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Hide and seek.

The game was always one of Peter's favorites, the second being Tag. Peter loved playing hide and seek with his dad. Mom always gave up too easily and his sister Teresa was well… an infant. Peter briefly wondered how his older cousin was doing with Aunt May and Uncle Ben; he was a master of hide and seek.

An excited smile grew on Peter's face as the game was about to begin. "Five, four, three, two, one, ready or not, here I come!" The young six-year old exclaimed as he happily searched the house for Dad. Peter entered the dining room, and looked under the table. The young boy pouted that his father was nowhere to be seen. Regardless, Peter refused to give up as a grin appeared when he noticed two shoes hiding behind a curtain.

Stifling his excitement, Peter ran toward the curtain, absolutely certain that he won. "Gotcha!" Peter said as he grabbed the curtain. He pulled it back, but huffed that it was only shoes. Where did he go? Peter wondered before his eyes lit up of where Dad was hiding.

Dad almost never allowed anyone in his study room where he worked, and that would be the best hiding place ever! Peter opened the door, expecting his father to be waiting for him with a bright smile.

Instead, Peter's eyes widen as he see's his father's study tossed and turned. Table drawers have been pulled out, with files and papers flung all over the floor. Several pieces of the furniture have been torn, with most of the cloth material tossed on the floor like confetti. His dad's chair was flipped over, with the cushion torn out. The only thing that was spared was a chalkboard that held Peter's fathers equations. In short, the room looked like it was hit by a tornado.

Fear overcame the young boy, quivering that their home was invaded. "Dad! Dad!" Peter cried, too petrified to move. In an instant, Richard appeared, a concerned look crossing his features. The concern quickly turns into horror as he realizes his work might be taken.

Richard looked at his son, a calm mask to hide his worry. "Peter, go get your mother and your sister. Tell them to meet me outside the car." He ordered calmly.

Peter nodded, and took off as fast as he could. Richard then calmly walked toward his desk and pulled a drawer before removing a hidden layer, indicating it was a false bottom. Richard heaved a barely audible sigh that his most prized work was stolen. Taking the files and placing it in his work satchel, Richard walked toward the chalkboard and erased all of the equations. Richard then leaves what was left of his office, barely glimpsing back to see the spider he encased in glass for Oscorp.

Rain landed hard as the Parkers left their home in the dark night. Peter looks to his left and sees one year old Teresa quivering in fear. Not wanting his sister scared, Peter placed his hand over hers. "It's okay, Teresa. Don't be scared." Peter whispered to her in an attempt to calm her down. It seemed to work as the little girl slowed her breathing before the night comforted her to sleep.

Happy that Teresa was asleep, Peter looked back to his father. "Dad, where are going?" The boy said, his worry increasing by the minute.

Richard gave a reassuring glance before returning his attention to the road. "We're going to your Aunt and Uncle's home, until this whole thing gets sorted out." He replied softly.

Peter was still confused. He didn't know why this is happening to his family. "But... why?"

Mary looked back at her son, holding his hand with her own. "I know this is scary Peter. But don't be afraid, everything will be all right." The dark-haired woman replied, giving him a soft smile. But deep down, Peter knew that this night was going to be worse.

It's been an hour since his parents took him and Teresa to Uncle Ben and Aunt May, as he looks at the four adults talking. Peter watches from the stairs, giving glances toward Teresa as she sleeps. From the looks, Mary was crying as Richard was trying to calm her down. Uncle Ben called Peter over, telling the boy that his parents are leaving for his and Teresa's safety. Richard knelt down to Peter's height, looking deeply into his deep, brown eyes. "You and your sister are going to stay with your Aunt May and Uncle Ben for a little while."

Peter felt a knife being plunged into his heart. "I wanna go with you!" The boy exclaimed, small tears forming in his eyes.

Richard gave a small sigh, gripping Peter's shoulder with care. "I know but we can't take you and Teresa. It's too dangerous. You have to take care of your sister. Promise me that you'll take care of her." His father said.

