The S.W.O.R.D Chronicles

Book I

Prelude Story

Midnight of Zero: Jamie's Story

Ch. 1 Fight School

"Terra-Tetra or Earth, third planet from the sun and the only planet so far to show intelligent life. Terra-Tetra is over four billion years old, can any one then tell me why we are here in these halls hmm?" asked an eager looking commander. No one really knew the answer why. The commander then said "For one of three reasons, First, you were scouted out of high school because of your athletic skill or academic grades were off the charts. Second, your from wealthy families with strong military backgrounds, or you showed an interest in the military which good for you to sever your country. Or third you got on to the government's radar and they like you for classified reasons. No matter Melee-Magthere or fight school as it translates from under common will be your home for ten years. Not only will you learn how to fight but you will also learn the liberal arts as well, can't have dumb muscle bound soldiers now can we?" that earned the commander a laugh and he then dismissed the full assembly of first year students to the barracks. They all shared rooms of two. No co-eding the rooms. Two girls or two guys, yet some how she got away with it. Her name was Jamie Ellea Tundra thirteenth child of house Tundra which had sired eight sons and five daughters. Mark, Meria, Wolf, Tut, Eliza, and Alea all had gone to Magthere D'Faer or School of magic. Liezal, Dev, Azele, and Lazz had all gone to Melee-Magthere too though Lazz was a year above his youngest sister. Tut was in his last year of Magthere D'Faer. Eliza was in her six year of Magthere D'Faer. Alea was in her third year of Magthere D'Faer. Mark, Lizal, Meria,Wolf, Dev, and Azele had been any where from ten years to twenty six years graduated from both schools. The only two who never went to these schools were Ealtha who was an Empath, and Sub-Zero who was a cyromancer. They needed specialized training that took them from home for ten years. For years anyone who was not a member of house Tundra called her a boy and well it stuck legality. Jamie never minded. Anyway as she had heard from her elder siblings your first five years were spent in combat training. Two years in the liberal arts. One year in a religion of choice. Finally the last year was spent in honing your skill you get to specialize in during your third year in combat. Jamie decided that now was a good time to figure out what religion she'd study. Jamie had quite a strong interest in the way of the Drow and the recruiters saw that when she openly took the challenge of the visiting school's melee champion and won with the heart of a Drow. The Drow masters of the school were willing to do what ever it took to ensure this young student got to enter their halls, but Jamie didn't have a say. She wanted to go, but her parents had the final say, so here she was, at least the scouts set her up with Drow classes. So Jamie chose Lolth as her patron Deity. Thus began her ten year stay at Melee-Magthere. Little knowing that she would become more than just Lolth's Chosen One or the pride of the Tundra Family...oh no she wouldn't know til years later and at the side of one Norse god of Mischief and Lies that she was meant to lead a team and save the cosmos from darkness.


So this is the first chapter of my brand new series The S.W.O.R.D chronicles. This is the first Story. Each of the six Ronin will get a Prelude story. Let me know how you like it.