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Me: Hello and welcome back to Truth, Dare and Diary. *Pulls a card and begins reading it* The first dare is for Kyo

Kyo: What?! Why me?

Me: *Shrugs* anyways the dare is for you to be locked in a cupboard with France (Hetalia).

Kyo: WHAT?! You said no yoai!

Me: Muh.. I've been watching a lot of Hetalia lately and Yoai is now aloud


Me: Don't blame me, blame Italy and German *Pushing Kyo into a pretty big cupboard then locking it*

Kyo: *Screaming and pounding on the door*

Mark & Rex: *Slowly backing away from me*

Me: Relax you two are safe. Now Sierra read the next dare

Sierra: *Reads card* Kyoya ride an enraged bull backwards

Kyoya: Fine where's the bull

Me: About that you'll have to ride a mechanical bull instead because someone *Glares at Mark* can't get his tigers to leave *Snaps fingers and a mechanical bull appears*

Kyoya: *Hops on the mechanical bull backwards*

Me: *Turns on the mechanical bull to high*

Mechanical bull: *Tosses Kyoya out a window*

Me: Moving on, Rex

Hikaru: *Calls hospital*

Rex: *Smiles while reading the card* Sky and I have to dance Gangnam style

Sky: Do I have to

Me: You don't have to, but I'll have to lock you in a closet with Russia

Sky: O_o

Me: Good

Sky & Rex: *Dance Gangnam style*

Me: Okay, on to the next dare

Mark: *Reads card* Ryuga how many fan girls do you have?

Ryuga: *Shrugs* I don't know

Me: Well let's. Sky

Sky: *Grins before throwing Ryuga out a window*

Ryuga: *Screams while his fan girls attack him*

Sierra: *Looks out the window* I think there's too many to count

Me: *Shrugs* Let's move on

Sky: Dynamis has to have a Pichu sit in his hair for the next episode.

Random Pichu: *Sitting in Dynamis's hair*

Me: Where'd that Pichu come from?

Sierra: *Shrugs and reads the next card* It's for Kyo

Me: *Let's Kyo out*

Kyo: I hate you.

Me: Love you too.

Sierra: *Reads card out load* Do you consider Mark and Rex as friends?

Kyo: No *No shock*

Mark & Rex: That was rude

Kyo: You let her *Points to me* lock me in a cupboard with France

Rex & Mark: *Whistles innocently*

Kyo: *Pick up a cake and nearly throws it at them*

Me: Kyo put down the cake or I'll lock you in the cupboard with France again

Kyo: *Puts the cake down*

Yuu: *Eats the cake*

Me: Good now Sky read the next card

Sky: Co-host dance shake it off

Co-host: *Dance shack it off *

Mark: *Looks at the card* The next dare is for Ryuga to destroy all Rex's photos of Sky

Kyo: Wait wasn't Ryuga carried off by some crazy fan girl

Rex: *Sighs in relief*

Me: Yeah.. Hey wait how'd you know about that Kyo, when you locked in the cupboard?

Kyo: I used future sight

Me: But you told me that you're not Pokemon and future sight doesn't work that way

Kyo: I'm not a Pokemon and it doesn't work that way

Me: Then how'd you use future sight

Kyo: I have no clue

*A long moment of awkward silence later*

Me: *Teleports Ryuga back* Ryuga you have to destroy all of Rex's photos of Sky

Ryuga: *Starts destroying Rex's photos, but stops somewhere around a hundred*

Me: How do you have so many photos of Sky?

Rex: *Whistle innocently*

Sky: That not even response

Me: Let's just move *Reads card* Ryuga do you ever consider yourself a gentleman?

Ryuga: Depends how hot the girl is *No shock*

Me: I'm going to take that as a never *Pushes bottom and shocks him anyways then shocks Masamune for the fun of it*

Sky: *Reads the next card* Ryuga ride Rayquaza *Face-palm* How many pokemon dares are there?

Me: I think that was the last one *Sends out Rayquaza * Rayquaza take Ryuga for a ride

Rayquaza: *Grabs Ryuga by his shirt in its mouth and crashes through the ceiling*

Me: *Face-palm* How am I supposed to keep fixing these holes left by my Pokémon

Sky: Oh I don't know… Maybe stop breaking the Pokémon logic!

Me: NEVER!.. Now lets have a look at the Rayquaza camera

Somewhere in the sky

Ryuga: *His shirt rips and somehow the crazed that carried him away before catches him on a Starly*

Back at the studio

Me: That Starly defies Pokémon logic

Sky: *Falls anime style* Someone just read the next card

Sierra: *Reads* Rex name one part of Sky that you don't like

Rex: But I love everything about her except for that fact that she all was boyish *No shock*

Sky: *Crosses arms* I like this style

Rex: *Looks at her with puppy dog eyes* I'm sorry

Sky: *Pats him on the head*

Me: Man, his puppy dog eyes could rival eevee's, which reminds me *Glares at Mark* Get your tigers out of here

Mark: *Sighs* Fine

France: *Comes out of the cupboard* Well that was fun *Winks at Kyo*

Kyo: *Shivers*

France: *Flies away on a Scyther*

Me: Hey, that defies Pokémon logic too, but you have got to love that voice. Well that's all for today.

Sierra: What about the diary?

Me: Oh it's my birthday so there will be no diary today

Sierra, Mark, and Rex: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Me: Yes, but it seems like my Kyo, Sky and two of most of my family forgot *Glares at Kyo and Sky then shrugs* Oh well that's all for today.

Me: Okay, I've had to deal with a lot of family issues and cleaning as of lately it's also mostly the reason why my most of my family forgot my birthday. Also I don't know when I'll be able to update, but I'll try and make it soon. So until then please feel free to review as well as send in truths, dares, and diaries because it's more fun to let someone else choose the next diary. Bye!