Peter nodded his head. "I promise." The young boy stated, which he hugged his father. Richard returned the hug and he kissed his son on the cheek. "My boy." Richard muttered as Mary placed kisses on an awake Teresa in May's arms.

"Mama!" Teresa cried as she began wailing for her parents. Mary felt hot tears roll down her cheeks as she wanted to calm Teresa down.

"It's okay, baby. Mommy will be back, promise." She whispered as Richard reluctantly pulled at her arm to leave. May sniffled shedding tears as she held her niece.

Mary knelt down to Peter, determined not to cry in front of her son. "H-He doesn't like crusts on his sandwich. A-And he likes to sleep with the little light on." Mary told to her in-laws.

Richard can fell his guilt resurfacing as he pulled at his wife's arm. "Come on." Richard whispered as Mary looked tearfully as she looked at her children one last time. As the two depart, Peter ran forward.

"Dad?" He asked, his eyes wet in sadness.

Richard stayed for a moment, giving Peter his most reassuring face. "Be good." Richard stated, with the most emotion revealed through that short command. And with that, Richard left as Peter watched the car drove away. Peter stood there for what it seemed to be hours, until the hand of Uncle Ben placed on his shoulder.

"I'll make you dinner, Peter." Ben replied as he led Peter into the kitchen, hoping that Richard was right.

Nine years later

Fifteen year old Peter Parker groans in his sleep as rays of sunlight enters his room from the window. The light shines around his bed to reveal a surprisingly clean room, even for a teenager. Posters were taped on the wall as his comic books were neatly stacked in a pile near his closet. Near his computer, rows of skateboards are hung on rows of racks, all handled with extreme cases. For years, Aunt May always scolded Peter for riding those "deathtraps" as she called them, probably because of the one time when he was twelve, when he rode on a board, fell, and almost broke his arm. Old habits die hard I guess.

What was left of his peaceful slumber abruptly ended when the familiar sound of his alarm clock beeped rapidly. Stifling a groan, Peter slammed his hand on the sleep button on the clock and placed his covers over his head, hoping for a few minutes more of sleep.

This was for naught as Aunt May called Peter's name from the kitchen. "Peter, breakfast!" She called out.

Peter groaned. "Five more minutes!" He called out, hoping for extra sleep.

"Peter Benjamin Parker." May began scolding, which Peter internally disliked when she called him by his full name. "Breakfast is ready and your sister is down here. I don't want you to be late for school, again, so get dressed mister." His aunt called back.

The teenage boy sighed as he flipped the covers off his person, getting up and walking into the bathroom. Peter quietly sighed as he pulled his toothbrush from the mirror, placing the toothpaste on the brush. Closing the mirror, Peter stared at his tired looking reflection, with his messy hair spiked in all directions. "Another new day." Peter dryly remarked as he brushed his teeth.

Seven minutes later, Peter lazily strolled into the kitchen, dressed in brown cargo pants, black sweater, and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. May is by the stove, finishing with the eggs and bacon. Teresa is sitting next to their Uncle Ben, Teresa has long, dark hair as she wears more tomboyish clothes compared to other girls her age, the ten-year old happily eating her pancakes as the older man browses through the morning paper of the Daily Bugle.

Ben places down his paper and gives his nephew a welcoming smile. "Peter, you're up. I was afraid your aunt was going to threaten about breaking your skateboards again." The older man remarks as Teresa giggles and May rolled her eyes at her husband.

Peter chuckles as he sits down. "Yeah, no need to threaten, I'm here. Morning Uncle Ben, Aunt May." He greets before turning to his sister. "Morning, squirt." Peter remarks as he teasingly messes her hair.

Teresa glares at the older boy. "Peter, stop calling me that! I'm not five any more, besides I'm getting taller now." The little girl indignantly replies.

Peter retorts with a goofy grin. "Yeah, well until you're tall as me, you're still my little squirt." He replies as he victoriously eats another piece of Aunt May's magnificent pancakes.
Teresa rolls her eyes. "You may be taller than me, but you're still a dork." The ten year old replied, as Peter feigns a hurt expression.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but squirts will never hurt me." Peter recited as Teresa mock glared him and lightly hit him in the arm. Before the conversation could escalate, May intervened.

