Unexpected Changes


Pokemon belongs to whoever owns it, the ages for this story are:

Ash- 15


Brock- 19

We enter our story to find our heroes Ash, Misty and Brock running down the road nearing Zebbec town…but something seems to be wrong!

Ash pushes himself faster setting a quick worried look to the figure in his arms, a girl about his age. She had long dirty blond hair covered with burn marks. She naked but wrapped up in a sheet, unconscious. "Please hold on…" he whispered, he received a whimper of pain for a response. Ash gritted his teeth and, somehow, doubled his speed as he entered the gate. Misty and Brock could barely keep up as Ash sped into the police office breathless.

"Yes, what do yo- Oh my god!" officer Jenny said dropping her clipboard.

"need…to get…to..hospital…"Ash said panting, yet not relinquishing hold on the girl. Misty and Brock arrived second later.

"What happened to her?!"

"T e a m R o c k e t" Misty wheezed, anger apparent on her face. Brock nodded, not even noticing he was talking to on of the Jennys.

"We have to get her to the hospital, quickly!" Ash pleaded, Officer jenny nodded and drove up with her motorcycle. Ash got into the side-car, the girl still in his arms, Jenny took off. Misty and Brock stayed behind and relayed the story to the police.

Meanwhile, Ash held the girl close so she would not be affected by officer Jenny's…enthusiastic driving. "Everything's gonna be okay, just keep fighting…were almost there…" he whispered, the girl moaned slightly. Jenny made another tight turn and pulled into the lobby of the hospital. The girl was quickly put on a stretcher and taken away to the emergency room. Ash went to the waiting room, wearing an expression of dread, worry and confusion. "Please be all right pikachu…" he said quietly.

Authors notes: Well that's the beginning, even though this isn't the most original idea I thought I could put my twisted imagination in it. Though I think your input (Reviews and e-mails) are most important. Please Read, Review and most importantly enjoy my stories. Thank you.