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Pairing: FrostIron (Loki/Tony Stark)

Summary: Tony Stark has never been one for playing by the rules. Neither is he known for making rational decisions. After the final break-up with Pepper, he's really hit rock bottom. A total misunderstanding lands him on SHIELD's radar with only Loki as an ally. Naturally, he's in over his head.

Maybe it's not such a bad thing this time. Loki is everything Pepper wasn't, and it's exhilarating.

Well, at least until Loki's past comes back to haunt him in the form of a certain Asgardian enchantress with a penchant for wildly inappropriate love spells. Tony and Loki find themselves magically bound to one another, and it's a hell of a lot harder to cope with than they'd ever imagined.

Hopefully they can keep their hands off each other long enough to save the day.

Warnings: Violence, Sexual content: m/m slash, bondage and BDSM, swearing, spoilers, smut, Hurt/comfort, fluff, some angst. Maybe some het since I adore Lady Loki, but IDK yet. Somewhat willing forced marriage via ridiculous love spell.

Notes: Set post avengers but pre-Iron Man 3 with some inspiration from the Loki: Agent of Asgard comics. Not enough to really be a cross-over though. I'll be completely honest here – I have no idea where this story is going or how long it'll be. I'm kind of making it up as I go along. May be AU later on.

Stuff in italics are meant to be the character's thoughts.

Will Probably update every few days since I'm keeping the chapters short.

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Chapter 1: Deja Vu

It started with the new girl at Starbucks.

Pepper had been getting increasingly annoying about Tony neglecting his responsibilities to his company, not to mention his impulsive and destructive tendencies on top of it all. He couldn't help it, really.

He didn't usually try to avoid Pepper, but he'd had a hard time facing her since they'd broken up after the fiasco in New York. It was too much for her to deal with. Being in a relationship with someone who risked getting himself killed on a daily basis was just too much for her to handle. That was her excuse, at least. Tony still loved her more than anything. Seeing her constant disapproval with almost everything he did was starting to drive him crazy. So he avoided her as much as possible. He'd either sneak into his workshop and waste the whole day there, or slink out of the mansion to pretend to do his job as the owner of Stark Industries. It was becoming a problem. Tony Stark does not tip-toe. He struts.

He used to, anyway.

The days that he left the mansion, he'd stop at Starbucks for his coffee. Making his own meant increasing his chances of bumping into Pepper by at least forty percent. If nothing else, he'd kind of fallen into a routine of sorts. Get out of bed, take a shower and get dressed. Proceed to stealthily make his way out of the mansion, and hit up Starbucks on the way to work. Then hang out at the company building for a while, and go get shitfaced at some shady bar when he got bored. After that, pick up a date and/or puke in the back of a taxi on the way back home. Finally, possibly have nightmares of throwing a nuke into space, and have a mental breakdown or two... Hopefully after Pepper kicked out whoever he dragged in.

Rinse and repeat.

It really was pretty fucking pathetic.

"I'll take a mocha latte with vodka and Valium, please babe." He said jokingly to the new girl behind the counter at Starbucks. She glared at him humorlessly with her oddly menacing bright emerald green eyes. He couldn't help himself, really. Usually it was this lanky red-haired teenage guy with a major acne problem and PMS to rival Pepper's. But this new girl, he could get used to her. She was really something. He could tell from the way her sadly unflattering Starbuck's uniform fell over her curves that she had a body a goddess would envy. Never mind the size of those breasts; he really hoped it wasn't one of those goddamn deceiving Victoria's Secret push-up bras. How he hated those. Still, he loved the way the long gold chain with the small plain round pendant rested between them – framed by a plunging white v-neck that was definitely against the uniform code. Tony licked his lips thinking of running his fingers through that absolutely luscious wavy waist-length ebony hair. If only the place weren't swarming with noisy virgin hipsters, he'd try to get her to come by the mansion later.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." She said blankly, and pointedly raised her eyebrows. Obviously she noticed him staring at her chest. "We do not serve that." Tony rolled his eyes.

"No sense of humor, huh? Fine. Just a regular large coffee. Light, no sugar." Tony sighed. "Do I know you?"

"Do I truly, or is it my breasts that have sparked your memory? Only, it seems you are far more interested in them than your coffee, Sir." She replied in an even tone with a hint of venom. He couldn't shake the feeling that something about her seemed familiar, though.

"That will be $3.95, please." She added when Tony was at a sudden, not to mention completely uncharacteristic, loss of words. He dug in his jeans pocket for the cash and slid it across the counter to her with his best cocky smile. Was it always that expensive or is she just fucking with me? He thought as she counted the change.

"I'd remember those tits, honey. Even if they're silicone." Tony said as he dodged a few of the aforementioned noisy hipsters on the way out the door. There was always tomorrow. Maybe he'd pick up someone hotter at the bar later, or at least someone he could get drunk enough to think was hot.

He immediately regretted going to hang out at the Stark Industries Building. As soon as he walked in, he was almost bodily dragged into a board meeting. Really, they should just call the stupid things 'bored' meetings. It wasn't like they needed his input. Tony had nothing to do with the finances unless a new product was being launched or something. This is Pepper's job, he thought irritably. There wasn't even anything halfway interesting to look at in the room. Everything was just sort of smooth and in shades of beige. All clean angles and flat surfaces. That whole modern geometric scheme. Normally he liked that style of decor, but today it felt a cage. It took all of Tony's self-control not to drum his fingertips on the flecked formica tabletop as Pepper's butch secretary ranted about expenditures and plummeting stocks. He tried not to let out a bark of laughter at the pudgy middle aged man next to him that had literally fallen asleep. There was even a thin line of drool trickling down his bushy gray beard. Without even bothering to excuse himself, Tony walked out of the room.