"No fighting at this table, how many times have I told you that Peter?" May reminded the two as she sets the plates with the bacon and eggs on the table.

"She started it." Peter mumbled childishly as he rubbed his arm while Teresa beams in pride.

Ben places down the paper and smiles. "Peter, Teresa, I have good news. Junior called. He's coming to visit this weekend." He said smiling full of pride for his son as did Aunt May.

Peter and Teresa smiled at Ben's affectionate nick name for his son, Benjamin Parker Junior. He was their older cousin and basically the perfect student. Star track player, basketball MVP, baseball player, straight A student, good looks, attracts the pretty girls, etc. He was basically a legend. And the good thing was, Ben Jr. protected Peter from bullies like Flash Thompson in Peter's Freshman year. Currently, he was enrolled at Empire State University after graduating Midtown High.

As Peter ate the newly cooked bacon, he couldn't help but think of his older cousin. Ever since he graduated from Midtown last year, Flash resumed all the bullying he did to Peter since middle school. As long as Ben Jr. did well, then Peter was happy. Even if I have to deal with Flash's crap.

Uncle Ben looked down at his watch, a surprised expression on his face.

"It's almost eight, you kids are going to be late for school." The older man exclaimed as he, Teresa, and Peter stopped eating and Prepared their jackets. "I'll start up the car, be sure to get your books." Ben called out as he left the house.

"Bye Aunt May!" Teresa exclaimed happily as she gave her aunt a quick hug.

"See you later, Aunt May." Peter added, giving the older woman a half-hug.

The older woman smiled. "Okay you two, have a good day at school." She replied as the two nodded and went for the car. "Oh, and Peter?" May called, stopping Peter who turned around in confusion. "Don't be caught riding your skateboard again, please, dear?" May requested as Peter glanced the board from his hand.

Peter replies with a grin. "Promise, Aunt May." He replies as he closes the door behind him.

It was times like this that made Peter Parker wish Ben Jr. was here at Midtown again. When he was there, he didn't get bullied by Flash and he might have more confidence to talk to girls like his cousin. Ever since he graduated, it felt like Peter was once again left out, the other students practically ignoring him. Peter glanced down at his hands and a small smile formed on his face. At least I have my camera. The teenage boy thought as he looked at the photo of the debate team he recently took. Despite him having little to no friends, Peter was glad he had photography. Taking pictures was the only thing keeping him sane in this jungle of a school. I think the Daily Bugle is hiring. The young man thought, musing with the idea of being a freelance photographer.

Peter was so distracted with his thoughts; he didn't notice a basketball slamming into the side of his head, almost making him drop his camera. Peter turned to whoever did that and saw Flash and his cronies laughing at him.

"Heads up, Parker." Flash remarked, as he faked another throw, making Peter flinch. Satisfied, the bully left with his friends, continuing to laugh. Peter sighed as he went to his locker, opening it with a weary sigh. At home, Peter made it look like that at school, everything was fine. Truth of the matter is, he is not happy. Flash is being extra horrible again, without Junior protecting him. Maybe…maybe he won't bother me, if I fight back. Peter thought before scoffing to himself. Yeah, like that will ever happen. He thought negatively before closing his locker to get his physics textbook.

"Excuse me." A feminine voice called out, which Peter turned around to its source. In front of him was a petite blonde girl, standing at five feet three, beaming at Peter with a polite smile. The girl had a confident, attitude staring at Peter with dark brown-eyes. "You're Peter, right?" The girl asked, her enthusiasm clearly showing.

Peter took a step back. "Yeeaah." He replied tentatively, unsure of what to say to the shorter teenager. "W-Who are you?" The brown-haired teen asked carefully, wondering if this is one of Flash's pranks.

The girl continued to smile, showcasing her perfect white teeth. "I'm Penny, we're in the same trig class this year." Penny replied, which Peter was actually surprised that he didn't notice her, considering her personality. "I really like your photos."

