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The sun set hours ago and the house was still. She had not seen Vega in weeks and felt at ease. Chun Li sat on under her umbrella on the patio listening to the rain. The rain drops cooled the air leaving her in a state of meditation. The detailed she took for granted stood out and she her prospective were clouded. She knew that this ordeal had changed her, but there was nothing she could do about it. Everything was different there, the rain, the language, the people even her. "A penny for your thoughts," a voice said to her.

"I was wondering when you would show up," she replied.

"I wish I was better company for you, but a matter had to be tended to quickly." She turned to face him. He was clean, neat and dry, not a drop of rain touched him. "Come inside," he bid her, his voice had a touch of concern.

"Where were you," she questioned him. She walked back into the house, shaking the rain from her umbrella. "Manuel was looking for you."

"Were you looking for me to?" He smiled; "Don't play so coy. I know you are attracted to me." He seized her upper arms. "This maybe our last chance that we can share nights like this. All the other times, we were in different places in our lives."

"Fabio," Chun Li replied. Vega put one of his long lean fingers on her lips."

"Sshh! Don't talk, you look stunning right now." Only the sound of the rain hitting the windows could be heard. The pair looked at each other. "If I ask you to stay with me, would you stay?"

"I didn't know I had a choice."

"You do," he replied. "Will you stay with me?"

"You know I can't." She studied his expression. "I'm not like you. We are too different, and I have a life that I'm not willing to abandon."

'You and I are cut from the same cloth, can't you see that?"

'I am on the other side of he law. You are a criminal, I'm a international police detective."

'Tell me you don't long for this? Tell me that your life is fulfilling. I see how you looked at me when I was your only Shadowlaw informant. Deep down you liked what you saw, the rush you experienced and the feelings you had."

'I wanted revenge, that was not some romantic high," she rebuffed. "Stop, just stop this game! You don't know about the other side of the law."

"No, but I see the effect it has on you." Vega brushed her hair out of her face. "Tell me why you are rejecting me," he replied." I don't understand. No one has ever rejected my advances."

"How could I give into you? If I did, I'd lose a part of myself." She broke free from his grasp and pushed past him. "You've been away, you should check on your son." She opened the door and rushed out of the room. Her heart was racing, the same empty feelings were reappearing and they could not be ignored. Vega was right, but she could not give into him.

She returned to her room alone and readied herself for bed. As she was about to pull back the covers she looked at the door. It was only closed, anyone could come inside the room. After all this time she realized she never locked the door. Uneasily she turned the lock, feeling the futility of her efforts. "He probably has the key if he doesn't break the door down," she said to herself. Chun Li tested the door again. It was locked now, and she was ready for bed.

Her mind was uneasy and she could not fall asleep. As she lied in bed with her eyes closed, she felt that someone was in her room Quickly she sat up and saw the bedroom door was open. "Why are you afraid of me?" Vega replied as he came through the door. 'Stay with us, be Manuel's mother."

"I'm not afraid," she jumped off the bed. Her bare feet stumbling to regain their balance from her sudden upheaval.

"I'm not afraid," she repeated.

"Then why are you trembling." He asked. She backed away from him again, she wanted to get out of the room and go. Boldly he brushed the delicate pink nightshirt strap off her shoulder. She quickly put the strap back on her shoulder and took a step back. She then put her hands in front of herself to get something between them, but that did not stop Vega. She continued to back up until she was pinned against the wall. There was no place left for her to retreat to. He put his arms around her and pressed her against the wall. She pushed him away, but Vega seized her before she could retreat. He looked into her eyes; his stare cut into her very soul. It was like he saw past her facade. She felt like there was nothing she could hide from his stare.

