Me: I finally updated!

Sky: What took you so long?

Me: I've been helping my parents prepare for Christmas and putting up with my little brother and playing Pokemon. Speaking of which *Starts playing Pokemon*

Sky: Not yet!

Me: *Sticks out tongue* Meanie!

Kyo: *Sighs* Vulpix owns nothing, but Myself and Sky

Me: *Walks into the room*

Everyone: *Stares*

Me: What?

Sierra: Who's the little boy behind you?

Me: *Face-palms* You see him, too? I thought I was just having a nightmare. *Sighs* He's my little brother, you can just call him LB for little brat

LB: I'm telling mom

Me: *Crosses arms* At least can read

LB: At least I'm not a fan of stupid anime

Me: *Gasp* I'd kill you if you weren't my brother. *Looks around before glaring at Tsubasa* Tsubasa you're excused from today's dares if you babysit my brother.. Somewhere far, far, FAR away from here

Tsubasa: *Instantly runs out the door with my little brother*

Co-host: *Sweat drop*

Me: Sierra read the first dare

Sierra: Okay.. *Reads card* Ryuga kiss a girl you like

Ryuga: I DON'T ~ *Shock* LOVE ANY~ *Shock* OF THESE~ *Shock*

Me: If you don't stop lying you'll be turned into bacon

Ryuga: FINE! *Kisses Sky on the lips*

Me: *Rolls on the floor laughing*

Ryuga: What's so funny?

Me: The dare didn't say it had to be on the lips

Ryuga: Does it make a difference?

Sky & Rex: *In a demonic tone* YES!

Rex: *Turns into a super Saiyan and DESTROYS Ryuga*

*I interrupt this scene to bring you a break dancing T-rex wearing a Santa hat*

Yu & Tithi: *Poking Ryuga* He's dead

Me: *Face-palm* Someone read the next dare

Mark: *Reads the card* Kyoya, sing the most annoying song you can think of

Kyoya: I have a long list of annoying songs *Pulls out a really long list*

Me: Okay, how about.. *Reading the list* 'What does the fox say?'

Kyoya: *Shrugs then pulls out a guitar and starts singing 'What does the fox say?'*

Me: That was pretty good. *Picks up a song and starts reading it* Kyoya is~

Mark: Wait you're going to read a card?

Me: Yes because there haven't been any truths as of late. Anyways Kyoya is it true that you can play guitar?

Kyoya: *Sweat-drop and him holds up the guitar*Duh *Shock* OWE! Why'd it shocked me?

Me: *Holding a remote* I didn't like your answer *Shocks him again*

Kyoya: *Crying from the pain*

Me: Well that takes care of the next dare *Throws card away*

Mark: Wait you have a remote that can shock them?

Me: What hostess in her right mind wouldn't have one?

Everyone: *Sweat-drop*

Me: Nova read the next card!

Nova: Jack give Benkei a piggy-back ride

Jack: Must I?

Me: Yes or I'll shock you

Jack: Fine

Benkei: *Hop on his back*

Jack: X_X

Me: *Ignores the scene* Mark

Mark: Make someone eat this dish *Plate appears in his hand*

Me: How about~

Benkei: *Already eating the food* This is pretty good what is it?

Me: Chilli Carb

Tetsuya: I shall avenge you my crab brother *Releases an army of crabs*

Me: Go Gallade! *throws pokeball*

Gallade: *Mega evolves and throws the crabs out the window*

Random text box: *Appears and reads 'Tetsuya's crab attack missed' then reads 'Tetsuya has fainted'*

Me: He didn't~ *looks at an unconscious Tetsuya* Never mind

Sierra: What just happened?

Me: I don't know, but can we do it again?

Random text box: *Reads 'No'*

Me: But you just did it again

Random text box: *ERROR, ERROR, Text box used explosion*


Me: No clue but it I want to do it again

Sky & Kyo: NO WAY!


Mark: Okay.. the next dare is for Ryuga to skydive from a helicopter with a rubber band and a piece of sting attached his ankle and Sky gets to push him.

Sky: Sweet Revenge *Grins*

In the helicopter

Sky: *Pushes Ryuga out of it*

Ryuga: *The rubber band snaps and he falls in a crate of glitter ducks causing a huge glittery explosion*

Inside the building

Me: *Crying* My glitter ducks! They were so young!

Co-host: *Sweat-drops*

Sierra: Moving on.. the last dare is for a co-host to redo Tsubasa's hair

Rex: I though you excused him from the dares today

Me: I did but I was crossing my fingers and I think I chose you to do the dare

Rex: *Shrugs and disappears*

Somewhere far, far, FAR away from the building

Tsubasa: *Running away from LB*

LB: *Holding flamethrower* This what you get for trying to make me read!

Rex: *Teleports Tsubasa back to the building*

At the building

Everyone: *Watching the news*

Me: *Face-plam* He just had mention reading to him

Rex: *Reappears with an unconscious Tsubasa with shorter hair*

Me: Okay now that the dares are done I'm going to read the last truth *Smiles*

Sky: I haven't seen her this happy since she got that Pokemon game and started watch the Librarians

Kyo: *Nods in agreement*

Me: The truth is for Ginga to choose between Madoka and Sierra

Ginga: *Blushes* Sierra *No shock*

Everyone: AWE

Me: *Looks at Madoka* I thought you would mad

Madoka: No. I'm over it now.

Me: *Shrugs* Whatever

Kyo: Who's diary is it going to be today?

Me: *Sweat-drops* No since it's almost Christmas and I've been busy so there is no diary today, but I do have some gifts for the Co-host *Gives Sierra a headband that looks like Ginga's*

Sierra: Awesome!

Me: *Gives Nova a Glitter Duck* Use it wisely

Nova: *Throws it at Sora*

Me: *Gives Mark a new paintball gun then looks at Sora* Wait how'd you get back in here?!

Mark: *Shoots paint at Sora until he leaves*

Me: *Gives Rex mistletoe*

Rex: *Tries to kiss Sky, but accidentally kisses Nami (One Piece)

Me: What are you doing here?

Nami: *Face-palm* Never let Zoro lead the way *Walks out the door*

Me: Well that's all for today

Kyo & Sky: What about us?

Me: *Gives them a hand full of candy* now if you'll excuse I need to stop my rampaging little brother. Bye

Co-host: Merry Christmas

Me: I'm bored so I'm issuing a challenge and the winner will get a chance to summit an oc for this story even if they already have one in it, as well as any future stories that I might do and the winner will get a chance to guest star in this story. The due date is 1/24/2015

The rules: 1. be RANDOM and involve babysitting or pet sitting

2. It must be a one-shot with 400 words or more

3. Mention other animes

4. Have fun

Sky: I think you're forgetting something

Me: What?

Sky: You still need people to PM Truths and Dares for next time

Kyo: As while as a diary.

Me: Yeah, Yeah. Oh if anyone out there is interested just put it in the review. Also if someone wants to use my ocs then PM me. Well that's all for now so Merry Christmas!