Peter's hazel eyes widen slightly. "Oh, thanks." He answered, surprised that a girl actually noticed his hobby. The brown-haired teen realized he was staring at his camera in embarrassment and slightly blushed at the girl continuing to smile at him. Stupid hormones.

Penny pulled a strand of blonde hair away from her eyes as she refocuses her attention on Peter.

"Are you busy Friday night?" The girl asked, Peter's eyes nearly bulging out of his skull. Wow, this girl is blunt. Peter mentally noted, not believing that a girl is asking him out.

"Um…" Peter paused, mentally slapping himself to be reply back. Come on, be like Ben Jr. The teen assured himself as he nods his head with a small smile, happy as Penny's smile grew larger. I knew I could do it. My cousin would be so proud. Peter reassured himself.

"Cool!" Penny exclaimed happily. "Uh… can you take pictures of my boyfriend's car? I just, you know, I really want to frame a good one for his birthday." The blonde explained, not noticing Peter's enthusiasm fading quicker than a fish out of water.

Before Penny noticed, Peter quickly placed on a fake smile. "T-That's really nice of you." The teen replied, forcing a delighted tone. Wow, that's such a nice thought. "Um… yeah, I'll have a look at the old uh…" He paused, unsure of what to say for a moment before quickly correcting himself. "The, um… old schedule." He finished the forced smile still in place.

Penny gave a grin. "Thanks, Peter. I'll be sure you get paid for the picture." She replied, before waving good-bye to him as she walked away to class.

Peter couldn't believe what just happened and expressed it with a scoff. "I sure do have the Parker luck." The teen dryly replied as he placed down his skateboard and rode down the halls to class, hopefully before any teacher noticed.

Time quickly flew by as it was now lunch. Most of the day, Peter kept replaying the scene over and over in his head. Did Penny only noticed him because of his photography skills, not because he was Ben Junior's cousin? Sighing, Peter didn't feel like eating the grotesque slop that was the school lunch as he just realized how invisible he was in this school. The teen silently prayed that the school year would just end already, and he's one more step closer to college.

Peter's thoughts were once again interrupted as he saw a ring of students chanting "Eat it!" rapidly. Brushing aside his fellow classmates, Peter saw in displeasure as Flash practically forced a young Freshman down to the ground, forcing the younger boy to eat one horrid abomination from the school's lunch menu. Seeing Peter, Flash grinned. "Hey Parker!" He called out, which Peter internally groaned at the attention from the other students. "Get a picture of this man, come on." Flash requested, his grip on the younger boy not getting any easier.

The brown haired teen contemplated this for a minute. Should he do this for Flash's recognition? No, it's not right. Peter's conscience reminded him, the teenager sighing as he lowers his camera. "I'm not going to take a picture, just put him down man." Peter replied before shifting his attention to the Freshman. "Don't eat it, trust me it tastes like crap." He added to the younger boy.

Flash's grin disappeared, replaced by a challenging frown. "Take the picture, Parker!" The blonde repeated, his anger clearly visible.

Peter shook his head. "Put him down, Flash." He repeated, hoping the bully can be for once the better man.

This proved wrong as Flash began to glare at Peter. "Take…a…picture." He ordered, provocation evident through every word.

Peter clenched his teeth, already regretting what he was about to say next. "Put him down, Eugene!" Peter retorted, the students laughing at Flash's real name. Enraged, Flash dropped the underclassman, and before Peter could retaliate, landed a nasty right cross to Peter's temple. Peter almost fell from the blow, but recovered as he quickly stood right back up, glaring back at Flash in anger.

"Come on, Parker!" Flash taunted the other teen, ready for him to fight back. Peter retaliated with a wild haymaker, only for Flash to duck and send another punch, this time to Peter's gut. Peter fell to one knee as he placed one of his hands on his stomach, realizing he'll get a bruise later on. Flash still was not entertained, wanting the brown-haired boy to fight back. "Get up! Come on, get up!" He demanded before landing a kick in Peter's abdomen, forcing the younger man to stay down.

