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I wanted to hurl. Of all the people sent down from the Ark, it was Raven. Finn knew all my dirty little secrets and he hadn't even mentioned her. I'd needed to get out of there before he could see the hurt. Running blindly through the woods, eyes blurred with tears, it was as if there were no oxygen on this entire goddamn planet. This stupid place, I'd lost Wells, my mother, now Finn? I crashed into a tree, heaving and gasping and sobbing all at once. Catching the sharp snap of a twig, my head whirled. Seeing nothing, I took off again, hoping it wasn't Finn. I didn't need to hear it. Vaguely, I was aware I was being chased, not that it mattered as my limbs seemed to be moving on their own. I threw another look over my shoulder, focusing forwards a second too late.

I crashed into what was much too soft to be a tree, whatever wind I had knocked out of me. As I finally stopped, everything caught up to me and I caved, surprised arms wrapping me in a cautious embrace as I let the sobbing take over. Warm hands brushed the hair from my face, cradling me gently as we sunk to the forest floor. Keeping me tight to him until the shaking slowed, I was finally given the leeway to tilt my head up to the face above me. It took me several seconds to make sure I was seeing correctly, and I almost scoffed in his face.

"Princess..?" Bellamy worried. I tried to scramble away, but he held me tightly, demanding an answer I wasn't ready to give. He frowned as he watched my eyes begin to water again, and I hurried to wipe them away. He caught my wrist, his gaze searing down on mine, and I suddenly realized how close we were. He must have too, because he cleared his throat and let go, shifting his eyes away uncomfortably. "I saw you run off.." he muttered. I just stared at him, not sure how that explains why he came after me. He opened his mouth as if about to say more, but thought better of it, and we just sat there in silence.

"He never told me about her, and before she came back we-" I cut myself off as my throat closed up again, grateful because I never really wanted to tell him that last part anyways.

"Wait, can you be a little more - oh.. OH." as realization dawned on him. I could have sworn I'd seen the tiniest flicker of a smirk, and something else. Was that... Jealou-


Both our heads snapped up as Finn's call echoed out around us. Bellamy's question hung in his eyes, and I just shook my head before he sprung up, reaching for my hand to drag me with him. He hesitated for a moment, not at all sure where to go. Deciding for him, I pulled him with me, running a wide breach around where Finn's voice had come from. Hoping we reached the bunker first, I picked up our pace. Breathing out a sigh of relief, I threw open the hatch and shot a look at him over my shoulder. He seemed uncertain, but as I leapt down the hole and moved for the lanterns I heard him land down behind me. After sparking up the light I quickly closed the hatch door, sliding the bar across to hold it shut. I rested my head against the wall and let out a shaky breath before turning to meet Bellamy's gaze. He didn't move, just stared at me with an intense look. I felt like a mouse in a corner, cat staring me down as the intensity builds before he pounces.

"We just found it one day." I muttered defensively.

"Why." His question sounding more like a demand as he took a slow, predatory step closer.

"If we told you this place existed, it wouldn't be sa-" I began.

"That's not what I meant." he cut me off, taking another step.

"I don-"

"Why him."

"Bellamy, that's none of your business." I choked out, angry he asked, angry it happened. He was close now, a step away. The dim lights cast a shadow to him, making me uneasy at the intensity laying beneath his stony face. I should have just left him out there, locked the hatch and drank whiskey till it didn't hurt so much. I tried to slide past him, squeezing myself between him and the wall, but his arm shot out against the wall, stopping me. Reluctantly, I turned to face him, closer than comfort allowed. My pulse raced, and as I slid my eyes from his lips back up to his eyes I tried to convince myself it was because of fear. Eyes never leaving mine, he leaned in slowly to hover his lips beside my ear.

