"Look at this! Stuck counting staples while the BAU jets off into the sunset!" an agent said as he watched the BAU's star team head out with their luggage.

"How the hell does the BAU rate their own airplane?" the man at the desk across from him asked.

"I honestly don't know." the other agent replied.

"What is it?" the agent asked when he saw the expression on the face of the man across from him.

"I just got an idea for an excellent prank that'll bring those BAU guys down a peg." the other agent replied. "We'll have to pass the hat around, but..."

Three Weeks Later:

The team sat discussing their latest case which had involved a serial killer who'd dressed up as a clown and thrown poisoned pies into unsuspecting victims' faces when the ding that accompanied the Fasten Seatbelts light cut into the conversation.

"Ah, it's just a bit of turbulence..." Rossi said as the others dutifully fastened their seatbelts, neglecting to fasten his own.

The plane bounced. Rossi fastened his seatbelt, and not a moment too soon, since the next thing the plane did was a barrel roll, followed by a loop-de-loop. Several more minutes of high speed acrobatics followed this stunt including a dive that allowed the plane's passengers to experience zero gravity before it leveled out and the plane climbed back into the air spinning around and around on its axis as it did so.

By the end of this ride every last one of the extremely rattled passengers had been sick, and were greatly relieved when the plane put down in Denver after an otherwise smooth flight. Rather than wait out the delay while the insane pilot was arrested and a new one brought in, the team activated their various smartphones and sundry other devices and bought tickets for the flight home with their own money, deciding that cost was no object.

A Week After That:

The two agents laughed as they watched the Youtube video that had been "anonymously" uploaded, clutching their stomachs as if in pain when Agent Rossi vomited on Agent Hotchner.

"Hiring that stunt pilot and getting his insane acrobatics cleared with the FAA beforehand was the best idea you've ever had." the first agent said to the second once the video was over and both men had gotten their laughter under control.

"You know, I didn't just pass the hat around Quantico." the second agent said.

"You didn't?" the first agent said.

"I passed it around the whole Bureau, and a bunch of the cops that the BAU showed up also chipped in. So..." the second agent said.

"So?" the first agent asked.

"We got enough money to hire two stunt pilots!" the second agent said.

Both agents grinned evilly as they watched the BAU pass by them with their luggage.