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(YGO) Shadow Of the Black Wolf
By Jaime Price

The midnight moon almost looked red to the eyes of a young woman walking home from her late hour shift at the bar. Chills where creeping up her back as kept looking over her shoulder. She swore someone or something was watching her although her eyes proved otherwise.

She made her way to the city intersection, road work for the day still hadn't been completed so the traffic lights were still out. She looked both ways before crossing and jogged to the other side. She continued her unusually fast pace home when a sudden low growl caught her attention.

She looked behind herself but saw nothing. She looked in front of her only to be surprised by a large black canine jump out from the alley a few feet in front of her. It's fur coat was a gleaming jet black, it's eyes were glowing purple, and it size was beyond that of a german shepherd and unlike the build of one.

It was then the woman realized she was not staring at some abnormal street dog but a wolf.

The wolf looked at her, bared it's sharp white teeth, a low threatening growl rumbling form it's throat

The lady's breath was suddenly caught in her throat and she turned on her heels and ran the other way. The wolf gave chase.

She turned down a few blocks, the wolf kept on her tail, nipping her heels and snapping the air.

Finally she saw no choice, the only place open was the bar from where she worked, if she made it back there then she could call the police to do this rabid mutt in. She was in such a panic that as she hit the intersection she didn't bother to look, the streets would be dead anyway, it was to late.

Suddenly the bellowing horn of a semi truck screamed in her ears as she saw a loaded tanker truck speed towards her, then from the other side of her another semi truck honked it horn, the driver yelling at her to move. Both drivers attempted to swerve out of the way of the hysterical lady when both drivers noticed each other and turned the other way, still heading at each other unknowing.

Then one reaction after another, both drivers crashed head on into one another, the woman getting caught in between the two trucks front grates causing her body to explode, and then the two truck engines exploded into a fiery rage that shot up towards the sky. The wolf, it's glowing lavender eyes, stared at the chaotic scene before it and threw it's head back in laughter.

Up on a rooftop of a small apartment building nearby, two sets of eyes had also watched the fire works. Two girls clad in black, their long hair tied back in pony tails, stood. A smirk to each of their lips, one was slightly taller than the other indicating age difference.

"Well the was certainly_"

"Creative." the shorter girl said to her counterpart.

"I was going to say entertaining but yeah, creative works." the taller one spoke.

"Jealous?" asked the younger one, eyeing her partner.

The taller one looked down at her, sarcasm was stamped on her forehead. "Me?! Nah. The kid just got a lucky break"

The younger one waved her finger at the older girl. "Nuh-huh now. don't go assuming just yet. remember, that's why we're here. We need to see whether it is a kid or an adult, a boy or a girl."

"Peh, don't remind me." The older girl said sucking on a piece of her dusty blonde hair.

"You volunteered for this, don't give me a pathetic story now."

"I'm not, I just don't look forward to having to go out in public tomorrow."

"Oh cry me a river. Get over it, now come one before we lose that damn dog."

The young girl, presumably the leader, was about to leave when her colleague stopped her. "Hey J-bird, think it might be just the spirit itself, running a muck?"

The girl turned to her with a raised eyebrow. "After that light show?" she remarked.

Both girls stared at each other for a moment. " NAH!" they said in unison and both walked off into the shadows.


Yugi woke up with a splitting headache, he had watched the 'Exorcist' last night over at Joey's before coming home and hitting the hay. He leaned over and looked at his clock on the night stand, it was well over 2 in the afternoon, good thing fall break was invented. 'God bless the soul who did' Yugi thought as he dragged himself out of bed.

He slumped over to his dresser to find his favorite t-shirt when he noticed that he already wearing it, along with the rest of his clothes. Yugi yawned, he was so late from coming home from Joey's last night after the movie that he probably didn't even change into his pajamas.

He walked into the washroom and looked at the mess that he called his hair. A small smirk came to his lips. "Rough night" he commented to himself. It was true to, it looked like he had stuck his head in the dryer and set it to fluff! He grabbed his comb and began to work at the rats nest and soon had it to the way he liked it.

As he brushed his teeth he heard a familiar deep voice call him from inside his bedroom. "I'm in here Yami." the boy called, not caring if the older boy understood him or not with a mouth full of toothpaste.

"Good afternoon Sleeping Beauty, sleep well?" the older boy teased.

Yugi spat the toothpaste in the sink and rinsed, at the same time he gave a little "Uh-huh" to Yami.

"I should say, after last night I'm surprised you weren't up half the night. That movie scared the bejesus out of you and the others."

Yugi paused vaguely remembering it to. Yami and Bakura where the only ones not hiding behind the couch like Ryou, himself, Joey, Tristan and Tèa were.

He groaned unpleasantly at the memory. In fact Yami and Bakura had been laughing through the whole horror flick, and not at the movie but that their Hikaris' and their friends.

Yami grinned, he was not going to let Yugi live down last night and if he knew Bakrua, Ryou was going to be teased as well.

Suddenly Yami let out a girlish scream, making Yugi jump five feet through the roof.

"AHHHH, the devil, the DEVIL!!!" he screamed in a high girlish voice then broke out laughing. Yugi, who was currently hanging from the light fixture glared daggers at his dark half.

He had imitated Yugi's reaction last night perfectly.

Yugi let go of the lamp and landed with a thud on the tile floor. Not being fully awake meant balance was zero to none in the morning, er afternoon. Yami was still laughing as he walked out of Yugi's room and down stairs. Yugi had later joined Yami downstairs and started to raid the fridge.

Yami was still chuckling to himself as Yugi piled his treasure of delectable eatables on the table and started stuffing them down his throat. Yami broke the moment of silence when he asked So what time did you get home last night?

Yugi paused in stuffing his face and thought for a moment. Swallowing whatever he had in his mouth, he then answered Somewhere around one in the morning. Me ad Ryou walked home together but we split up somewhere around the old town pub. Yugi answered hen went back to eating his brunch.

Yami just gave a sound of understanding and decided to turn to today's paper. He was taking a drink of his coffee when he read the headlines and suddenly choked on his beverage and spat it out, spraying it everywhere. Yugi poked his head up from under the table, he had hid to avoid the spray. Yami was shocked as he stared at the front page for a few more seconds before looking over at Yugi and shoving the partly moist paper towards him.

he practically commanded.

Yugi took the paper calmly and gazed at the front page. Immediately he saw what had shocked Yami so badly. A picture of two trucks, smashed and burned all to hell where there and a police officer picking out something from one of the trucks grids. The headline read:

Piggy In The Middle Gets Stuck In The Griddle

It was the story about a truck accident from last night that happened at the intersection near the old town pub. The story told that some psychotic woman had committed suicide by running out into the streets late that night and tried to get hit by one of the two on coming trucks, but in the drivers attempts to avoid her they ended up colliding head to head into one another. The woman also saw her chance and before the trucks collided with one another she jumped in between the two trucks and was killed almost instantly. Afterwards the trucks burst into flames. The woman was suspected to be suffering from work stress.

Yugi had suddenly lost his appetite.

To Be Continued
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