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Erasa looked with disinterest at her nails as she sat along the sidelines. She wasn't the only one though, the seating area filled with about forty percent of the class that hadn't wanted to partake in the activities happening within the room.

This time, a time when most students either shined or fell from grace, was gym class.

All the people who weren't sitting around the outside of the room were either unleashing vicious blows into punching bags while others worked with weights while sweat poured down their brow. For those who were unable to use the equipment they did systematized push ups, doing their best to endure the punishment for longer than the person next to them. Muscles burned and the stench of sweat was stagnant in the air, a reason why the physically deficit part of the class chose to sit on the sidelines.

"Gosh, like how much longer is there to go?" whinged Erasa, leaning her head against the wall behind her making her stare at the ceiling.

"Five minutes I think," said a voice beside her which caused her head to turn towards them. The person who had chosen to sit next to her was none other than Son Gohan, the student who had transferred to the school several days earlier. In his first day at school he had shown off somewhat by catching a ball dozens of feet in the air but since then he had done nothing out of the ordinary and did his best to sink into the shadows.

"So why aren't you like out there showing off your muscles 'n' stuff, the only other boy sitting over here is glasses over there," said Erasa tilting her head towards where one of the most anitsocial members of the class sat, his nose buried in a book.

"I just don't feel like it is all," said Gohan as he tried to shrug himself away from the subject.

"C'mon, it'll be fun," said Erasa trying to urge the transfer student on. "Why don't you go be Videl's partner then, she doesn't usually have someone to spar with, and I mean spar of course not as in the beauty spa but well you know."

"I know what you mean," said Gohan lightly brushing the comment off. Twisting his head slightly he was able to focus his sight on Videl, the raven haired girl launching her fists forward and taking the heads off of imaginary enemies. Everyone in the class seemingly knew to keep their distance lest they get caught up in the small world that Videl had created. "The problem is though that she's used to fighting thugs instead of competitive fighters."

"Wait, so you're saying that Videl's fighting wrong?" asked Erasa not truly understanding what Gohan was saying.

Turning to face Erasa, Gohan broke down his explanation. "Videl's movements are very swift," he explained. "When she's fighting thugs who have no or very little hand to hand combat skills she can weave her way through them quickly and hit them fast. These people also have no real experience with being hit before so when they actually get struck the effect is a lot more than what somebody who fights for a living would feel."

"Umm...Gohan," said Erasa giving sly indications but Gohan didn't pick it up as he continued his speech.

"Honed warriors are also a lot more difficult to fight as they have measures and routines in place to combat people of all skill levels, whether they are someone quick or on the other end of the spectrum, someone who is able to crush an opponent with one solid hit. What I'm saying is that Videl hasn't taken on one of these type of people and is getting to used to fighting people who have no skill in fighting back."


"I'm just saying that Videl needs to experience what it's like to actually...

"GOHAN!" shouted Erasa finally snapping the Son boy out of his stupor.

"What is it?" asked Gohan to see that Erasa was pointing next to where he was sitting. Turning his head, Gohan found himself looking at Videl, the daughter of the world champion fuming at the comments that Gohan had made about her fighting ability. Every other member of the class had turned towards the two of them, waiting for Videl to explode in Gohan's face.

The Son boy however was saved as the bell rang signalling the end of class, the students slowly filtering out of the room lest they get caught in Videl's fury. Neither Gohan or Videl moved from the spot as their peers exited the room, even Erasa got up from her seat knowing what her best friend was capable of. It took only a minute for the room to be evacuated save from the two which had been the centre of attention only a little while earlier.

"Well," said Videl as she finally spoke.

"Uhh, well what?" asked Gohan in return, intimated by Videl's unrelenting gaze.

"About what you were saying, don't pretend that you didn't," declared Videl poking Gohan in the chest. "I want to know what you meant by it."