Really, he'd just plain had enough.

Enough of Pepper's nagging, enough of pointless board meetings and enough shitty drunken one night stands.

Yet, at quarter past ten that night, Tony found himself at one of the shadier nightclubs outside of Malibu. Life as usual. He might as well get laid, whether or not it actually meant anything hardly mattered anymore at that point. It was just a distraction. A way to tell himself that he was still Tony fucking Stark and everything was just fine. Rainbows and sunshine and all that nonsense. If he could still get drunk and laid, everything was just peachy.

In reality, he was falling apart. Pepper breaking up with him had torn him to pieces just when he thought nothing else in this world or the next could possibly hurt him.

Tony sat alone at the bar with a glass of cheap scotch. Some kind of obnoxious rap music was blaring through the speakers, and colored lights ghosted across the mass of people dancing. Oh well, at least it wasn't some drunk teenage girl who thought she was Kelly Clarkson singing Karaoke. Never mind that those shouldn't even be allowed in clubs. But, knowing the bouncer has its benefits. He leaned forward against the bar counter and wondered how much of the crappy scotch he'd have to drink to get wasted. Honestly, it was no less boring than the board meeting. The only difference was that it was a little louder.

It was always the same, it never changed.

That was the thing about Tony. He needed constant change. He was always running off to the next thing that was new and exciting. Whatever had his attention before would be all but forgotten about. That was why it could never work with Pepper. She wanted him to settle down and live a halfway normal life. A normal life did not suit Tony Stark.

There weren't any new conquests to be made in the club, either. At least not that he could see. All the hot girls were already hanging off some guy's arm. Some of the ones he could always count on for a good night with no strings attached were available, but he wanted something new. Something... exciting.

His eyes fell upon an unfamiliar women sitting a few seats down from him at the bar. She wore a skimpy, skin-tight emerald spandex dress that flattered her perfect hips and waistline. She had short black hair cropped on an angle that was longer in the front. Or maybe it was brown – it was hard to tell in the dim lighting. Either way, she was gorgeous and positively oozed sex. Without even thinking much about it, Tony abandoned his pathetic excuse for scotch and moved on to the second objective for the night: Get laid.

"Hey babe." He purred. "You wouldn't happen to be in the market for a good time tonight, would you?" Not the best pick-up line, admittedly, but he'd done worse. He must really be falling apart if he was spewing crap like that. He was Tony Stark, legendary womanizer – not a teenage virgin. Not Captain Spangles.

"Oh, you will just want to keep looking, handsome. I do believe I am bit too... Dangerous for you." She replied, giving him a coy smile. Really, everything about this woman was suggestive, from the husky tone of her voice to the seductive way her lips curled into that smile. She was pure sin, and Tony was not leaving without getting a piece of that.

"I like a little danger." He replied. She kept her smile firmly in place and folded her legs as she leaned back a bit on her bar stool. Tony tried not to drool when he noticed the thigh-high, stiletto heeled black patent leather boots. His gaze shifted to her breasts which were barely concealed below the skimpy dress. Glorious – that was the word for them. ...And the way that necklace she was wearing rested between them. He frowned as the image of the girl from the coffee shop swam into his mind. That was definitely the same necklace. And the same tits. He didn't know about the necklace, but those were totally the same tits.

No, it couldn't be.

It wasn't.

Their facial structure was completely different, even if the deep emerald pools of her eyes were hauntingly similar. Maybe it was her older sister. Those were some damn good genes.

"See something you like?" She asked, cocking her head to the side.

"You know what, I do." Tony replied and sat on the stool next to her.

"Hm. That is good to know. But I really am not particularly interested. Now, if you would please find some other piece of meat to harass, I would greatly appreciate it." She she said in clear dismissal. Tony stared in disbelief. Tony Stark did not get rejected by some chick at a club. Ever. No matter how hot she was.

"Do you even know who I am?" He inquired, suavely.

"I do. I also do not particularly care." The woman snapped irritably. Feeling somewhat like a kicked puppy, he decided to leave her be. The last thing he needed was Pepper reaming him out for another sexual harassment suit. Even if the only thing in his mind was wanting to run his tongue across that creamy skin.

"Do you have a sister or something that works at the Starbucks?" Tony asked, unable to stop himself. Even the cold indifference was the same.

"No." She answered dully.

"So, it wouldn't mean anything to you if I said I remember those tits?" The slightly tipsy engineer asked.

"No." Tony awkwardly said goodnight walked away.

Well. That had been quite the failure, but he hadn't been defeated yet. The night was far from over. He still had a taxi to puke in.

And damn it, he didn't even manage that.

Tony was mostly sober while he lay awake, draped over his bed in an awkward position. It was all wrong. There was a cold, empty spot where Pepper should be. He knew if he got up and looked, that some of her clothes were still in his bottom dresser drawer and a few of her business suits were hanging in his closet. It was like she was still there in spirit. Yet, she wasn't. It hurt. Horribly. All he really wanted was for her to be happy, and the thing that stung the most was knowing he could never be the one to give her that. The hardest part to deal with was the fact that she still lived there. If Pepper had moved out, maybe Tony would have been able to get his shit together. But no. That would just be too easy.

Suddenly feeling anything but tired, Tony got up and dragged himself to the workshop. He ignored Jarvis' suggestion to call a psychiatrist in the morning and planted himself in the chair near his workbench. He could drown his misery in tinkering. It was always a useful catharsis. It had to be, because the world was ending. Tony Stark had come from a club mostly sober and without a woman hanging off his arm. Maybe it was time to see a shrink.