I was always a odd kid. Never was I treated the same as the others in my tribe. My name Crescent, you know like crescent moon?
Oh, never mind. No one gets why my parents named me that. But I am a Lioness of the Lion tribe. Actually, the Omega tribe.
We are a 'second race' of lions, said to have been separated from the main pride when Cavora raised from the earth, blah, blah, blah.
Basically, we are said to be more in-tuned with nature that the other tribe. but if you visited the other lions, then us, you wouldn't tell us apart.
Yep. We look no different, except me.

School is a problem for me. I don't go a day without being called "Red Headed Moon', 'Blood Eyes', 'Snow Flake', or 'Odd Ball' by my classmates.
Reason why, is that my fur isn't the light milky or dark chocolate, or light brown colors like the others. I'm a star light radiant white.
My mane is not that sweet sunset orange, mischievous velvet, loving light or dark chocolate, or gorgeous blond. Its Flaming red. But not like the prince to the other tribes mane. I mean bright flame explosion red.
And my eyes, that's what sets me apart the most. I don't have a dash or dot pupil. All you see are my Iris's. Blank, crimson blood red eyes. Eyes of a demon. See what I meant when I said I was always a odd kid? But looks cant cut it. My family, behavior and ways takes the cake.
But I have plenty of time to tell you my story.

It all began when my mother got pregnant with me. My four brothers, who about as odd as me -but are desired by everyone- were happy about my coming in a few months. The oldest, Lian, always wanted a sister. The other four, not so much. All of them WAY older than me, like, 25,24,21,17.
But anyway, when I was born, the word of my arrival filled the tribe with happiness. But when I was brought up to be welcomed, that must have changed. I don't know. But I feel like I'm the tribe burden. My coat is entirely beat by my four brothers.
Lian, my oldest, has long fangs, a explosion red mane like me, but has black highlights, light tan fur and sunset orange dot pupiled eyes.
Lightning, my second oldest, small fangs, blond mane, light brown fur, and amber dash pupil eyes.
Lash, third oldest, light brown mane, dark chocolate fur, amber eyes with tiny hints of red with dash pupils.
And finally my forth oldest, Lathic. He has a blond mane, light tan fur, amber eyes with dash pupils. He's the only one of us that looks the most normal. My parents are about like my three oldest brothers, but with weirder genes.
My mothers name is Lunara. She is my tribes lead medical healer. If some one is hurt, they are brought to her. She had the 'Healers hands'. It's a gift. But she has a light brown mane with blond highlights, light tan fur, and BLUE eyes with dash pupils. Her eyes tell her apart from anyone.
She can also pop certain joint out of place, and that's part of my inheritance from her. Creepy right?
But my dad is from the other lion tribe. But he was raised a nomad, and is as odd as me. But I'm most related to him.
He has long fangs, a pitch black mane, Dark chocolate brown fur with silverish white highlights, and thank Cavora, clear blood red eyes.
He can roll his eyes backwards -which I also inherited-, and is the leading officer in the military. HE is the reason no one said worse insults to my face.
People who first meet him do fear him, but quickly learn my fathers just a very tough but kind lion.