The moistness of his tongue and the heat of his breath made her react. Before she knew it, it was over; she had opened her eyes when she felt the heat of the sun shine on her face. Chun Li look around the room; she was bewildered, shaken and unsettled. Her room was quiet; the door was still locked. At first she did not know what happened, but quickly came to realize that it was all just a dream. "Nothing happen," she exhaled. The feeling of shame permeated through her. Vega was an attractive man, but he was not the type of man she need to get involved with. All her life she was on the straight and narrow path of justice. "How could I think of such things," she scolded herself. The dream was over, but still she felt her heart pounding. Chun Li wrapped up in her covers and buried her face in the pillow. These feelings were unfamiliar to her and she did not know what to think or do. She was restrained by her passions as well as her honor. Nothing was clear to her, except the shame she felt for desiring a man like Vega. She focused on the quiet and softness of her bed. Then there was a knock on her door. She did not want to answer, but the person kept knocking. Tears started to whelm up in her eyes; she felt vulnerable and weak. Reluctantly she got out of bed. Her mind became flooded with images, some of them frightened her while others were oddly arousing. She was not prepared; her heart and her mind were divided and she felt a drowning sense of remorse. She could not face the person on the other side of the door. "Please don't let it be him," she prayed to herself. "Anyone, but him." When she put her hand on the door knob, the knocking stopped and her room was silent again. Chun Li was at ease, but she knew she had to pull herself together.

Manuel walked away from Chun Li's room. He had hoped she would play with him again. She was the only one who actually played with, but since she was not awake he decided to explore.

"I wish my friends were here," he sighed. He was getting home sick and longed for a few familiar faces. Manuel wandered down the halls peeking into the each room. Since no one was awake he could come and go as he pleased. At the end of the hall, there was a particularly strange looking door. It was made of metal and had a heavy lock on it. To a child the heavy door and the lock only made the room more inviting. Manuel sheepishly stepped into the room. It was dark; there were only two small widows and he could not find a light switch. Cautiously he made his way across the room. At the dead center of the room he found a peculiar indentation in the floor. Something heavy had been there and it was wide enough to take up half of the room. He then walked the outline of the crater. The room was so big, and it had to contain treasure. As he circled the room a hand grabbed him and spun him around roughly.

"What are you doing in here," hissed an older woman. "If you break anything I'll be blamed for it." Manuel started at the gaunt woman. She was slightly taller than him and stank of garlic and medicine. "Now why don't you be a good boy and go back to your room."

"What is the room called and what do people do in here?"

"Just stop what you are doing and get out of here. If you break anything I'll be blamed for it."

"Sorry," he replied sarcastically. "Every room in a house has a name, like a living room, a dining room and a bath room." The woman took his hand and drug him out of the room.

"Comings and goings, I suppose," she replied.

'What is in that hole in the floor?" He asked.

"Time for bed child," the woman lead him back to his room.

"But I just woke up," he replied. "Is Papa awake yet?" The woman shook her head. "Anyone else awake?" She shook her head again. "Can we at least stop by my father's room before you send me back to bed?" The woman let out a sigh and nodded.

Vega was fastening his shirt in front of the mirror admiring himself. He was so sure and full of himself. Tomorrow was the last day he would have Chun Li for company. He then put the necklace into his pants pocket. At the same moment Manuel came bursting in the room all riled up and happy. "You are awake! Papa!" He hugged his father.

"What are you doing up this late," he replied. The servant quickly closed the door. Vega took no notice of the woman. "I thought you were still asleep; what are you doing up this early?"

"I came to see you," he smiled; the light in his eyes shown with a child-like innocence.

"So you did," Vega picked up his son.

"What are we doing today?" He asked. Vega observed his son. The boy was small for his age; extreme poverty did not breed strong healthy children, but Manuel will have many years left to catch up to the boys his own age. Vega smiled, his son had inherited his attractive features.

"Do you miss your old life?"

"Huh?" The boy looked confused. Vega sat him down and finished dressing. Manuel started to jump on the bed."

"Manuel, don't jump on the bed." The boy looked over at him and then stopped.

"Sorry," he replied and then landed with one big flop. "It is so bouncy." He then rolled on the sheets. "You are rich right Papa? This bed probably cost you like a million bad-jillion dollars. I wish my friends were here, they'd be so jealous." He then walked over to his father. "Can I invite a few friends over? They won't believe all things I've seen here."

"How about you visit your friends. I don't want any of your friends to get lost." He replied with a silly grin on his face; he did not want a bunch of children running all over.

"Yeah!" He jumped up. "I'll get dressed!

"I'll tell someone to take you in the morning," Vega replied. "I have a couple things that I have to take care of." Manuel then shook his head.

