A/N: This is the second in the branching paths story arcs. In this story arc, we follow a different possible reality…and that's the reality where Belldandy turns into a mortal woman, unable to use her powers. Here we look at the implications behind sharing a mortal life, in every aspect of mortality. This is a sequel to "Divinity's Prayer" so you have to read that one first, for this to make any sort of sense.

This is what I would assume to be the "most cannon" theory (note gigantic air quotes, because who the hell really knows) out of the three story arcs. I'm taking great care with this fiction. Updates will probably be slow, when compared to "A Devil's Redemption". The reason for that is because "A Devil's Redemption" is merely an excuse to fart around with the Ah, My Goddess characters and themes. While this is a good, honest attempt, at trying to understand the universe on a more complex level, and also add depth to the heavens that so controls the universe.

Anyway, I hope this first chapter finds you well, and that you all find it a joy to read. I have no idea when I will have chapter two ready for your reading pleasure, but it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

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Chapter 1

I knew there would come a time, foretold by prophecy, when I would reach adulthood. That I would become as beautiful as my sisters. Unfortunately, I didn't know when that time would come. In my youth, I awaited that day, and now that it has befallen me, I too, may pen passages inside of this book. Maybe that seems insignificant, but, well, it's unbelievably important to me.

This paper is little more than a gift from the world tree. Born from its bark, bound by sap, and unharmed by time. It's just old and useless to most people. Buried deeply within the catacombs of Urd's well, it has not seen the light of day since the dawn of creation itself. Since she is the goddess of the past, it seems only fitting that her soul would hide this most precious treasure. It makes even more sense to me, that this book cannot merely be opened by just anyone.

The goddess of the present, Belldandy, must have placed a seal over it, because only we three have the ability to open it by ourselves. Anyone else who desires to read the omens within, must be given the gift of her very breath upon the wind. Only Belldandy's voice, carried through the ages, may beg the book to open to the hands of others unlike ourselves. These scriptures, are little more than a relic of time itself. Whispers that just don't belong anyplace else.

That's strange, because gods and goddesses, such as myself, pour our hearts onto these pages so that light may shine on, anew. In the darkest of nights, in the most solemn hours, these pages await visitors who so seek them. It begs the question, what is this book? Why does it really exist? Lastly, who really cares about the stuff written here? It's just a book.

One that is both begs to be seen, and yet, refuses to be opened…

I think, I'm old enough now, that I finally understand the answer. It is the past we willingly cast aside, it is the present we hopelessly cling onto, and it is the emptiness of the pages that have yet to be filled. It is for those who reach for the future. It is for those who keep faith, that every step will be one with meaning. It is, lastly, to spin the tales of time, and cradle them forever within creation's web. Protected by the very tree that birthed it, and we three who frolic here in this most sacred place. The Norn's sanctuary.

At least, I pray that is the truth.

- Skuld, the book keeper.

She wanted to give him the sweetest of caresses, to rest her forehead against his, and mutter sweet nothings. The little meaningless words filled her soul with such profound emotion. Like droplets of water, among the driest desert, she was thirst for rain. It was funny that something so simple could draw her in, when she was a woman of the heavens. She found that she didn't care about the world beyond the stars, so out of reach.

Instead, she found herself at a loss that was almost stifling. Her predicament was simple, and yet, it felt as if she would never find a remedy. Keiichi was not the god she so required him to be, and reluctantly she had to admit the truth. She was no mere mortal either. They were unified, and yet, so far apart, that although they could touch, they would never become one.

It was not within their nature as goddess and human.

She could indeed make a human looking shell to cover her real form, but, that was simply code. Merely an illusion, and one that was exceedingly necessary if she wanted to have any contact with humans at all. Even making love to him was far more for his benefit, and his personal state of being. She was a divine entity, and as such, she could not understand his whims as a mortal. The world in which she lived, was not tangible to her. She knew nothing of mortal illness, or of human struggle.

She watched this man live on his planet, but, it was little more than a tiny little piece of creation to her people.

She knew that. Accepted that, and, welcomed the utmost struggle of the deepest kind. She was the being that simply didn't belong. She could not lie, could not sin as the mortals did. She was placed on a pedestal for her perfections, but, that only distanced her more. She could not reach Keiichi, could not embrace a soul that was so unlike hers.

