It's been a week since Hanna has seen/spoken to Travis or Caleb. She decides to call Aria since she has been in a similar situation, and she doesn't think her mother will be as helpful as one of her friends.


"Aria, I need your help. Just listen for now."

"Of course I'll help you, and I'm listening."

"I know this shouldn't happen, but I think I'm in love with both Caleb and Travis. I don't know who I want to be with, but I need to make a decision soon, I can't keep them waiting forever…"

"You have to ask yourself who you love more."

"I've been trying to figure that part out. Travis told me the other day that he loves me, but I couldn't say it back. I'm pretty sure I feel the same way, I think…but I know that I still love Caleb, I always have. Yes, he cheated on me, and I was really hurt, but I want to forgive him. I didn't even give him a chance to explain the whole story about what happened…"

"Maybe you should talk and let him explain."

"I will, thank you."

"It's no problem. You know that I was in a similar situation just like this one not that long ago. You'll figure everything out soon, I promise. It won't be easy, but you just have to think about how you feel, and you should take all the time that you need. Just remember, make a choice you'll be happy with. I'll let you go now so that you can figure things out, talk to you later."

End of the phone call.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Hanna, what are you doing here?"

"I came to let you explain the story about what happened with that girl. I got so upset and angry, and I realized I didn't even give you a chance to talk to me about it. I kept shutting you out, but I'm here now, so go ahead, if you want…"

"Well, there was this girl who was blackmailing me. She found out some things about my family. I didn't want to tell you this because I knew you would worry, and I knew you would of wanted to help, but I didn't want you involved. The things she knew was putting my family in danger. I had to leave for awhile to take care of things. I wanted to protect you, your safety means everything to me. I had no choice but to break up with you until I knew everyone would be safe. I told you that I cheated on you, but I really didn't. I made that up because I thought that if you hated me, you would have no choice but to move on. After everything was okay, I wanted to come back for you, but I heard that you found someone else, so I knew I couldn't waste any more time. I had to come talk to you and tell the truth."

"So wait, you didn't cheat on me?"

"I would never, ever do that to you Hanna."

This causes Hanna to become shocked.

" what did the girl find out about your family?"

"It's really complicated, so I'm not going to get into any of that right now, but I had to protect them. I never meant to leave you Hanna, but I couldn't let anything happen to them or risk having anything happen to you if you got involved."

"Why didn't you try to tell me any of this sooner?"

"I wanted to and I tried, but I never really got the chance to get into it The first night that I went to your house wasn't the way I wanted it to be. You kept saying how you were with Travis and that you didn't want to be with me."

"When you came to my house the first night, it didn't seem like you came to tell me something. All you said was that you wanted me back and that breaking up was a mistake, then you pushed me up against a wall and kissed me, why did you do that and act that way…you should of explained what you just told me few minutes ago."

"I was scared that it wouldn't matter or change things, so I decided not to tell you. I guess I thought if you saw me again you would take me back right away.. I clearly thought wrong, all I did was make things worse."

"I wish you would of told me this awhile ago, then all of the stuff that has taken place in the past few weeks would of never happened."

"I know, and I'm so sorry, for everything. I put you through so much Hanna, but I knew you would want to help me and if you did get involved, then something could have happened to you and I didn't want that. I know I lied, so you shouldn't forgive me, I don't deserve you…"

"You don't have to be sorry. You were trying to protect me. Yeah, you shouldn't have lied, but I can see why you did, you didn't want me hurt. I forgive you, and don't say you don't deserve me, you do. I know in the past few weeks I have said some really hurtful things, but I didn't mean any of them. The truth is, I never stopped loving you Caleb…"

"I'm glad you forgive me, I honestly don't know what I would do if you didn't."

There is a few seconds of silence.

"Does this mean that you want to be with me, and not Travis?"

"Yes, I do want to be with you. It'll always be you."

Caleb and Hanna share a kiss.

"What are you going to do about Travis?"

"I'm going to talk to him."

Outside of Travis' house:

"I know why you're here. You came to tell me you chose Caleb, not me."

"Uh, I'm a little confused, how did you know?"

"I can see it in your face."

"I'm sorry, Travis. I didn't mean to hurt you...I just don't love you.."

"It's okay, but I'm glad you're happy. You deserve to be. Even though I really want to be with you, I can tell how happy you are now, and that's all I ever wanted for you.

"I still care about you, and I don't want to lose you."

"You'll never lose me, and that is a promise... Friends?"

She smiles and says, "Friends.."

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this last chapter, especially Haleb fans.(: I actually finished this chapter earlier than I thought I would, but I hope you all like it! Even though Hanna chose to be with Caleb, she still chose Travis, but only in a friend way. Please review letting me know what you thought, how you feel about the ending, what you liked about the story, basically the whole fanfiction overall! This was my first Pretty Little Liars fanfiction, so I tried my best to make it as good as possible. I know there are some things i need to work on, but I know it will make me a good writer and I appreciated advice/help in some of the reviews, so thank you!

In the show Caleb broke up with Hanna because of the curse in Ravenswood, but I wanted to make up something of my own, so I had him say he cheated on her even though he didn't. I had them break up because he was being blackmailed by someone and didn't her put into danger. I chose to make this Haleb not to please readers, but I truly wanted to. As I was writing, and even in the show, Hanna is meant to be with Caleb, I can't picure her with someone else, Travis is a good character but Hanna and Caleb have been through a lot together. If they don't get back together in the show, a lot of people will be disappointed, but her character will never love anyone as much as she loves Caleb.