absolute and unquestionable loyalty to their masters. There were many a story of someone with an ability who had disappeared into the night, only to reappear in a year or so with a completely different personality. Some even said that these people didn't seem to recognise their own families.

Being born with such powers was truly a double-edged sword, and their fate seemed to hang in the balance of the ruler of their kingdom they lived in, and also in the mercy of the ruler of any invading forces.

While many people lived with their abilities serving as their armour, others hid it, and protected the secret with their lives, for fear of their own capture, or the deaths of their families.

Although when things got too bad, some banded together, and formed their own resistance groups to uphold peace and to protect themselves, which is exactly what happened when a great king died.