Unexpected Changes Chap. 7

By Ryouga's best friend

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"Previously in Unexpected Changes," begins the loud booming announcer. "Pikachu has been transformed into a human by the twisted TR scientist Dr. Splicer. After some issues at the hospital and some help from TR they taught Pikachu (know by the human name Amara) how to pass as a human and was adopted 'officially' by Prof. Oak. Well they celebrated Jesse and James came to TR HQ only to find it empty, every member lay in a strange coma, all with purple eyes."

"They found the only surviving member, a rookie agent named Billy Kidd who informs them that it was Splicer that had attacked the base along with a strange boy she called Ala. After a slim escape from the mad doctor they try to get to Amara (Pikachu) before the mad doctor gets there first. After an interesting morning they headed off, On the long trip back Meowth learned of the fate of the Team Rocket base and his Boss. Just when they thought it couldn't be worse Splicer and her creation Ala have blocked there path. It looks like fighting is the only option…"

"Unexpected Changes: PokeHumans" The title is read by Amara, Splicer, and the emotionless voice of Ala.

"Welcome home…" Splicer said resting a hand on the boy's head, who's eyes flashed solid purple. All of the van doors opened on there own and the engine cut out suddenly waking the three sleeping teens in the back . To surprised to note the mildly embarrassing sleeping situation Ash looked up to Prof. Oak and Brock.

"What's happening!"

"Splicer's here…" Brock said darkly. Amara whimpered slightly at the name and anger began to build in her friends.

"There's now way she getting Amara." Ash said determined hand resting on his poke balls. Misty put a comforting hand on Amara's shoulder.

"Don't worry, We'll handle her." She said softly .

"Don't be shy now!" Splicer called out Jovially. "Everyone come on out." She said as Ala shook the Van with a wave of power. Slowly They emerged from the van. Professor Oak and Brock from the front doors. Ash from the right side, while Misty, Amara, and Meowth came out on the left side. "Now there are all your pretty faces," Splicer said with a smirk. "And Professor Oak is here as well, my my. I'm honored." She said dripping with sarcasm.

"I'm sorry to say I don't feel the same way Miss Splicer." He replied coolly causing the woman to twitch a little. The Red head scanned the crowd and her eyes landed on Amara, hiding behind Misty. "Is that little Pikachu over there, You have blossomed into quite the women now that I have a good look at you." She grinned as Amara flinched. "Now be a good little Pokegirl and come with me." she cooed.

"Like hell Splicer, She's not going anywhere if I have anything to say about it." Ash growled Taking a few steps forward, the mad doctor's expression turned sour.

"Ah Mr. Ketchem, Charming as always. You know I still owe you for destroying my lab, You made my little Ala so sad. Show him how sad you are dear." She said patting the boys head. The boy raised his one of his spoons swiftly and Ash was knocked back into the van, denting the hood slightly.

"Ash!" his friends shouted Rallying to the point where he had fallen. Brock Prepared a poke ball.

"Your terror ends here Splicer, Go Onix!" he called throwing the Ball summoning the giant rock snake. It bellowed sharing the anger of his trainer as it glared down to Splicer and Ala. The Doctor was slightly unnerved by the display, but Ala merely glared back fearless.

"Hmph, still using those inferior Pokemon. Ala, show him your power." She said as the boy nodded, he gained a purple glow around him and ran forward to battle the snake.

"Onix, Tail whip!" Brock commanded and the large beast swung it's massive tail toward The boy….but he was gone. "What where'd he go!" A purple beam came down from above slamming Onix into the ground, "What above!" Brock looked up to see Ala Shooting downward slamming into the prone Pokemon which groaned with pain. "No way, That kid just beat up onix using Pokemon Techniques." He said softly pulling two more Pokeballs out. "Go Vulpix, Go Geodude!" he called out as the fox and rock appeared ready for battle. Ala Glanced their way, eyes glowing Purple. "Geodude Chop attack, Vulpix Support him with Firespin!" he command. The two Pokemon immediately went to there jobs.

"Geo!" Geodude went straight for close combat chopping out with his rock arms as Ala blocked the strikes with his glowing spoons. He suddenly moved as a torrent of flame replaced him and engulfed the super powered boy. When the fire dissipated, Ala stood, Spoons crossed in front of him… his arms slightly burned.

"That hurt…" Ala said softly, speaking for the first time. Before either Pokemon could react Ala disappeared and reappeared behind Brock. The Breeder barely had time to turn around before He was flung nearly 100ft into a ditch off to the side of the road. The Pokemon growled and charged only to be flung aside by one swing of his spoon, unconscious. Ash began to stir in time to see Brock dispatched, he shouted to him but heard no response. Prof. Oak headed to where the boy had fallen.

"Stop Playing with the extras Ala. You know who that star of this show is." The Boy nodded and began to advanced on Ash, Misty, and Amara. The two trainer reached for their poke balls while the transformed Pokemon hid behind them.

"This Ala kid is very powerful…" Misty said not taking her eyes of the approaching enemy. "He beat Brock's Pokemon like they were nothing." Ash activated one of his containers and glared at his opponent.

