Truffula Tales

Alternate Endings to NATURE GIRL

AN: OK...I was unable to pick an ending for Nature Girl. I decided that I was happy with the original ending (read NG: Epilogue: Rebirth).
Here's a few samples of alternate endings I had in mind

Here's how each ending would begin:
The Once-ler lived to the ripe age of 100 with the help of Fiora's healing hand. He had grown so old...he was weak...dying. Fiora's magic could no longer help him. She stayed by his side throughout his life, loving him. She looked into his blue eyes, knowing he would be gone soon...

"Fiora," he said weakly, cupping her cheek, looking at his love one last time. ""

"I love you, Oncie," she said, looking at her dying love.

Then it would go through these three alternate endings.

Once-ler's Funeral
Please listen to "Leliana's Song" while reading this Alternate Ending. I don't own the song.

Soon his hand fell limp, his eyes closed, taking his final breath...he was gone. Fiora nuzzled him, letting her tears fall on Once-ler like he did with her once long ago. She held him tightly to her, stroking his cold cheek and his hair.

Once-ler's funeral was held in the Truffula forest. Ted, the animals, Lorax, and Fiora all attended. He was carried to a hole that Ted had dug for his final resting place. His body was carried by the bar-ba-loots. He was decorated with flowers, wearing his grey fedora. His arms were laid across his chest, holding a Truffula seed in his hand.

Mother Tree and Her children sang the most mournful song, heard throughout the forest. The bar-ba-loots laid Once-ler's body in the small hole. Fiora approached the Once-ler, looking at her love. He was pale and looked so peaceful and beautiful. She let a few tears fall on him, then cupped his cold cheek...recalling their youthful, happy days. Her heart broke, but she knew it was his time. She knew his soul would live Mother Tree, in the new tree she would plant on him...

She kissed Once-ler's lips and his forehead, nuzzling his face...more tears spilled from her mossy eyes on him and caressed his hair and his cheek, bidding him a tearful farewell.

"I love you, Oncie," she said softly. "May Mother Tree take you in Her embrace."

Once-ler was buried. Fiora looked at the dirt mound where Once-ler now laid to rest. She touched it and his grave became covered with grass and flowers, making it beautiful...for that's how she saw Once-ler: a beautiful person who she loved...and she would always love. The animals, Lorax, and Ted placed stones around Once-ler's grave. Then, she touched it one last time and a Truffula tree sprang up...its tufts were blue, just like Once-ler's eyes. She looked at it, knowing his memory would live on in that small, blue Truffula tree.

Rebirth: Alternate Ending 1

Inspired by suntan120.

Fiora looked at her dying love...knowing his time would come soon. Once-ler would be gone soon...

"Come," says Lorax. "Let's take him to Mother Tree."

"You mean...?" Fiora says.

"Yea," he said. "You love deserve to be with him..."

Fiora carried Once-ler to Thneedville where the new Mother Tree had been planted: in the center of town in the park. She had grown so big...Her children had returned. Her tufts fluttered down in a shower of mournfulness, knowing that Once-ler would be gone.

She laid him at Mother Tree's base, holding his hand and kissed it. Once-ler looked up at Mother Tree with his eyes...

Lorax used his magic and he and Fiora joined hands...magic combined with the forces of nature...

Once-ler looked up at Mother Tree...he heard her song! For the first time since his youth when he first joined with Fiora beneath Mother Tree. He heard the trees' singing as was sad at first, then it was joyful...

"Fiora," he whispered. "I hear Her! I hear Mother Tree!"

There was a blinding white light before Once-ler's eyes...Mother Tree's arms reaching towards him...Her song filling his ears...

Soon, the light was gone...the song had ended. Fiora knelt next to Once-ler, seeing him...she helped him up. Once-ler saw his hands: they were pale green, his green skin covered in vines...he touched his ears to find them his love's. He was a sprite! Just like...


"Hello, Oncie," said Fiora, smiling at him.

He smiled and he and Fiora embraced. They walked back to the Truffula forest where they lived happily ever after for all eternity.

Rebirth: Alternate Ending 2

(same as AE:1)

Lorax promised Fiora he would help Once-ler. He would give him the greatest gift of all: eternal life and youth.

They took Once-ler to Mother Tree, laying him beneath Her shade, the feathery tufts fluttering down on Once-ler as he looked up at Her...he heard her song...

Lorax touched Once-ler with a golden light...his age began to reverse: his age-spots disappeared, his white wild hair became a starless night color, his wrinkles were gone...he was the young man he once was when he first came to the valley.

Once-ler opened his eyes and looked at his hands. He touched his face. He was young again! He couldn't believe it. He looked at Lorax.

"You...did this?" he said.

Lorax nodded. He hugged him, ever so grateful that his youth had been restored. Then, he looked at Fiora, happy to see her again. They embraced tightly. They walked back to his home in the Truffula forest where they lived happily ever after for all eternity.