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Across the years

Chapter 1 – An old photo.

No One's POV

Jade was in her 2nd month of her 1st year abroad in England, when she stepped into the shop that would change her life. Recently having graduated Hollywood Art's high school, she won a scholarship to attend a prestigious private arts school named Broadlands college. It was located in a small community, called Herford which was located just outside of London.

Things had gone well and she had settled in her small flat that was over a bakery. Besides spending her time involved with school work, she would frequently in her spare time to explore the town. A town which prided itself on a small town feel, being located so close to London proper.

On this particular Sunday afternoon she wandered in to an antique shop that was located just off the downtown. She hoped to find something gothic looking to decorate her rather plain flat with. It was a small shop and was packed with antiques floor to ceiling. Jade wondered just how they could fit so much in.

But on this visit, not much caught her eye. An antique end table did, but once she saw the price of 300 pounds, her interest quickly waned. She had only about 55 pounds to spend.

"Nothing caught your eye yet, Miss?" Said the elderly shopkeeper in a cockney accent.

"No." Jade said with a shake of her head.

"Are you looking for something specific?"

Jade shrugged. "Just decorating my flat. Seeing if anything looks interesting."

"Well just let me know if you have any questions." The man said, leaving jade to her task."

Eventually Jade wandered over to a table with a sign, "Newly arrived." She was about to turn away, when a small photograph in a gold frame caught her eye. It was a very old picture of a young woman in a long white dress covered with lace. She was holding a bouquet of flowers and her hair was done up with a flower in it. It appeared to be a wedding or some kind of formal portrait.

Jade would have put it down, if not for one thing. The woman's face. It was the most beautiful she had ever seen. She looked somewhat Hispanic and had cheek bones, perfect lips and a set of dark eyes that caused her heart to beat like mad. Jade found herself unable to look away from the woman. Though one thing bothered her about the photograph, the woman in the picture looked sad. Loneliness was the first word that ran through the Goth's head.

"Why do I think she's lonely." Jade mused.

In any case it bugged her that this beautiful creature was unhappy. Jade who was openly lesbian since high school, couldn't remember ever seeing such a beautiful face.

"Who are you?" murmured Jade quietly.

Thinking she opened the back of the frame so she could examine the back of the picture for a name. Jade just had to know this woman's name if anything. But luck was with her, as written on the back in pencil was

Victoria Vega Walker – July 1869

"Vega?" Jade said as she thought. "Spain is not far off, perhaps she's part Spanish." The thought that this lady would have Spanish blood, only deepened the mystery. Jade put the back of the frame in place, turned it around and smiled.

"Hello Victoria. Would you to come home with me?" Jade said to the picture. It was labeled 7 pounds. Jade wasn't sure why, but she just had to have this picture. It was more than the fact that this woman was stunningly beautiful, it was much more. But Jade just wasn't sure why.

Picture in hand, Jade walked to the cash register and put it down.

"Found something I see." He said as he looked at the frame.

Jade smiled. "I think she needed a home. Do you know where this picture is from? I got it from that table of new arrivals."

The man appeared to think for a moment and appeared to remember. "Oh yes. Last week they tore down the mansion, on the old Oliver estate. House had been falling apart and empty for ages. The land had been sold to a developer who's going to build a new Tesco supermarket. My nephew who was on the demolition team found this and a box of old junk in the basement. Looked like no one had touched it in over a 100 years. The bankruptcy court had sold off everything and wanted the rest disposed of, but he knew I may make a few dollars with this stuff so he passed it to me. It was just going to get thrown out otherwise. I'm glad you're giving this lady a good home. That will be 7 pounds."

Jade handed the man a 10 pound note, got her change and left; picture in hand.

As she walked the 5 blocks to her flat she felt a strange giddiness to get her new addition home. It was like she wanted to show Victoria her new home. It was strange since she's probably been dead for decades. In her small one bedroom flat, Jade immediately thought of where to put Victoria. Only one thing came to mind. Her very small bedroom.

After a few moments of thought, Jade hung the picture of Victoria on the wall next to the bed. Over the next few nights as she lay in bed reading, as was her habit before going to bed, her attention would frequently move to the picture of Victoria.

Jade would sit there and wonder who she was, what her voice sounded like. What color were her eyes. Actually Jade obsessed with that. Were they a dark blue or brown? Of course Jade always wondered, why was she so unhappy. Jade found herself loving to look at the picture. She even moved it closer to the head of the bed so she could see it better. It had a strange hold on her, but she could care less.

Jade's POV

I've owned the picture for a week and every passing day it seems to take more and more a hold of me. She's beautiful in a way, I can't even begin to describe. Just seeing her makes my shattered heart, want to beat again.

I never thought I would even want to be with anyone after Becca. I met her at a party after my sophomore year at Hollywood arts.


She was leaning against a wall, watching people with a discerning look. She was wearing ripped blue jeans, a Slayer t shirt over a faded leather jacket. Her face was an oval one with piercing ice blue eyes and short spiky black hair. A moment later she turned and saw me.

She was a Goth like me. I had been with girls before but I never wanted one as much as I wanted her. I couldn't even begin to understand what those glacier like eyes were doing to me. We had barely made eye contact and I knew she was judging me; checking me for every flaw. That just made her even more appealing. Her black lips were curved in a scowl that sent shivers down my neck. She looked like the coldest person I had met, and that's how I knew I would lover her. Then there was those leather pants, she could do no wrong in them. She showed off every single curve of her legs.

Before I knew it, I was moving towards her. It was like she was calling to me and I couldn't resist. Much like some siren out of ancient Greek mythology, her pull felt that strong.