"Forget about him." I shivered slightly as hot breath caressed my neck. My legs suddenly felt useless, and I forced myself harder into the wall to try and gain even a millimeter of distance. He pulled back, and I mentally chastised my subconscious as it whimpered in disappointment when he turned to check out the place. He walked around the room, looking at the tiny glass trinkets on the shelves, and the books, stopping at the desk to admire my drawings.

"These are remarkable" he stated.

"Thanks." I blushed slightly, kicking myself mentally again. He looked at me, as if he hadn't expected me to have drawn them, and I realized he probably hadn't. The only ones who knew I drew were... Whatever. Walking over to the mattress on the floor, I picked up the mostly full bottle of alcohol and took a long, hard swig. Plopping beside me, Bellamy reached out and I placed the drink in his hand. He took a gulp, then another before hanging it back. Laying back and folding his hands behind his head, he let out a contented sigh. I took three more big sips before replacing the lid and setting the bottle down. Not really sure what to do with myself now, I just let myself feel the buzz hit me, and the burn working it's way down my throat. He let out a throaty laugh, a deep sound that sent a tingle down my spine, before pinching my shirt and pulling me down on my back beside him. "Loosen up, Princess." he chuckled. Smiling, I gave him a playful shove.

"This is... nice, actually." I mumbled, closing my eyes.

"Mmm." he murmured lazily. It was more like a grunt, and my mind wandered sluggishly, thinking of how he might sound when h-

I sat up quickly, sliding over a little to put some distance between our legs. He curiously opened one eye to look at me, a knowing smirk on his face. Another mental berating as a blush spread across my face and down my neck, probably all the way to my toes and back up to the Ark. He sat up slowly, reaching past me for the bottle, and I squeezed my eyes shut as his arm brushed over my knee. Forcing myself to ignore the feelings, (because who wanted to get burned twice in one day?) I started to stand up. His hand clutched my arm to stop me, and it was so warm, so demanding... Wait was he talking?

"What?" I giggled.

"I said you've had more than you think, and you should probably stay down for a while." His tone half amused, half 'I said it and it's final.' Shaking my head, more to clear it than to protest, he chuckled at my furrowed brow. "You need to learn how to relax" he smirked, leaning back on one elbow.

"I'm very relaxed right now." I glared at him.

"That was convincing" I shoved him again, and this time he shoved back. It turned into a teasing war of trying to get the other off the bed. His knee brushed a sensitive spot on my ribs, and I jerked away, letting out a laugh as he raised his eyebrows. "No." I warned, but he lunged for me, tickling while I struggled to get away, batting at his hands. In the middle of begging him to stop he reached for the spot again, and reflexively I flipped over, pinning his arms down and straddling his waist as I gasped out "Please!"

We froze there, staring at each other for too long, breathing heavily. My breath hitched, and I started to apologize, releasing his arms and making to move off his lap when he grabbed my hips, holding me in place. He sat up, and I began to protest, but I was sidetracked by those lips again, so close...

"Clarke..." I started to pull away again, and he just grinned, flipping us suddenly so he was on top between my legs. Desire flashed hot through me, so strong I let out a whimper. This was not happening! He lowered his head to my neck, whispering "relax" against my ear as he went. I brought my hands up to his chest with the intention of pushing, but my fists bunched in his shirt as his tongue slid out to lap hotly at my pulse point. I let out a low moan, eyelids fluttering closed at the sensations. Slowly, he licked his way down my neck, his hands working over my waist to push my shirt up slightly. I started to lower my knees, but instead his hand came up behind my kneecaps, raising them. As my legs were spread wider he ground his hips into me, hitting just the right spot, and I gasped loudly.

"Bellamy.." I tried, shoving weakly at his chest, and he brought his lips back up to my ear.