"Then we'll just have to use everything we've got… All of them." he said coolly activating three of his Pokeballs one by one as he threw them. "Squrtle! Bulbasaur! Pigiotto Go!" he shouted as he threw the first three and his last one. "Squrtle Bulbasaur keep him at bay with Razor leaf and Water gun! Pigiotto dive and strike don't give him time to react!" he commanded receiving a nod from his beasts.

"All of them!" Misty interrupted holding two of here Pokeballs.

"This isn't a match Misty, there are no rules. We have to Protect Amara, ain't no way I'm letting Splicer lay a hand on her!" Determination was pouring off him calming the water trainers fears and causing the blond girl to redden a little.

"Right. I'm with you Ash." Misty said tossing two of her poke balls. "Misty calls Staryu, Starmie!" the two starfish Pokemon appeared. "Tackle attack, don't let off Ala, even for a moment!" She instructed getting an affirmative grunt from booth as they went spinning out like flying saucers toward they're target.

The normally unphased Ala paused in his march forward as Pokemon began to appear. He dived to the side as deadly leaves and Water came firing at him. He paused for a moment to aim his spoons only to have to jump back as the giant bird dived past scratching his hand. He didn't have time to think as the water and leaves came at him again as well as the two flying starfish, his speed was great but he couldn't get enough breathing room to use his attacks. His eyes focused on Pikachu.

"It's working, we have him on the run!" Ash cheered with a clenched fist. "Quick if they all attack a once he'll have nowhere to go… "Pigiotto use whirlwind! Bulbasaur Vine whip to hold him down, Squrtle Hydropump!"

"Right Ash, Staryu, Starmie Watergun attack!"

The five Pokemon set to work. Two vine shot out grasping Ala's ankles. Wind surrounded the boy buffeting him from all directions. Three huge jets of water rammed into him full force. Pigiotto stop in attack any the dust began to clear.

"It worked!" Misty cheers

"No way he could get out of that." Ash said with confidence. Though suddenly bulbasaur whined as he was pulled into the cloud.

"Bulba!" Ash was about to followed when the small plant Pokemon came flying back out right into Pigiotto knocking them both out.


"No way…" Misty whispered as the smoke cleared and Ala remained looking hardly the worse for wear.

"I have had enough." the boy said with narrowed eyes waving a hand and sending the three water Pokemon into the van, denting the side slightly. With a gasp Misty Ran over to them, leaving Ash to glare down Ala, one poke ball remaining.

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this…" Ash said reaching for the ball. "Chararizard go!" he called out and threw the ball… but he stopped in mid air before it hit the ground. "What?" was all he got out before the ball shot back and hit him in the stomach, Ash groaned and feel to one knee..

"Enough with your inferior Pokemon." Ala said now continuing his march forward. "Now step aside Ketchum…" The trainer caught his breath and stood back up.

"No way in hell I'm handing Pikachu over to you!" he growled, Ala's eye twitched slightly and raised a spoon toward him. Purple lightning shot out to ash. The boy screamed in pain as the purple energy flowed through him arching over his skin. After a few moment Ala stopped, Ash fell to his knees smoking slightly. His body and clothes were covered with burn marks.

"Ash!" Amara screamed tear flowing as she ran over to him. Misty glared and began to reach for her remaining Pokemon only to be lifted off her feet and slammed bodily against the van where she slumped over next to her Pokemon. "Misty!" The former pokemon looked up to see Ala right in front of her. She screamed and stumbled back. "Chu…." she moaned as tears cam flowed down her cheeks/ She felt so helpless, as a human she couldn't do anything… not even protect her friends.

"Now it's time for Mother to fix you…" he said calmly reaching down for the girl only to have his wrist stopped. Ash held tight as the annoyed Ala began kicking him to get him to let go. "Release me." he said anger creeping into his normal calm voice, this human was annoying. He aimed his free hand down and electrified Ash again. He screamed in pain, but couldn't hold out passing out from the pain. "Such a nuisance, I should finished you off." Ala said aiming both his spoons to the unconscious trainer. Amara's eyes went wide, she had to do something…. If she didn't. AS she stood something snapped inside her, a power began to flow through her that was familiar yet alien.

"Don't you touch him!" she screamed and punched out at Ala. The boy turned too late and was hit, electricity pouring into his body as the fist sent him tumbling back. He looked to his new a opponent with slightly wide eyes. There stood Amara… but she was changed. Her skin was striped with brown, a red circle on each cheek, lightning arc over her body to the ground… She glared at the boy with a dangerous fire in her eyes. "Your going to pay for hurting my friends." she said with a determined scowl showing off small fangs. Across the field Splicer was in awe.

"How did she reach the second stage?" she whispered with a small amount of nervousness.

To be continued…

A/N- Finally. I had been wanting to do this scene for a while. I had the picture in my mind but I had to wait for the right time. Originally there was going to be tow more standoffs one with Ala against Psyduck and another with him against Charizard but I think it came out okay on it's own. Don't you? You may also notice that Ala got fairly talkative in this chapter… considering he was involved with most of the action and such I figured it would be better to have him at least say something.

Next time on Unexpected changes, Amara and Ala duke it out. Does Splicer have something up her sleeve? Where did Meowth disappear to? Does the newly changed Amara have the power to win or will the cruel Ala come out on top? Find out next time on Unexpected Changes!