He would never understand the true needs of a goddess while in his mortal form, nor could he fulfill her requirements…and she had many, seeing as she was indeed, a goddess, unable to merely be comforted by such a world. That's why she uttered those words. Words that nearly cast her into a world of domination…words that slipped past her lips, begging of her dire needs.

"Keiichi..." She breathed, leaning in to kiss him atop his forehead. "I'm sorry I'm not a mortal woman...but, in spite of that, I wish that you could be a god."

Belldandy's prayer was lifted to the heavens on high, her fellow gods and goddesses hearing her plea and sending it to great heights. Further up the chain of command it went, until finally, the prayer was received by the one man who might have been able to make a difference. Tyr shook his head and sighed. What she asked was pure lunacy at its finest, because while it would be amusing to make Keiichi a god, the idea tickling his amusement even now…it simply wasn't a good idea.

Mortals were mortals…and they would never be fit as a divine being. That didn't mean, of course, that he didn't approve of Keiichi. In fact, the little mortal astounded him. He was, for all intents and purposes, a good man. A reasonable man. Human, and, thusly a little wet behind the ears. Still, he had earned a wish of the heavens, and used that wish to gain immense power without even meaning to. There wasn't any other mortal that could so easily sway a goddess...or three at that.

That was a gift that Keiichi had been born with. The heavens had been attracted to him since his youth.

Be all of that as it may, however, it was far more complicated than his daughter understood. She was a young goddess, after all…far too young to fully grasp the depth of her words. It troubled Tyr, who sat on his throne among the heavenly council. "Bearing witness to these events, you can see my trouble." The god spoke to his peers, hoping to find a swift resolution. "You can see, my deepest lament."

"What are you waiting for, Tyr." Odin, one of the oldest gods in the room, and also one of the most battle worn, sighed great at length. "My son, do you not see the gift that has been given to you." The man lacked one eye, but had a world of wisdom in the one that remained. "I would partake of the good fortune that our guiding star offers. You'll never know when such a blessing will come again. There should be no confusion here."

"This from a prophet." An annoyed sigh came from the other side of the room. "Leave it to the clan of the Norse, not to mention a wrinkled old fogy at that!" Ares, a war god, shouted indignantly. His great ire already provoked from the prayer of a mere goddess. "Women should be seen, not heard." He wouldn't let it come to pass. "Though I doubt she is even that much as of yet."

"Silence, you insolent fool." Tyr hissed from between clenched teeth. "That's my daughter upon which you speak. Don't proclaim to take her name in vain."

"Stand down, Tyr." Mars growled, another war god. An aggressive one at that. "I'm sure my Greek brethren means you no harm. He simply lacks the sight to see beyond his nose."

"The little whelp knows not of his place." Ares muttered, loud enough to be heard. "Nor does his daughter."

"Bite your tongue." Tyr groused, unwilling to stand down.

"I'll smite you boys where you stand!" Mars stood, standing before the two young gods. They didn't have the years of life required to understand their positions.

"No need, I assure you." Zeus agreed with Ares's assessment to a small degree, but even so, it wasn't called for. He turned to his son. "Don't disregard your betters, my boy, you've not yet the years on you to speak so forthrightly, Ares." He looked to the council, bowing deeply. "Forgive my son, he lacks the platitudes required of his stature. This is a mere oversight on my behalf. I claim liability."

"Perhaps, if that is indeed the case, you should see to it that he learns his place among this court, Zeus." A woman named Juno spoke coolly. "If only his mother, well respected as she is, were to hear such words. She would be baffled if not insulted." With a shake of her head, she looked around the room, several other goddesses were also outraged, and she found herself at a loss. "Perhaps it would be best to have Hera reclaim her place at your side, it seems your boy is unfit for the task, such a shame."

"Well, they are merely boys after all." A feline goddess smirked from her spot, lazing over her railing, flicking her eyes about. She was the goddess Bastet, and she was a stunningly feral creature by nature. Beautiful and cunning. She so often chose to prance around as the huntress that she was. "Little cubs without a pedigree, if I do say so myself. Still, they're viral enough, we just might make them real men of the council yet."

"If not, we would be all too happy to teach them the ways of a real woman." Juno smirked. "Isn't that right, ladies?"

"From your mouth, to Almighty's ears, Juno." Aphrodite agreed with a good nature. "Though truth be told, I need god in my life that can take the heat." She leaned forward, letting her playful eyes glimmer at the two young gods before them. "Though I do think it would be cute to make a mess of them."