"I love it when you say my name," He breathed hotly, "and I'm going to make you scream it, Princess." I whimpered again, trying to convince myself to stop this. Instead, my hands reached down to the edge of his shirt, pulling it up as he shifted to get it off his head. He leaned back down to kiss me, and I made a little noise as I deepened the kiss, feeling his hands tugging my shirt up. He paused to toss it away, but his lips found mine as soon as it was gone, and I arched my back up into his hot skin. He quickly unhooked my bra, following the straps down my shoulders with his mouth. He trailed a finger lightly down my cleavage, smiling against my chest as I moaned impatiently. Tossing the bra into our growing pile he leaned to admire me, eyes raking over my exposed flesh before back up to my eyes. He opened his mouth, but I pulled his head down to smother his words in a kiss. Kissing his way down, I scraped my nails down his back when his mouth finally found my nipples. Teasing each one between his lips, I threw my head back and breathed, reveling in the sensations.

"Bellamy." I gasped, pleading, digging my nails into his arms.

"Say it." he demanded, grinding his erection against my center

"I-I.. Please"

"Tell me what you want" He breathed against my neck. "Come on Princess, use your words." I felt the smirk.

"Fuck. Me." I grinded up against him. It was his turn to moan, and he threw his head back, cursing. He tugged roughly on my jeans, and I helped him work them down to my knees before he slid them off and tossed them away. Staring down at me hungrily, he lowered his head low on my stomach, breathing a hot trail downwards. His teasing was driving me insane, and I rubbed my thighs tightly together in need of some release. He reached between them and pried them apart, continuing his teasing by dragging his tongue slowly across the edge of my panties. Bellamy slid a hand down to his own pants, smoothly getting them off with ease while he supported himself above me with the other, all the while his mouth never leaving my waist. I bucked underneath him, needing... more! he dragged the last shred of clothing from my body and settled his head between my thighs. He slid his tongue slowly up my dripping slit, and I let out a low moan, clutching at his head.

"Mmmm, you taste so good" he groaned into my heat, and dived back in, tongue lapping and sucking at my clit. I felt a finger test at my entrance, and his laugh shake through my core. "So wet" he murmured, and thrust a finger inside. My hips bucked up, and Bellamy had to use his other hand to hold me down as he continued his assault. He added another finger and pumped faster, curling his fingers.

"God, Bellamy I'm -" was all I managed before my body arched and I began to clench around his hands. He continued lapping at my juices, riding out my orgasm till I pushed his head gently away. He crawled back up my body, placing kisses here and there before slanting his lips across mine. As our tongues battled for dominance, I tasted myself and moaned. I supposed I should be disgusted, but it just turned me on more. He looked me in the eyes and pleaded,

"Princess, I need-" I silenced him with a kiss and spread my legs wider for him, grasping at his back to guide him where I needed him. He pulled back, staring me dead in the eye, and I nodded. Not taking his eyes off mine, he pushed in slowly. I gasped as I felt him fill me, my walls stretching to accommodate his size. When he was all the way in he paused to let me adjust, and I could see the joke in his eyes before he even..

"Bigger than Spacewalker huh?" He smirked

"Shut up" I laughed, slapping his arm playfully. At that he pulled back slightly and rammed back in, leaving my mouth open in a silent cry. He smiled again, and I clawed at his back as he set a rhythm. Once it was steady I began meeting his thrusts, sending him deeper. He bent to take a nipple in his mouth, biting lightly, and I let out another cry. I tugged his hair roughly to bring his mouth to mine, and he groaned into my mouth, pulling back and catching my bottom lip between his teeth. He let his head fall beside mine, grunting with each thrust.

"Say my name" He demanded.

"Make me" I managed between gasps. I felt his hand slip down between up, rubbing hard on my clit.

"Say. My. Name." He accentuated each word with a hard thrust, hitting that spot every time. I screamed his name as I came, clenching and spasming around him, triggering his own orgasm. He collapsed on top of me, and we stayed like that till our breathing slowed. He rolled off, pulling me into his side. Chuckling, he kissed the top of my head.

"You should relax more often, Princess." Sighing my contentedness, I let out a small laugh of my own.

"You know, I think I just might."