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This morning wasn't particularly early for raven they had gone out to fight Dr. Light the night before so she had slept in a bit. After getting dressed un her usual attire she exited her room headed for the kitchen but tripped on her way out. She regained her balance and looked back to her door to see a rather large book that she had tripped over. She reached for it and looked at it carefully, it was a book of poetry, featuring The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. She raised an eyebrow, someone in the tower must have a sad sense of humor.

As she made her way to down the halls, into the kitchen and starting the tea she was immersed in its pages. To her poetry was beautiful and flawless so the inscription in the front bothered her.

Dear Raven,

Happy birthday. You hate parties but you love books and since this one reminded me of you I thought you wouldn't mind one present.

Hope you like it,


She sat on the couch and scowled at the book before flipping it to the back cover to write her own poem.

Beauty being the name of a rose?

A smell?

A Tear?

A raven floats in its emotionless fear

How dare humans glare

How dare they deny

Feathers drenched in oil gather

To tell of the ravens Lenore

Forgotten forevermore.

She sighed and put the book down to go and stop the tea kettle from whistleing and thought about what she had written. She had no idea she felt that way. Was she in love? If so with who?

She shook her head and returned to her spot on the couch to notice the book had been moved. Suspicious she glanced at beast boy and cyborg who had been playing video games the whole time and they seemed thoroughly obsessed with their game. She glanced around for robin and Starfire they were nowhere to be seen. Now curious she put down her cup and picked up the book again.

There, just under her own words, someone had written something for her.

Rose...has thorns

Raven….has claws

Humans are cruel, beasts are too

Feathers do fall, but dance in the wind.

Lenore her grace isn't real

But the raven without love?


Raven looked up astonished to see beast boy watching her from the corner of his eye. Raven closed the book and placed it in her lap with a sigh. She reached for her cup and brought it to her lips to hide her smirk. Maybe beast boy was smarter than she thought; maybe he knew more answers than her.

He grinned in her direction and she got up to leave, placing her cup in the sink and giving one last glance at the boys she turned to go to her room.


She turned and looked over her shoulder at him, he seemed worried and anxious. She couldn't face him just yet, her emotions weren't ready for this, and instead she offered a small smile and watched as his mood brightened. She turned back around and disappeared from his view around the corner heading for her room. It was time ti have a talk with her emotions but she was in no hurry because she knew beast boy would wait for her forevermore for her to accomplish what she needed to do in nevermore.

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