Mars simply rolled his eyes. There was no containing the elder goddesses who held such a high rank, especially when his own mother, Juno, seemed to spearhead the charge. Instead, he merely coughed, giving a hint to his discomfiture as he bristled. The rather intriguing notion of just what Aphrodite seemed to imply, mixed with what her hand was doing beneath his robes, would make any lesser god melt into a pile of goo. He kept quiet, enjoying the risqué attention to his person.

"They'd make fine toys, if little else." Bastet said with a smile. "Now then, if the young bloods in the room care to simmer down, we have other matters to attend to, unless of course, they want to test our skill."

Rightfully, Tyr and Ares gulped and sat down in their places, making Juno smirk. "There now, children, was that so hard?"

This time, it was Zeus and Odin who shared a troubled look. They both silently agreed, that sometimes, the women of the council were just too much. "Let's cast transgression aside, shall we?" Odin said calmly, stroking his long beard as he contemplated the string of events that so troubled the court. "It wouldn't do to have such a tiff over something as trite as where we hail from. Creation is ours as a unity, don't forget."

"I couldn't have said it better myself." Zeus nodded, giving Ares a glare, warning his young, often brash son, to keep his tongue in his mouth. "Let us begin." His eyes fell over to Norse area of the council room. "Tyr, son of Odin, father to Belldandy, you have come to us elders seeking guidance on the young goddess's behalf." His voice rumbled evenly, his words that wisdom and courage. "You may have the floor, uninterrupted. Speak candidly and forthrightly, of your plea."

Tyr might have had high standing, but, among this council, he was merely a child himself, still trying to attain the greatness of his father before him. Standing among hundreds of deities to plead a case was far more befuddling than he cared to admit. His wife, Anzasu stood at his side, a tiny momentary comfort, if little else.

"Do not fear, Tyr." She murmured to him, her foresight uncanny. "It is for the best, I promise."

He looked over to her, a woman dressed in the finest of silks. Their youngest took after her in looks, he knew. While Belldandy took after him in heart and soul. It was with that knowledge that he stood on two shaky legs, looking out among the masses. "My fellow gods and goddesses, lords and deities, faiths and spirits, it is my wish to see my child happy. To see her sweet smile stay lit, and I fear these heavens could never grant her such joy at this time."

"Whatever do you mean, Tyr?" Frigga, who was often quiet during council, could not be silent after seeing her son so troubled. "My dear boy, I had no idea." She murmured, feeling her heart sink when she saw the look in his eyes. "What troubles my granddaughter so?"

"Her time spent here in heaven, has been spent alone. She longed over a convicted man, her tutor. You all remember the debacle well, of that, I'm sure." Tyr reported.

"We know well, perhaps too well." Zeus nodded. "Continue."

"She was a figment of her former self before she went to earth. Now, her heart doesn't seek blindly in the darkness, because her soul has found light within a mortal man." Tyr was greatly bothered by this, clutching at railings in front of him, to keep his tears from his spectators. "I fear, so greatly, to take her from that joy, which so gifts light into her heart. Earth has made her grow more vibrant than ever, and I am unsure as her father, what conclusion I should make of this."

Zeus simply chuckled. "You make the boy a god, it is that simple."

"So says the father of an ill-bred son…" The goddess Minerva spoke, her voice as soft as a wind caressing a willow tree. She was wise, kind yet soft, as shoulders gave perch owls that hooted quietly at her offering of seed and fruit. "Zeus, I'm sure that you speak with love for Hercules, in your heart. I also foresee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your kin would agree with me, when I say, your words of courage are indeed misplaced." Then as she held out her hand to greet another one of her birds, she offered a sad smile to Tyr. "I am sure if you were to beg elders who govern over creation's wisdom, they would bespeak the same."

"What shall I do?" Tyr begged.

Minerva sighed. Tyr was also a god who was destined to hold wisdom in the palms of his hands, yet, he seemed so lost…as if even his courage dwindled. It was a sad sight to see. "Athena is not in court today, but, I know my sister deity well. Even the great Odin, who sired you, Tyr, would understand that is a journey for young Belldandy." She looked among the room, and simply offered a gentle smile. "The goddesses among us, have hearts that patter away. They should understand perfectly of your daughter's plight."

