Unite With Me

A small group of demons had gathered down in Hell. It was a tavern of sorts, a cheap tavern in Hell for low ranking demons who just don't have the influence to go anywhere better. Not that the bartender minded, he got his fair share for the swill he served these suckers.

"Our shares of misfortune are too low," said one. This one had a red motif, with long blood red hair and a healthy fascination for all things bloody. She went by Russa.

"Those damned goddesses bring too many shares to heaven just by being on earth," said another. This demon wore a blue loincloth and little else, and he had short blue hair to go with it. But his marks were the same red all demons shared. He went by Safo.

"But it makes them vulnerable...if we did something to them..." theorized another. She had a purple theme, and insisted on wearing a bikini, of sorts, with a thong at that, and she went by Royce.

A stronger demon came along. Apollyon, the destroyer. "The 3 of you wish to cause such misery as to cause wailing from the highest heaven to the realm of earth itself?" They nodded, at which his grin turned cruel. "The 3 of you are far too weak to contest with the Norns, but fortunately, you do not have to. Welsper is turned into a cat, and virtually helpless. Slay him, and you will find the doublet system rebounding to such advantage as you can scarce imagine."

Safo asked, "Why, who's his doublet?"

Apollyon's grin became feral when he replied, "That's for me to know, and you to find out. Now go! Slay the cursed demon Welsper, and see what you have wrought by so doing."

So, the 3 demons got clearance to go to earth, and quickly headed for the temple. They didn't even get past the gate before Banpei and Siegel stopped them, the latter stating "No Unauthorized personnel."

"We're here for Welsper," they replied, "and we're not here to cause trouble for you. He is one of ours, so we have the right to see him."

"We have not been notified of any such right. Leave or be forced to leave." said Siegel, and Banpei relayed the image to Skuld, who, quite curiously, wondered what on earth demons would want with Welsper. She'd thought Hild had no further interest in the demon turned cat. Even so, they were demons. "You don't have any business here at all. Leave or we'll bomb you into oblivion!" The 3 of them attempted to pick a fight, but they were far, far weaker then Skuld alone, let alone Skuld with mechanical support, and they were, indeed, simply bombed off the Temple grounds.


Keiichi and Belldandy were having a lovely date. With the blocker on desire gone, and the Judgment Gate passed, they were thoroughly enjoying their new ability to kiss whenever the mood struck them. The tricky part was trying to not make flowers suddenly bloom everywhere every time they kissed, but that was a minor issue compared to finally being able to express their feelings without stuttering or interference. Not only that, but things were moving ahead in other areas of their life as well. Officially married in heaven already, and engaged by earth standards, they were in the process of getting the earthly ceremonies set up. Scarily, Urd and Peorth decided to take the job of setting up his bachelor party, as they didn't trust his sempais to know the first thing about it. Belldandy only allowed it because she knew the two of them wouldn't betray her trust, most of the time, and Keiichi never would betray her trust, ever. They were taking advantage of their new ability to kiss when...


The 3 demons, looking the worse for wear, suddenly had a great turn of fortune, when they happened to see Welsper wandering around outside the temple! He sensed them coming alright, and not really guessing at the level of malice they held for him, sauntered on over in true cat style. "Who let you 3 idiots out of Hell? They don't usually allow themselves to be embarrassed like that."

Russa grinned, and instantly flung what magic she did have, manifesting as little red daggers, at the cat. "Here kitty kitty…" Her sing song voice implied nothing good. Welsper dodged out of the way of that easily enough, catlike reflexes did come in handy sometimes.

When Safo struck the earth with his fist, causing a minor quake that sent even a cat shaking on the ground and scrambling for safety. "This is not your lucky day, Welsper."

Welsper called out Wasp of the Blue Lance, realizing the demons facing him actually meant him harm. Wasp of the Blue Lance did his best to return fire, zapping at Safo.

