Every time Shizuo opened the contacts list within his phone, his eyes lingered over a certain name; Izaya. There were the times he was tempted to delete it and God knows he wanted to, but every time his finger hovered over the confirm deletion popup, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. He cancelled it, literally unable to press yes.

Shizuo hurt whenever he saw that name. Izaya had been his boyfriend of four years, but after the smaller male cheated on him, the blond had never been the same. His friends had often told him he was lonely, and he was inclined to believe them – what other reason would he lay awake at night, wishing Izaya was back in his arms?

The blond had a habit of sitting by his phone for hours on end, just wishing it would ring and Izaya's name would flash on the screen. He wanted so badly for the dark-haired male to ring him, to say sorry for what he had done and take him back. Shizuo didn't care if that made him desperate; he truly missed having his smaller lover by his side.

But of course, this never happened, and when Shizuo would give up for the day, it wasn't until after he had trashed his home; his anger problem had never been as bad it was until Izaya had left him.

The fact that Shizuo's happiness would never return was something the man had long-since accepted; true happiness had come with Izaya, and it left with him also.