Truffula Tales

Based upon the mini movie SERENADE from The Lorax and a little bit from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I don't own the Lorax or any of the characters here mentioned. Just Fiora.

Spring was here in the Truffula valley. The sprite of the forest, Fiora, watched in delight as all the creatures of the forest courted their mate: swomee-swans presented a flower to their chosen one, nuzzling and quacking as they swam in the lily pond. The humming fish presented a pearl and hugged their mate, sunning themselves on the rocks. The bar-ba-loots serenaded their other half who sat up in the tree tops.

The fat bar-ba-loot, Lou, was sad...for no one wanted to be his mate. He sighed, disappointed. Every time he had a chance to serenade a female, he got upstaged by another. He sat sadly in the tree top...then, he saw Fiora, sitting by the lily pond, hugging her knees.

While this was a joyous occasion and Fiora was very happy to be surrounded by the blissfulness of the Truffula forest, watching all the fauna fall in love. She sighed sadly. For she was lonely since she was the only one without a mate. She wondered if she was the only one. If she would ever have someone. Though she loved the forest and its creatures, she felt something was missing here in this perfect place. She sat by the lily pond, looking out at the glassy surface of the water and the flowers that dotted it, her hair purple. The animals saw that the sprite was sad.

"Oh," she said as she saw the other animals gathering around her with looks of concern. "I should be happy for all of you because you have found your mate...but..." She sighed, hugging her knees. "I wish I had someone."

Lou and Pipsqueak, the smallest bar-ba-loot, saw the melancholy sprite. They didn't like seeing Fiora like this. She was always so happy, full of life. The creatures attempted to cheer her up: one of the humming-fish gave her a pearl and a swomee-swan gave her a water lily. While she appreciated these lovely gifts, she still felt sad.

Pipsqueak looked at Fiora. He lit up with another idea, knowing her singing made the cloudiest day the sunniest. He indicated to Fiora to sing. He knew it always made her feel better. She sighed sadly.

"Oh...alright..." she said. "It is said that singing does make me feel happier."

She closed her eyes and thought of something to came to her so naturally...she sang in a beautiful, yet melancholy melody.

Oh I wonder why the creatures

Have their someone, their other

Yet am I, yet am I

Am I the only one who has none?

Oh how I wish so

Oh how I want so

How my heart, it longs for that other

Could there, oh could there

Could there be that someone

That other, that someone

Will come to find me

That other will love me too

Though the creatures loved Fiora's song, this one was sad. The animals gathered around her and she petted all of them lovingly with low spirits. A small tear appeared in her mossy eye, glistened but a moment in the sunlight. Then it rolled down her glittering cheek and landed on the glassy surface of the pond, making it ripple.

Pipsqueak recalled seeing how disappointed Lou was when he failed to get a mate...then suddenly got an idea to cheer her up, whispering to the fat bar-ba-loot, who lit up with delight! It was a perfect plan! Surely it would make the both of them feel better! They gathered the animals of the forest in a huddle and whispered their plan to cheer up the girl.

Fiora dipped her green toe in the water in lily pond morosely...until heard singing coming from behind her and turned around to see the the humming-fish all singing a harmonizing song. Soon it was joined in by the bar-ba-loots and swomee-swans, doing a fantastic show...then revealing Lou, dressed in make-shift decorations of grass and flowers, making him look like a man.

"Oh!" she exclaimed happily, knowing they were just pretending, but still it was a nice gesture. "Are you here for me?"

Lou nodded with a mm-hmm.

"I'm pleased to meet you. I'm Fiora. Welcome to the Truffla forest."

With a giggle, she got up on her feet, curtseyed to Lou, who bowed in return to Fiora. He handed her a bouquet of flowers, which she clapped her hands to her face. They were her favorite flowers of all: water lilies. The animals smiled, glad to see that their friend was happy again.

"Why thank you!" she said accepting the bouquet, smelling them.

Lou serenaded her, making Fiora join in, vocalizing with him in the sweetest silvery soprano voice, which made all the creatures sigh in contentment and adoration. Then Fiora sang:

Dear little bar-ba-loots

Sweet swomee-swans

Happy little humming-fish

For at last I have found my other

Thanks to all of you

She danced with the Lou, her hair swishing as she twirled with him, vocalizing. Soon, they got dizzy and they fell down on the grass, which she laughed a silvery laugh, along with the other creatures. She was happy that they cheered her up.

"I thank you," she said to Lou, giving him a kiss on the furry cheek.

Lou felt his cheeks redden and then swooned, making Fiora giggle.