But Royce took advantage of the distraction to fire purple shards of glass, not just at Welsper, but all around him. Even catlike agility wasn't enough to save him from all of them, and he ended up cutting one of his paws, which did not make his next decision easier. He decided to run for it!

But his 3 tormentors who seemed Hellbent on animal cruelty were in hot pursuit. Welsper knew he'd be fine if he could just get inside the temple walls…


Belldandy and Keiichi continued to have a wonderful time on the beach. She could wear a bikini for the first time, and he was able to fully appreciate what she was wearing. Even if it made him blush, he could react to her as a man should react to a woman, especially one that beautiful that he loved with all his heart and soul. She knew she was beautiful in his eyes, but it was a new feeling for her to be truly desired. To be wanted the way a husband wants a wife. She'd always been a little shy about that, but she could read his aura. It's as if his feelings, always warm for her, were simply hotter. The difference between a fireplace and a bonfire, wild and untamed, and now, she had the chance to try taming it the way all women tried.


Velsper was limping from his cut paw, but he knew he had to get away, and his size was strength. If he could just dodge under something or around something that'd slow his human sized pursuers down, he might get away. Fortune wasn't with him, though, and another minefield of broken purple glass slowed him down further, as he tried to carefully pick his way through it. It wasn't enough, as more red daggers headed his way. Wasp of the Blue Lance blocked most of them, but one of them severed half his tail clean off. He meowed exactly as an abused animal might…at this point; he was hoping even some humans with compassion towards animals might step in. No such luck. He ran for his life, or at least ran from quite a bit of pain, trying to weave his way back to the temple.

The pads of his kitty feet were getting torn from having to run around all this purple glass, but the wall of the temple was right there in front of him. Belldandy or somebody would probably heal him once he got inside anyway. Just as he got to the wall and tried to jump up, a blue shield popped up above him, causing him to faceplant right into it. He was stunned. "Sorry, kitty. Your 9 lives are up."

He tried to dodge to the side, but purple glass was all around him again, and his paws really couldn't take any more damage. More red daggers flew at him. Again, Wasp of the Blue Lance got most of them. But again, he missed one, and the dagger severed off one of his hind legs. He knew he wasn't going to escape now. "Why? Why are you trying to kill me? Hild couldn't possibly have authorized this…"

Russa grinned. "You're right, she didn't. But we've been told your doublet is somebody pretty important to Heaven. You're a small sacrifice to pay to take out…whoever it is. Apollyon wouldn't tell us."

Welsper blanched. "That bastard, he WOULD order something like this. Hild'll have his hide when she finds out, to say nothing of what'll happen to you 3!"

Safo shrugged, "We'll see about that. Your time is up. All together now, ladies."

Red Daggers, a Blue Hammer, and Purple Glass Shards all flew at Welsper at once. Wasp of the Blue Lance simply couldn't block them all, and Welsper was torn asunder by daggers before what was left of him was flattened by the hammer.


Belldandy suddenly slumped in Keiichi's arms. She could feel her life suddenly being snuffed out for some reason, and in her last moments, realized it was the doublet. "Keiichi-san...I love you..." and willed her spirit towards her lover as the doublet system finished performing its assigned task and killed her. Her eyes shut for the final time. A flash of light that shot from her to him came out of nowhere. "Belldandy!" Her goddess marks turned grey, and her eyes would not open. Onlookers, who'd thought she'd just fainted, started to get the idea it was much worse than that. They freaked out, trying to get hold of emergency services. They never realized the system force nudged them out of the area, and the ambulance they were calling for never came. The finality of what happened blasted him. Prepared by the judgment gate for HIS eventual death, nobody thought of what might happen if SHE died first. Feeling like his soul shattered into more pieces then he wanted to think about, screamed in untold agony. Keiichi, overwhelmed with shock and grief and unable comprehend what just happened, simply passed out. Her body fell on top of him.

A strange field around the area compelled mortal passerby to ignore it all. But a gentle rain fell, as the tears of Heaven itself fell over the area.