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~Chapter 6~

Yami sat in the living room of the living quarters of the Turtle Game shop. He had his face buried in his hands feeling sorry for himself. His mind was a racing blur with regrets, and one that constantly made itself known was You failed Yugi.'

I did. Yami moaned miserably to himself. I failed to protect him, I failed to notice another spirit take over his soul. How could I let this happen?

It was approaching dinnertime and Yami knew Yugi wouldn't be coming home and what was worse was that now Jaime and Jennifer were out there trying to destroy his Hakari

No!' Yami thought as he sat straight up. I won't let them harm Yugi. I'm his protector, I'm guardian I'm his darkness. Not some insane wolf spirit! he protested. Yami got up from his place on the couch. I won't let those girls kill Yugi or Ryou, no matter what it takes. He stated and Yami headed towards the door that led to the Game shop. He grabbed his coat and walked right out the door at a fast pace only to run into Bakura and Malik, who's hair had grown back; that or it was a rug.

About time you stopped feeling sorry for yourself. Bakura muttered. No we have two Hakaris to rescue. I called Malik to help out.

Yami looked at the Egyptian boy. Why do you want to help?

Malik scowled Because I'm the only one that should be allowed to kill people around here. He huffed.

Yami sighed. But where do we start looking?

Bakura grinned evilly, Well thinking like an insane maniac killer isn't hard for me and Malik so I'd say the easiest place to start is down town.

Because of all the people and chaos they can cause there, correct? Yami asked.

Malik said. Now you're beginning to think like one of us! he smirked.

Something I fear with my life. Yami muttered and the three teens took off at a run for downtown.


Jaime and Jenn were already at in the city and scouting for the boys. They decided that taking to the roofs of the city would be better to they couldn't be detected by other humans and a birds eye view of the city made it easier for scouting.

We'll never find them at this pace, Jenn said, They could be anywhere. We need to go down with the people.

Just then a tall high rise started crumbling to the ground and the screams of civilians rang through the air. Jaime smiled at Jenn. Found them! She chimed happily. It's dangerous to go in human form. She muttered and looked at her partner. Jenn nodded and the two stood still. Their eyes began to glow the color of their elements and suddenly, a large blue flame engulfed Jaime and a red one took over Jenn.

The howl of a creature echoed in the still air and when the two flames exploded they revealed two large jet black wolves. One with dark blue glowing eyes, the other with dark glowing red eyes. Jaime and Jenn were now Black Shadow Wolves and they were ready to fight. Quickly the two black dogs raced across the rooftops of Down Town Domino City towards the incident.

Down below Yami, Bakura and Malik were already at the scene. It was nothing but mass chaos and dust all around. You couldn't even see two feet in front of your face. When the dust had died down though, two Black Shadow Wolves that were immediately identified as Yugi and Ryou came into view. The two wolves were sitting a mere ten feet away from the 3 boys and both wolves were snickering and snarling.

Give us back our Hikaris! Yami ordered. The two wolves looked at one another then laughed. Their voices were not that of Ryou or Yugi. It was the spirits original voices.

You call yourselves these childrens darkness yet you are nothing like that. A darkness should be_

Nothing like you! a voice from a far yelled out.

The two wolves that possessed the two boys didn't even have time to turn and see who it was when they were suddenly tackled and attacked by two more of their kind. Jaime and Jennifer.

Ryou and Yugi jumped away and growled lowly at their superiors, the two female wolves merely advanced slowly and stopped five feet away from them. That's when everybody heard and saw it. Four more sets of different colored glowing eyes surround the group.

Yellow, White, Orange, and Hazel. All four of them belonged to four more Shadow Wolves.

Meet some other members of the pack boys. Jaime growled and she started to approach them again.

The wolves that were the two boys, Ryou and Yugi looked slightly shocked, the girls had called for backup of some of the pack. Their followers, and this made the two realize that the leader and second in command were highly respected among their kind. That's when they did something that surprised them all, including Yami, Bakura and Malik. The two wolves resumed to human form and started threatening.

You wouldn't kill the our host would you? The purple eyed wolf in Ryou's form questioned. They were suddenly answered when the pack members ran around behind the human formed wolves, transformed back into their human hosts and restrained the two boys.

What's going on here? the wolf of Yugi demanded.

The girls transformed back into their humanoid forms and smirked at the wolf spirits.

You asked us if we would go as far as killing the human that hosts you, and our answer is yes we would. Jaime smiled and both herself and Jenn held out their hands and allowed their elements to gather up in a deadly energy within their palms.

The two wolf boys gasped and suddenly Yugi and Ryou screams stopped the girls as they saw the two wolf spirits emerge from the boys bodies and vanish into thin air, leaving both boys unharmed and thankfully undead.

Jaime and Jenn stared into the abyss of the night knowing that the two reneged spirits had taken off to find two new hosts, hopefully their destined hosts so that they could cause more pain and suffering somewhere else in the world. Both girls only hoped that one day they would join the pack peacefully as well.

Jaime and Jenn turned to see Yami and Bakura holding their unconscious lights close and this made Jaime smile. To bad we couldn't stay longer, I was actually beginning to have fun.

Well we have to leave before the full moon or there will be no more Tokyo left. Jenn grinned.

Jaime nodded. I can't wait to get back to Canada. I have a nice pile of corpses waiting to be chewed. she muttered and the two walked off leaving the Yamis and Hikaris to their well being. The pack followed behind but as the moon shone brightly in the sky a low malencoly howl was heard echoing through the night air.

The End?

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