I couldn't help but think of the Irony of it all. I had come to the party to make a conquest. Some drunken freshman girl who wanted to see how the other half lived maybe. No…Tonight, I was going to be the conquest.

As I approached, her smile widened. She knew she had me. "I see you know what you want. I like that in a girl." She said in a sultry tone.

I felt the need to do something, take some initiative. She was well in the process of reducing me to a mewling thing that would happily worship her form. My pride would not stand for it.

I said nothing and looked her over with a lick of my lips for a moment. Then I stepped forward and put one hand around the back of her neck and the other around her back. Before she could react I pushed my lips to hers and gave her the most passionate kiss I could possibly muster. It was an incredible kiss, my whole body felt like it was on fire. But I had to leave her wanting more and the part of me that wanted to be that mewling thing asserted itself. So I broke the kiss.

She looked dazed for a moment, but quickly recovered. I had momentarily taken control. Something I suspect, her pride wouldn't tolerate. I was proven right about a second later.

She took my hand and looked me in dead in the eyes with a paralyzing look. "YOU'RE MINE!"

As I felt myself getting wet right here, I knew she was dead right.

End flashback.

We took one of the bedrooms and soon I was being fucked silly. Afterward we talked and found that that we had similar tastes in music movies and books. We clicked and within a month we were officially a couple. Some would say we were twins, based on the fact that we were so much alike. For all of junior year and most of senior year we were a couple. Spending lots of time at the Goth clubs, hanging out. It was great. Sex, what can I say about the sex. She loved sex. I eventually had to learn to study alone as when we did together we nearly always ended up in bed. Come to think of it, we almost always ended up in bed. I loved her and thought this would be the one.

About a month into senior year I learned of the competition for a scholarship to Broadland's college. I heard of it and its very prestigious drama program. Mentioning it to Becca, she encouraged me to apply for it. So I did. I filled out the application, wrote my essay, went on the interview for the judges and hoped for the best.

I was told I wouldn't get the results for several months so I went on with things as normal. Life in school and with Becca was good. But one day in Mid February I got a letter. It told me that I had been selected. I had never even thought I'd win, but I did.

I went straight over to Becca's house to tell her.

"I got it, I won." I said holding the letter as Becca opened the door.

"What?" She said looking puzzled.

I was quite excited "The scholarship. A full ride to Broadland's college outside of London. Isn't it great?"

She smiled and threw her arms around me. "That's great baby, I'm so happy for you."

I should have picked up on it then. There was a brief but subtle change in her expression. But I was too happy to really notice.

I did pick up on it soon after. She started to take longer to respond to my texts and phone calls. She would miss phone calls. She seemed to touch me less and less. Even during sex, something seemed to be missing. The passion seemed to slowly fade away.. She had suddenly changed. It was like a wind that had suddenly shifted from a warm summer breeze, to a biting cold autumn wind.

I caught her a month later in a club flirting with another girl. In a rage I flew up to her, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her away."


"Care to explain yourself Becca! You've been avoiding me all week and now I find you here flirting." I said, nearly livid.

She stood up straight and took a defiant posture. "We're done. I'm moving on. I was going to tell you tomorrow but I guess today's' as good as any."

I was blown away. Hearing her wanting to break up send my emotions into a tailspin.. "Just like that we're done? We've been together over a year and a half. What is it? The scholarship?"

She nodded. "Yes."

"Pardon my faulty memory, but I seem to recall you encouraged me to apply." I snapped back, suddenly veering back from despair to anger.

"I did. I never thought you'd actually win. Now you'll be in London and I'll be here."

"I told you, we could talk by Skype and I'd visit and you'd…." I said suddenly feeling desperate.

She chuckled mockingly. "So I could only get some only every couple of months. Do I look like the type who'd wait for someone? If you can't fulfill my needs, than I need to find someone else."

That felt like a dagger through my heart. I honestly though she loved me. I hated to cry, especially in public, but the tears burst forth.

"I thought you loved me? Was that all I was to you. Someone to fulfill your needs."

She crossed her arms and looking at me like I was a fool. "Oh I loved being with you, and the sex was great. But you need to realize that…"

I never let her finish her sentence, as I threw a hard punch squarely into her nose. She flew backwards landing on the floor. By the time she landed, her nose was gushing blood.

Nearly every instinct I had told me to kick her ass, but my shattered heart told me to run. Run and cry.

That's exactly what I did.

End flashback.

That was the last time I ever spoke or saw Becca.

I was blindsided by her, plain and simple. I had given her my heart and she crushed it. It was plain now, that I had been played for a fool since the first day we met. The thing is, she was so much like me, I should have seen it coming. That was stupid of me. Since that day with Becca, my heart had remained broken and still. It wasn't until I saw that picture, did it begin to beat again.

Victoria appears to be the exact opposite of Becca. She's pretty, has long flowing hair and I can't get enough of seeing her. Becca didn't want a long distance relationship, her needs seem to take priority over everything else. Though I find myself in one anyway. Not separated by miles, but by 145 years.

It's late and I need to go to sleep, as have an 8 am class. I take a moment more to study Victoria's face and once again I can feel my heart beat a few times.

"145 years" I say with a sigh as I hang the picture back on the wall.

Turning out the lights, I imagine her soft form pressed up against me, as a line from an old 70's song, that comes to mind.

Imaginary lovers never disagree
They always care
They're always there when you need
Satisfaction guaranteed

I'd like to thank 27milestogo for the original story idea and help writing this. I hadn't planned to release this until I had one of my stories finished, but since it's easter, I figured what the heck. The next chapter probably won't be out for at least another week.

The song quoted, is "Imaginary Lover" by The Atlanta Rhythm section.

The town of Herford does not exist. I made it up.