The following is a sequel to another song I did titled "Twilight's Child."

"Lone Rider"
Evil Overlady

The dust kicks up like a mist
Where vampires dare to exist.
A lone horseman rides on through without a care.

There's a fierce look in his eyes
And they glow much to dark's surprise,
And the shadows slide away to let him past without a fare.

Lone rider,
Law decider,
In a future where the darkness rule the land...

Dark rider,
Blade abider;
His sword is an emblem not a creature can withstand.

His silver pays a simple goal.
A woman may yet lose her soul
To a demon king if there's but a moment of delay.

So he rides with a deadly sword
On a beast no man can afford
And a darkness in his soul no creature dare disarray.


He's arrived on the wedding night
And the groom bares fangs sharp and moonlit white
For a trembling neck, fragile and frozen still in fear.

A knife breaks the master's gaze
And the girl stirs up out of her daze.
Blue eyes find the bold rider standing in the clear.


The bride runs to her savior's side,
Hops the saddle where they both can ride
In to the night to somewhere safe and far away.

The rider gives the king a warning glow
And they ride off as dawn breaks new and full
To leave the villain to plot and another day.


Lone rider...