Ch. 12 The Arrival of Loki and the Start of the Ronin

Jamie had been reading one her books when she heard a soft thud. Dismissing it to get up to get her self food she set her book mark in her book. She got up and went down to the kitchen. That is when she saw someone rather nude in her back yard and badly burned in places along his other wise flawless fair skin. Jamie with out much regard to her health dashed out there to aid the male. She approached him carefully and saw his skin was starting to turn blue. She then lifted him with great difficulty and slowly made her way toward her house and warmth. When she made it she instantly took him to the other room and laded him on the couch. She then retrieved the burn kit and some water. She then gently and tenderly tending to his wounds. He grunted in pain then his eyes snapped open. He was alarmed when he saw Jamie. But she held firm and said "Easy, easy. I am only trying to help you." he calmed down after that and let her tend to his wounds. He hissed when she applied the medication to his wounds but other wise he said nothing. He was dreamy in appearance standing about six five in height. He had long jet hair and deep emerald eyes. He looked at her while she gently and tenderly cleaned and treated his wounds. She was shorter than average for her age at which he guessed eighteen. She had short ebony hair and had crimson eyes. Jamie soon finished and said "I'll be right back with some clothes for you. Judging by how thin you are my clothes will have to do." he only nodded as she walked away. She returned shortly with the outfit and underwear saying "the underwear is brand new so they are yours. The outfit dose not fit me anymore. They are yours now too." all she heard was "Thank-you"

This was indeed the day Jamie had foreseen thanks to Lolth her goddess. She spotted Lolth's Holy mark on his neck on the left, the same spot were her's of the stag horn helm was. Jamie spoke nothing to him on it.