"I could not have spoken it better, and yet, you are a virgin." Another voice called out. "My conquests must have deceived me, or your legs have been spread, I'm unsure which." Aphrodite laughed with good nature, truly tickled by Minerva's words. "Your foresight amazes me even now, such a goddess, what gull indeed." The goddess of love smiled brilliantly, her voice of silk taking great humor in the words that had echoed through the halls. "With a nod, she stood. "Yes, I agree, it is a gift cast into the ocean of her soul. Now, Belldandy must rise above the tides and find herself." She nodded to Belldandy's father. "Tyr, it is not her time to return to the heavens, not yet."

Bastet purred at that. "It is Belldandy's time to learn what it means to be a woman." The catlike goddess proclaimed. "She is in her youth, and her heart stammers to feel the pulse that she can't have here, in the heavens." If she wasn't so fond of her catlike form, with its predatory gaze, she too, likely would have smiled in her agreement. Instead, it was merely a flick of her tail that spoke of her conviction on the matter. "Your little Belldandy covets so fully the embrace of another, ironic that it is mortal man."

"Then, the answer is simple." Juno replied, with a sigh. "Tyr, every goddess goes through a stage of longing and desire. Some of us are fated never to feel the touch of love, and such goddesses are scored to be labeled virgins forever. Others are fated to fall from good grace, never to return." She offered him a simple nod, trying to gift solace. "However, these are paths we goddesses must walk ourselves, and Belldandy has chosen hers."

Minerva nodded. "We should not deny her."

Frigga found herself in tears, and she too, nodded her head. She understood the pangs of a woman's heart. "Odin…" She whispers to her husband. "Bless our granddaughter her truest wish. Please, I beg of thee, look into the true meaning of her wish. Please, do not insist that it be granted by the letter."

Odin was quiet, as he continued to stroke his beard in quiet contemplation. He looked to his son, whom he'd raised to the best of his ability. He glanced to Anzasu, and closed his eyes. He tried to think of the mortal man as a god, with Belldandy at his side. Odin sighed, he could not see it. He could foresee happiness as the young one were now. They had a world of growing to do. If Keiichi were to be a god, it would not be now.

"The answer is quite simple." Odin finally said with a nod. "Belldandy should become that of a human, live her life, learn and grow, love and lose." He nodded to Tyr. "In this, my son, she will gain insight. She will be a better goddess upon returning to us, if she lives and dies as a mortal just once."

It was only after plenty of fighting, that a decision had been made. He prayed dearly that his daughter would understand the decision made on her behalf. Still, as he waited for one of the goddesses to meet him in his personal chambers, he could not help but find himself befuddled.

What she fails to realize, is that if I were to make Keiichi a god, he would not be the same man. He thought to himself bitterly. He would have to purge from Keiichi his mortal sins, his earthly darkness's, and his worldly desires. Most of those things were what made the mortal, Keiichi, the man that he was. Tyr could easily purge them from the boy without a second thought…however, it wasn't a gratifying thing to ponder. Oh, my daughter, my poor, poor daughter. You do not know what you seek. You are brazen to beg of this heart's desire, when you are so young. It forced a faint smile from him. "Oh, this love of hers is troublesome."

"You were the same, when made love to Hild, were you not?" Anzasu replied coolly, coming to stand at her husband's side. She knew what troubled him so, but, Keiichi was not Hild. Keiichi had stepped through the gate with his heart so fully devoted to the goddess that treasured him. "I understand how you struggle, but Tyr, you must allow this without complaint. Belldandy has her own life to lead. She will return, one day."

"If this is the answer gifted, I almost desire to follow the letter of her wish. I want to make him a god." Tyr's voice became thick, and he sighed out deeply, before he lost to his emotions. "I know it would not give her the time that she needs with him as a mortal, but, it would comfort me greatly."

If he was so weak, he knew he would only scorn his child. The god he would inadvertently make, would not be the shy and mild mannered man that Belldandy loved. He would not be the Keiichi that had earned his wish by overcoming his great many trials. In fact, Tyr feared for the real truth of the matter. Keiichi would make a fine god. A forthright, honest, and very powerful god…but, Tyr doubted that Keiichi would also keep the humbled nature that kept him innocent as a mortal.

No…making him a god would gift more spite than Belldandy knew…one day, maybe it would be befitting to make him deity, yet, now was that time.