"I don't want someone to take me." He pouted. "How about Chun; she's nice? I know she doesn't speak the language, but she's good at soccer and she's a grown up!"

"No, I don't think so Manuel. She has prior engagements after breakfast, besides you said it yourself, she speaks another language. I'll select someone who is use to the village."

"Aww," he pouted. "But I want Chun!" Vega had little patience and he had his mind on other things. He continued to get dressed, primping wasn't as enjoyable with a squabbling child around. Without saying a word Vega pointed to the door, his posture was straight unmoving.

"I will select someone more suitable and that is settled," he replied with an airs of agitation. Manuel somberly got off the bed.

"Okay," he answered and shut the door behind him.

In a hotel on the mainland, Vega was meeting with a business client. The rented office space resembled a discothèque; velveteen paintings hung on the dingy red walls. In the center of the room was a crystal dome over the ceiling light. To some the room was adequate, but Vega was not pleased. The seedy atmosphere made doing business even more degrading with his client.

Vega sat in a chair opposite of his client, a short pudgy man with a red solemn face. His name was either Enrique, Diego or Fernando, but it did not matter. He was just another middleman of a local drug lord. Those men in that part of the world changed with the seasons; only the smart survived and this man did not have with it took.

As he talked, Vega scrutinized his face, the folds between his chins and his high forehead with a receding hairline. His front teeth were missing which made him spit as he talked. "You said that you'd take care of the matter."

"I have it under control," Vega replied coolly.

"That cop is getting too close," the man replied.

'I said I have it taken care of. Have I ever let you down?" The man looked at Vega.

"I trust you are a man of your word," he replied. Quickly he changed the subject; he sensed an uneasiness. The only thing he had to protect him were two men standing outside of the room and the piece he kept hidden below his heart. "You look like you are good with the ladies. Tell me what do you think of this?" He took out a jewelry box from his inner jacket pocket. My daughter's having her quinceanera; I didn't know what to buy her. I figured she is like her mother and liked expensive jewelry." He opened the box and let Vega have a look.

"A ruby bracelet." Vega replied.

"It's her birthstone." the man added. "She should like it right?"

"I don't see why not." Vega saw that his fat associate was starting to sweat. Each drop rolled down the side of his face, leaving glistening trail. "Have children?" Vega shook his head. "Children are a blessing." He smiled at his now quiet companion. "You should have one some day."

"Does your boss doubt me?"

"He doesn't doubt you." The man replied, his voice began to shake. "He's more concerned than anything."

"Did your boss send you here or are you checking up on me?"

"I just wanted to see how things were going."

"And how are things going?" Vega leaned back. The man was now squirming in his chair.

"Uh uh," he stammered. Vega raised his voice.

"I said I have it taken care of!" He eyed the pudgy man. His face turned from red to a white. "What did I say?"

"That you have it taken care of," the man repeated.

"Do I make you uncomfortable." Vega grinned. The sight of the fat slobbery man disgusted him. A trickle of slobber rolled down his chins and into a crevice.

"No, no," he tried to reassure Vega as he rose from his chair. The man quickly reached for his piece, but Vega was too fast for him.

"I should cut you open like the pig you look like," Vega sneered. He put his hand over the man's mouth and slit his throat with a letter opener on the desk. The man tripped over his chair, gushing blood all over his desk. He tried to call for help, but his voice were wordless gurgles. "No one to save you now. Your guards are dead." Vega stood over the man and watched him try to get up. When the man reached out for him, Vega kicked him back down. He savored his kill, and watched his prey squirm as he died slowly. As a memento he took the bracelet from the bloody box and slipped it into his pocket. "You won't be needing this anymore." The man tried to attack him, but he had lost too much blood. He lied on his back clutching his throat, trying to stop the bleeding. "Now to finish you," he smiled. "First I am going to cut off your pig nose and then your ears."

Chun Li arrived early for breakfast in the dinning room. Manuel was sitting at the table, dressed neatly. Vega had not arrived. He had such a sweetness to him and an innocence that changed the very air in the room. The boy smiled at her.

"I see you lost a tooth", she relied to Manuel. "I would tell you about the tooth fairy, but you would not understand me." That moment she sensed Vega's presence, like a dark cloud passing over the sun..

"You are so good with him." Vega said. "He talks about you a lot."