Peter coughs as he clenches his eyes to clear the pain out. "I'm still not taking the picture." Peter croaked out, before releasing another cough.

Satisfied, Flash grinned. "Yeah, stay down Parker." He told him before facing the crowd of students surrounding them. "Who wants one more?! Huh?! Huh?!" The jock practically shouting, his arms stretched wildly into the sky.

It was then that Peter noticed another girl walking towards Flash, but she looked different. Unlike other girls, who practically lived by their phones, this girl carried her books close to her. She had long, red hair that almost looked scarlet with a dark shade of blue eyes. She also wore a grey sweatshirt and a white skirt as she marched over and glared at Flash.

"Flash!" The girl yelled to get his attention, quieting the jock down. "Flash, are we still on for after school today? My house, three thirty? I hope you've been doing your homework. Last time I checked, I was very disappointed in you." She added, causing the other students surrounding them to snicker.

Flash anger dissipated and turned into annoyance. "Okay, listen…" He began, before being interrupted by the girl.

"No Flash, how about we get to class, hmm? How about it?" The girl interrupted silencing the jock as the school bell rang, signaling lunch was over.

"Whatever." Flash muttered as he leaves, the other students also disperse as they too leave for class, leaving Peter and the girl alone. With a groan, Peter stands up on his feet and moves forward to get his camera, only for the girl to help him as she held the broken camera in her hands.

"Here." She said as she gave the broken item in Peter's hands. Peter's brown eyes widen slightly in the kind act, looking back at her.

"Thanks." Peter replied in a low voice, his body sore from the beating he had from Flash. Examining his camera, he scowled at the damage and placed the item in his backpack.

"Are you okay? Do you think you should go see the nurse?" The girl asked, her voice full of concern.

Peter gives the girl a reassuring smile. "No, I'm good. This wasn't the first time I got beaten up by him." The brown haired boy responded.

The girl gave Peter a disproving look before sighing. "I though what you did was great. Stupid, but brave. Are you sure you don't want to see the nurse? You might have a concussion." She repeated as Peter shook his head.

"No, really I'm good. Thanks anyway, Miss…" Peter stopped, hoping for the girl to reveal her name. It looked like she was confused for a moment before snapping back into attention.

"Oh, right! Sorry. I'm Jen Masterson." The redhead replied, extending her hand for a shake.

Peter chuckled slightly at her nervousness. "I'm Peter. Peter Parker." He introduced, shaking her hand.

Jen stared at Peter in confusion. "Parker? Are you related to Teresa Parker?" She asked, eyes narrowing in confusion.

Peter's eyebrows rise slightly. "Yeah, she's my sister. Why?" He asked, wondering how this girl would know his sister.

Jen gives a small smile. "I actually tutor her on Thursdays. I didn't know she had a brother." The red head replied, as the two ceased their handshake.

Peter felt a grin stretch his lips. "I bet she's a better student than Flash, right?" He replied, which the two shared a quick laugh.

"Yeah, you could say that." Jen replied, before looking at her watch. "Oh, crap! We're going to be late for class!" She exclaimed as she began walking fast to the building. Before entering, she looks back at the brunette. "It's good to meet you, Peter." Jen replied before entering the building.

Peter couldn't help but grin. "It's good to meet you too." He whispered to himself as he picked up his bag and went to class. Guess I do have the Parker luck.

CMR Rosa: Hello everyone I really hope you enjoy my first chapter of this story, and just so you know Teresa Parker is not my original character, she a semi-canon character who first appear in the graphic novel Spider-Man: Family Business as Peter long lost sister, it was left a little ambiguous on if Teresa was really Peter sister but I love the character so much that I decide to use her in this story, as you all can guess Ben Jr. Parker is alternate version of Ben Reilly, believe it or not Ben and May did almost have a child in canon, May became pregnant but had a miscarriage, and finally Penny the girl that ask Peter to take a picture of her boyfriends car is a OC character, qMargot OC, she give me permission to use her, all three characters will have bigger roles in this story, what that will be, you have to read the story to find out.