It would lead to a troublesome reality, because there were so many unknown factors…too many unknowns at that. Yet, his heart ached, to lose a goddess, to put a mortal woman in her place…well, that was even worse. Even more ludicrous than anything else he could conjure in his mind. He sighed under his breath…the council, even his own father, had spoken this lunacy.

A knock came to the door, and he looked to his wife. "I would like some tea." He told her.

She nodded, and put her hand on his shoulder as he trembled upon his throne. "Yes dearest." She murmured to him, giving it a gentle squeeze. "She will be alright." Anzasu whispered before going off to fetch nourishment. Deep down, she knew it was just a ploy to shoo her from the room, but, she followed his wishes, just this once without arguing.

"Come in, Peorth." He called for her.

"What will you have me do regarding this matter?" Peorth asked, awaiting his instruction, as she bowed to him.

"You shall bespeak my judgment, and make it known." Tyr ordered, angry more at himself, than at his child. "It doesn't comfort me, to cast my own blood aside, but, I will do so now. I must, for her own wellbeing." He didn't show his emotion, didn't allow himself to weep, and instead, he cursed himself on the inside. "You are to travel to that forsaken planet that she holds dear, and you must give her one last option…one final choice."

He flipped a cartridge into the air, and Peorth took it within her hands. He continued at length. "She shall either become a mortal herself, sharing in their ultimate fate, and facing their mortal struggles…or she may remain a goddess." He perched his head in one of his palms, quite discontented. "If, by chance, she chooses to remain the goddess that she is, she must return to heaven without delay."

Peorth swallowed hard. "Sir, she is a Norn. We require Belldandy to remain a goddess, and to protect the world tree." Peorth replied worriedly. "Without her, we have no present."

"This is only temporary." Tyr said then, grateful for that fact. "Once Belldandy dies in a mortal life, we will simply apprehend her spirit, and reverse the code back to the way it should be."

"In the meantime, we still need three Norns." Peorth replied, speaking only truth.

He looked to Peorth, nodding a bit. "You too, govern time loosely. Your skills are to provide support to the Norns that so need you. You exist purely in case a Norn does not…heaven's failsafe, Peorth, was your reason to be born. That time may be now, and you will answer the call."

"Sir, I can't do that." Peorth said, worried that he might actually do just as he said, and amend her programming.

"You will do exactly what I order you to do!" Tyr bellowed, before sighing out his frustrations. "If Belldandy finds a love that she is incompatible with, you know what will happen to her…the poison that will flow through her like a dark, and murky catacomb…" He berated the young first class goddess before him "You know, Peorth, just what that would mean."

Unwilling to provoke Tyr's ire more, she bowed to him. "I do." Of course Peorth knew what happened. When a goddess was unable to commune with the one she loved, she became very ill. "I know all too well what Belldandy may face, sir, but I also know she is strong." It was little more than a slow, agonizing death…and one Peorth wished upon no one.

"A dead goddess, is a worthless goddess." Tyr told Peorth. "I do not require uselessness." Tyr was Belldandy's father…and she was the favored child that he took the greatest pride in…he would not see her lost to the depths of her own heart…he would not watch her die slowly over hundreds, if not thousands of years…and he would not relive the horror of her younger years either. He could not deal with seeing his child in such a way ever again. "Please, try to understand my plight." He told Peorth. "What I do, I do out of a father's love."

She dared not look up to him, and merely nodded her understand of the situation. Unable to discern this rapid and discomforting chain of events, or where it might lead her, she instead dismissed herself. Knowing he wanted an expedient answer, and being able to provide it was a difficult task. Truth be told, she simply couldn't barge in on the occupants of the shrine and hope to plop this information into their laps.

The first class goddess Belldandy, was often an unstable, quivering soul, because for a goddess she was young. They all were.

Peorth felt her blood boil, unsure of herself, and her orders. As she flipped on a monitor to gauge just what sort of situation she would find on the other end of that screen, she feared the worst. As usual, it was a good morning, though the shrine seemed to find itself dilapidated, and in a state of ill repair that would have made even Lind's handiwork seem like perfection in comparison. She opened up another monitor where the sky view showed Urd and Skuld sharing in a heated, yet playful fight.

Finally she received some interesting banter from the live feed as she found her target via Yggdrasil and the surveillance system. Peorth searched the screen, looking for any abnormalities, as Belldandy seemed to banter on with Keiichi. It was one of their usually good natured conversations. Belldandy seemed to be in a good mood, as she put together some sort of notebook that had been ripped to shreds by a magical ball that Urd had flung. Keiichi thanked her, and they fawned over each other a moment more.

