Everyone's Favorite Wizards!

"Grey, your clothes." Lucy sighed as she and the rest of Fairy Tail's Strongest Team made their way down the long, deserted path.

"Awh, crap! Grey cried out as he stared down at his naked torso, mouth gaping open. "This is the tenth time today!"

"Ha-Ha-Haaaa! You look so stupid in just your undies, Ice Princess!" the pink-haired mage laughed, and pointed a finger directly at Grey's blue snowman-decorated boxers.

"Oh yeah?" Grey bit back, ramming is forehead straight into Natsu's, without even the slightest grimace of pain. "Well at least I don't set fire to everything I touch, you dumbass pyromaniac!"

At that moment, a circle of bright red, burning hot flames appeared, blazing all around Natsu's feet. Around Grey, a similar phenomenon was occurring, except instead of flame, sharp blades of crystal ice whirled on the floor, creating something which looked alot like a hurricane. Lucy, however, seemed to be completely unfazed. She just turned her head, and nodded slightly. "Erza? Do what you do best, will ya'?"

A few feet behind them, a gorgeous, red haired female clad in armor gave a small smile and returned Lucy's nod.

"Boyyyys," Erza said, with a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Yes Ma'am?!" the two boys replied instantly, their voice shaking with terror.

Erza gained a strict, almost motherly-like tone, as she answered "Just what have I told you two about fighting in public?! You're disgracing the name of Fairy Tail! You don't want me to come over there and make you boys separate, do you?!"

Natsu and Grey shivered as they saw the evil glint in Erza's eye, and practically screamed "No Ma'am! We're the best of friends!" at the top of their lungs (in perfect unison, might I add).

"That's Erza for ya'!" came a voice from from the clouds, a voice so high-pitched and child-like that it could only belong to Happy, the little blue cat - or should I say Exceed?

Lucy giggled. She loved days like this; the days on which she, Natsu, Happy, Grey and Erza took on all sorts of jobs requests, went on adventures (maybe destroying a few towns in the process), and just had all round good times as they made fun of each other on the road. Okay, maybe she wasn't the loudest, or the strongest, but she certainly did feel as if she did have a place on The Strongest Team. And that was all that mattered to her.

"Wait a minute, Erza!" Natsu shouted as he stopped dead in his tracks. "There's nobody here! We're not in public, so what's stoppin' me from pounding this guy's stupid head in?!"

Erza shot him her best death glare.


"Ow! Ow ow ow owww!" Natsu nursed the fist-sized lump on his head as he fought back tears. "Erza, that was so not fair! We gotta have a rematch! Oww!"

"Honestly," Grey chuckled to himself "You should know better than to talk back to Erza by now, Flame Brain."

"Shut your face, Ice Freak!" Natsu yelled in reply.

"But seriously, now that you mention it, Natsu's right - there IS no one here." Lucy addressed the whole group suddenly, her eyes alight with alarm. Above them, Happy snickered. "Took you long enough to figure that one out, Lucy... Must be because you're so dumb, huh?"

"Oh, shut up you stupid cat!" Lucy snapped back, before continuing, "But doesn't this strike you as a bit odd? I mean, this place used to be a popular tourist attraction, didn't it?"

"Sure it was," Grey began darkly. "Before all the disappearances started."

Lucy bit her lip "True. But there's something else, too. Something else that's been bothering me."

"What is it? It may help us find out what's going on." Erza stared at Lucy intently. Much like Lucy had great respect for Erza's mental and physical strength, Erza also had great respect for Lucy's sharp intellect and intuition.

"Well, I may be wrong, but I think I sense some kind of Magic emanating from the area."

"Magic?" Grey repeated, unsure.

"Dark Magic?" Erza questioned, with Jellal appearing in the back of her mind - he knew dark magic better than anyone she knew. A part of her wished he had come along.

Lucy shook her head. "I don't think so. Still... It's different somehow. Kind of like Edolas, I suppose." She ran her hand through her hair and groaned. "Ugh. I just can't put my finger on it... Hm... " Lucy trailed off, too deep in thought to continue.

"Aw, crap, she's thinking!" Natsu whispered loudly (if such a thing was even possible. However, in Natsu's case, it was) to his blue feline friend.

"Whaaaat?! That can't be good! Whenever Lucy thinks, things always to wrong!"


"It wasn't me I swear, it was all Natsu! I promise!"


Lucy glares at them, although most of her anger had dissipated - she knew they didn't mean it, not really.

"I had Granpa Crux research this place as much as he could, but he couldn't find anything except the 20 different wizard disappearances."

"Just wizards, hm? No non-magical folk ever go missing there?" Grey inquired. Lucy shook her head. "And Crux also said that that whenever non-magic folk went there, they soon forgot everything about the ruins, even their location."

The team ponders in silence for a few seconds, before Erza orders "All of you! Stop! Immediately!"

And so, Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Grey stopped instantly; that's the kind of power Erza has.

"Awww! But Errrzzaaaa!"

"Shut up, Natsu."

"Okay okay I promise I'll be quiet!"

"This is as close as we can risk going. Natsu, can you smell anything?"

Natsu, however, completely blanked her. "Hey, why don't we just take the place by storm and beat up whatever's inside?"

"Aye sir!" Happy cried.

Lucy, once again, had to sigh. "Natsu, you know that's not the answer to everyth-"

But Natsu and Happy had already gone, leaving nothing bt a trail of smoke behind them. Lucy face-palmed. "I suppose we better go after them, huh?"

"That idiot..." Grey mumbled under his breath as the rest of the team chased after the crazed Dragon Slayer.

Natsu skidded to a halt right infront of the ruins. He could hear chimes, chimes so loud he fell to the ground and had to clap his hands over his ears to prevent his eardrums from exploding. For the first time ever, he cursed his dragon-like senses (wait a sec, this wasn't the first time - the first time was when that metalhead Gajeel started singing in the middle of the guildhall! Sheesh, he didn't want to be reminded of THAT).

Do, do do do, do do, do...

Do, do do do, do do...



As Lucy and Happy rushed over to help him, followed by Erza and Grey, something very peculiar happened. Something very peculiar indeed...