"I play soccer with him." Chun Li smiled. "Manuel is a good soccer player."

"He's been through so much since his mother died and yet he remains a child."

"I want her to take me, ask her for me." Manuel pleaded. Vega ignored him.

"I bought you a gift," Vega walked over to her. He stopped behind her chair. "Aren't you going to ask me what it is?"

"I know it's something expensive."

"What is wrong?

'Why did you buy this for me? You never adequate answers." He placed a thin oblong box in front of her.

'To tempt you." He put his hand on her shoulder. "Aren't you going to open it?"

"This is nothing, but a game to you." Chun Li pushed the box away from her. Vega started rubbing her shoulders.

"Has anyone told you that you have an exquisite profile." He kissed her cheek.

"I don't want to be played with like a doll." She removed his hand from her. "Just because you picked out my clothes, you can't expect me to go along with your wishes?"

"What do you want?" Vega asked. "I know you want something."

"It's time I go back to the outside world."

"What brought on this change?"

"All this" she replied. "I just want to go home."

"How can I prove my intentions to you?"

"I want to make a phone call," she replied. "It's a simple request."

"And who do you want to call?" Vega replied. "Everyone believe you are on vacation."

"I can get my messages of the machine for starters."

"Not going to call that fiancé of yours?"

"He's not home," she replied. Vega smirked.

"Open, the box, Chun, I know you will like it." She stared at the box; she knew it was apart of his game. "I like to tempt you; especially when you put up a fight." Chun Li remained silent. Vega's patience waned; he opened the box for her, but she did not look at it's contents. "Do you like it? Red is a good color for you."

"It's probably beautiful," she replied. "But I asked to make a phone call." Her gaze fixed squarely at Manuel. Vega took a cell phone out of his pocket. "It's a clone, virtually untraceable." He sat it down in front of her. Chun Li now had a chance to make contact with the outside world, but she did not know what to do. She could not understand why he had given her the phone.

"Why?" Vega slipped the bracelet on her wrist.

"I have my reasons." He smiled brazenly. His blue eyes shined with a warmth to them. "You can go home tomorrow if you like. I will see to it personally." Their eyes met; she could see his sincerity. "I want you to keep this." He fastened the bracelet on her wrist. "I will leave you to make your call." He left the room and shut door behind him. She looked at the phone silently for a minute.

"What are your reason." She whispered to herself. Then she dialed the phone. No one answered. She called another number and she left a message. Soon she realized that there must have be a time difference between there and Beijing. She made her last call to her apartment in hopes Ryu would be there. No one was home. The usual messages were on her answering machine. Chun Li began to wonder if anyone was looking for her. It appeared that no one knew where she was and no one cared. The silence on the other end of the phone was worse than being her confinement. She hung up the phone. For a while she stared at it. Then she began to wonder what her next course of action should be. There was no one left for her to call.

She sat in the chair and looked at the phone, alone with her thoughts. Vega quietly entered the room. "It's about three in the morning there." He said. "I'm surprised you did not call our boss and tell him to save you."

"I trust you," she replied.

"If you trust me then this should be easy." He offered Chun Li a yellow almond shaped pill. "This will put you to sleep. When you wake up, you will be back in your apartment."

"Why can't it be a blindfold?"

"You are to smart for that," Vega replied. "Do you want a glass of water?"

"No," She looked at the pill. "Is this when I take the pill and say good bye to you?" She rolled it between her fingers, contemplating her options.

He looked into her eyes. "Don't say good bye if it is too hard for you to do." She quickly swallowed the pill. "Good night Chun," he kissed her on the forehead.

The pill worked quickly. She tried to speak but it was too late. Everything was hazy and there was nothing she could do now. Vega caught her before she fell from the chair. "Remember, " he whispered in her ear before everything faded to black.

Ryu woke up. He opened his eyes and looked at the clock radio. The digital number glowed 3:13AM. "Who could be calling at this time?" He grumbled at the phone. He turned on the light and walked across the room. Ryu picked up the receiver, but it was too late, the dial tone greeted his, "hello". He hung up the phone and was about to go back to sleep. Something wasn't right, he felt a little uneasy. Was that Chun Li? He thought, but he wasn't sure and the person did not call back.

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