Peorth shook her head…the couple could be sickeningly sweet when they wanted to be.

Keiichi's smile stayed on his face, as he hid away the notebook in his backpack. Peorth concluded that it had to have been some sort of homework, from what Keiichi called university. She digressed it, it wasn't her concern. As soon as she saw another ball of Urd's energy fly right towards the couple, she held her breath. Thankfully, Belldandy easily deflected it.

"Urd, really, so insufferable sometimes." Peorth muttered as she reinforced the camera. Any more magic, and she'd loose her video feed. It was bad enough Peorth lost the sound, though she noticed that Belldandy seemed to be yelling something up to the fighting sisters, before seeing Keiichi off. "No use I guess." Peorth sighed. She'd have to observe from earth, and that was merely that. "Now then, onward, I suppose." She produced another camera lens so that she could simply step through with ease.

Though, she was unsure just what her observations would tell her, knew it wouldn't be anything good.

"Belldandy, what are you doing?" Keiichi chuckled as he leaned over her shoulder. Catching sight of the goddess who saw fit to try and build the newest racing bike that the auto club insisted to make.

"Just tinkering." She said with a small laugh, looking up to him. "I was wondering if we could coax a few more horsepower out of it." She knew now, that it simply wasn't possible, and she cleared her hands of the oil that caked them. "It would be nice to leave behind something, so that the new members understand the great joy we take in everything we build."

"Yeah." Keiichi nodded at that. "I guess I can see what you mean." It pulled a grin from him. "I'm really graduating at the end of the month, aren't I?" It made him swallow hard, the feeling was overwhelming. "Yeah, it's uh, a bit nuts when you think about it." He fell backward onto the gravel. "Aw, Bell it's been amazing. I almost wonder what else waits for me after all that. Do I go back and try to get my masters, or do I just find a full time job?" He asked rhetorically, resting his head on his hands. "There's so many things to think about."

"Yes, I suppose there is." Belldandy replied, as she cleaned the tools she used. "Keiichi, if I were you, I wouldn't rush." Even without the clouds mucking up the sky, she was sure that it would have seemed sad for Keiichi. Nostalgic and distant. "There's still some time."

"A month goes by fast when you're looking for a full time job." Keiichi shrugged. "Hanging out with the auto club, and working with Chihiro kind of puts things into perspective. You know, they all have dreams, Bell. They reached out, and got them." The mortal man just shook his head. "I didn't really know I wanted to do, when I joined up with the auto club. Only that, I really liked working on my bike, and that Keima seemed to want me to do more with those skills."

"Well, you have a knack for it." Belldandy told him, as she knelt down by his side. "Keima was right about that." She pushed her perfect fawn hair behind her ear, and took in the sight of his peaceful gaze.

"Yeah." Keiichi nodded. "I thought maybe I'd race for a living, or maybe…more realistically, stick around and chill with Chihiro." Keiichi bit his lip. "You know, the shop is still small, and just like with any business, you lose out on profits for the first few years. Even so, I really think that one day it'll probably get popular." It was with a soft, nervous chuckle that Keiichi sat up and looked at the bike they would be giving to the new racers. "What do you think?"

"Whatever you decide, is perfectly alright with me." Belldandy said simply, as she noticed a blot of dirt that clung to the front headlight, clearing it away. "I simply want you to be happy, Keiichi. Your joy, is my joy, and that is how it will always be."

Side Note: The only time I've ever seen Tyr in the anime/manga is in episode 4 of the 5 episode OVA, when he's talking to Belldandy over the phone. It's like 10 minutes into the 4th episode. They show a side view, of the lower half of his face. He's of slightly dark complexion, with apparently long, kind of purplish hair, which I'm going to assume is more blackish-purple than actually purple…anyway, that's the only time I've seen him, when he isn't inhabiting someone or something else (like a gate). Ironically enough, he looks rather young, as if, he's just a young man himself. It begs the question of if he's truly omnipotent, of if he's just a young god, trying to be a father, without knowing the consequences of his actions.

Somehow, after a lot of thought, and a look into his impulsive and sometimes freakishly questionable nature, I've decided it's got to be the latter...so if Tyr seems a bit "childish" it's only because I think he may actually be younger than first assumed.