Me: I have an important announcement about my challenge from the last I've decided that I would move the due date to 1/31/2015, I've been busy so that's why I'm moving the due date

Sky: If you want to enter you still have time, and if you're interested then post it in the review or PM, Vulpix

Kyo: Disclaimer, Vulpix owns nothing.

Me: I'm back *Pulls out a confetti cannon and shots it at Chris*

Chris: *Covered in glitter paper* Where do you get this stuff?

Me: I'll never tell! Now on with the truths and dares!

Sierra: *Reads card* The first dare is for Ryuga to ride Jing

Me: Okay Mark go get your tigers

Mark: Uhm.. Jing and Ying are still here

Me: Wait! They're still here!.. Well I guess that explains the missing steaks.

Benkei: *Crying* They were so young

Me: *Throws a glitter duck at Benkei* On with the~

Sierra: Wait, you're telling us that you didn't notice two tigers in the building?

Me: Let me think

Flash back

Sky: *Trying to feed an unconscious Ryuga to Ying*

Me: *Walks by reading a book*

Jing: *Using Masamune as scratching post*

Masamune: *Screaming* VULPIX, HELP!

Me: *Walks by eating ice cream from Yu's secret stash while reading the same book*

Ying & Jing: *Eating Yu's secret stash of ice cream*

Me: *Walks by reading the same book*

Ends Flash back

Me: That was good ice cream *Looks at bleeding Ryuga* Oh, you already did the ~

Yu: *Sad puppy dog eyes* You ate my ice cream?

Me: You saw my flash back?

Yu: *Nods*

Me: Then no.. Damain ate it

Yu: *Turns towards Damain and viciously attacks him*

Me: Awe, isn't he just adorable?

Co-host: *Nods while slowly backing away*

Rex: Okay.. on to next dare *Reads card* Make someone hold a piece of steak in front of Ying

Me: Let me think.. Jack

Jack: Why me?

Me: Because your diary still haunts my dreams!.. well yours and Masamune's *Shivers*

Kyo: What did he write in his that's so bad?

Masamune: *About to speak*

Me: *Duck tapes his mouth* If you want to live you will not answer that question, EVER! *Turns to Jack* Now do the dare

Jack: Fine *hold a steak in front of Ying then is attacked*

Nova: *Reads the next* Aguma, did you ever love anyone?

Aguma: Yes, but I had to leave her when her village forced us out *No shock*

Everyone: AWE

Rex: *Crying* That's so sad. I could never bear to leave Sky, like you had to leave her *Hugs Sky*

Sky: *Taps on Rex's shoulder* You realize that you're hugging Cana (Friay Tail), right?

Rex: *Lets go of Cana*

Cana: I don't mind, he's kind of cute *Looks at me* Yo, where's the ~

Me: *Cuts her off * On the first floor to the left, you'll most likely find Zoro (One Piece) in there.

Cana: *Leaves*

Mark: *Silently crying over Aguma's story*

Me: Well that takes care of the next dare *Throws away card*

Sierra: The next dare is for Chris to crush your phone and burn money

Chris: *Throw phone out the window into traffic and then burns a dollar bill*

Everyone: *Gives him a questionable look*

Chris: The dare says that I have to burn money it doesn't say how much

Me: He has good point. Now read the next card, Sierra

Sierra: Okay, Tetsuya, Why do you love crab?

Tetsuya: Because they're my friends *No shock*

Me: This is why you'll never get a girlfriend

Mark: *Nods* The next dare is for Bao to draw on Aguma's face when he's asleep

Bao: There's a problem with that

Me: And what would be?

Bao: Aguma's awake~ *Sees Aguma unconscious* How do you do that?

Me: I did it the same way I destroyed meteorite by riding a green dragon into space

Sky: That was a video game!

Me: That reminds me *Pulls out 3DS*

Kyo: *Takes it away* We're not done yet!

Me: FINE! *Stick out tongue* Bao do the dare!

Bao: *Successfully draws and paints the Mona Lisa on Aguma's face*

Everyone: *Amazed*

Mark: The next dare is to make Tetsuya kill and eat a crab


Me: Do the dare or I'll turn ever crab in the world into a glittery pink mess!

Tetsuya: *Crying* Fine *Kills and eats a crab then starts screaming murder*

Me: *Popping bubble wrap* Moving on!

Kyo: The last truth is for Chris, what's with your voice?

Chris: *Shrugs* It's always been like this *No shock*

Me: Okay on to the last dare

Sierra: The last dare is for someone to teach Dynamis how to drive.

Me: Let me think *Throws a book at Jack* Jack *Teleports Jack and Dynamis into a car*

A few seconds later

Everyone: *Watching a news report of car destroying the city*

Me: Let's move on to the diary~

Everyone: You're doing the diary today!

Me: Yes! And today's diary belongs to *A red and blue appears in my hand* Chris!

Dear Diary,

Today I realized that I've made some amazing allies that I'm proud to call my friends. It's been a long time since I've been able to call anyone that, but now I know that I've got some true friends.

Everyone: *In awe*

Me: That's so sweet, well that's all for now so bye

Co-host: Bye

Me: I still need truths, dares & diaries.