"I was just saying that umm...against someone who was more, let's say...experienced more with fighting opponents who are able to fight back," said Gohan, making sure to choose his words wisely.

"Are you saying that the people I fight for the police can't fight back?" asked Videl, slowly getting tired with what Gohan was saying.

"You wouldn't see them in a tournament persay," said Gohan with a small shrug of the shoulders. "Since you don't usually fight with people of this level, your skills aren't advancing as well as they...could?"

Whatever confidence Gohan had at the beginning of the conversation was slowly being torn down as Videl looked him directly in the eyes, with every word he spoke she leaned closer and closer, her cheeks turning red with anger. Reaching out, she grabbed him by the scuff of the shirt and dragged him off f his chair, the Saiyan hybrid stuttering in shock of what was happening. Without any resistance and only managing to get out half a word at a time, none of which made any sense whatsoever. He was finally given some reprive but knew that it wouldn't be long as Videl had released her grip once the two of them once she had brought Gohan right into the middle of where she had been fighting shadow opponents earlier.

The daughter of the world champion then turned to face Gohan who was rubbing the back of his head as nerves started to kick in, Videl's glare not having softened once during this confrontation. Despite having been here only a handful of days and knowing of Videl's heritage as the world's saviours child, not once had Gohan stated anything remotely reminiscent of what everybody else said in an attempt to suck up and get close to the raven haired student. While curious in its own right, Videl also remembered the fact that someone closely resembling Gohan's description (minus the hair) had been able to put some robbers in their place before she had gotten the chance to get there. Whether this was merely coincidence or not was still questionable, and she was determined to find out one way or another.

"Fight me," she declared.

"Could you repeat that?" asked Gohan, to which Videl responded with a fierce jab heading towards his face, one which he instinctively shifted ever so slightly backwards, the skin on Videl's knuckle barely a hair's width away from his nose. "Hey, hey take it easy now."

"No," stated Videl as she kicked out at Gohan's torso, once more the experienced fighter swayed backwards, Videl's shoe catching his clothes ever so slightly but leaving no damage to the body. Frustrated, Videl lashed out again hoping to connect with Gohan and for every punch or kick she threw the Son boy moved out of the way by the tiniest of margins. "Hold still will you," grunted Videl as she felt the first beads of sweat since her previous workout start to form on her brow.

"Isn't that just a little bit counterproductive," said Gohan knowing while Videl's attacks wouldn't really hurt him he didn't really feel like actually getting hit; it was more of a pride thing than anything. An afterthought passed through the back of his mind reminding him to go have a spar with Vegeta at some stage just to be able to push his abilities a little bit as he couldn't really ever go all out with his younger brother.

"Shut up," shouted Videl as her anger started to get the better of her.

"If you don't keep calm during a battle you're going to make a mistake you know," said Gohan, lecturing the Satan girl. This of course only seemed to have the opposite effect as Videl's ferocity increased and she lunged forward only for Gohan to step away to the side and stick his foot out, catching Videl's ankle and tripping the girl up, causing her to land flat on her face. "I tried to warn you."

Clenching her fist, Videl turned over to find that Gohan was kneeling next to her with his hand outstretched expecting her to allow him to help her back to her feet. Never before had Videl been so humiliated in a fight and by no means was she going to allow herself to play into Gohan's ploy, slapping his hand away as to prove a point. "I don't need your help," she snarled through gritted teeth. Pushing herself to her feet, Videl returned back into her fighting stance determined to make up for what had happened only moments earlier.

"What are you doing?" he asked as he stood upright.

"Our fight isn't over," declared Videl, shifting on her feet ever so slightly. "I'm just not at a hundred percent since I was training all through gym while you were sitting on your ass in the sidelines."

"A forty minute training session, wish I could have gotten away with something that small back in the days," said Gohan under his breath, sadly the words managed to be heard by his opponent.

"Ha, I knew you were a fighter," said Videl, a pivotal piece of information that was Gohan having fallen into her lap. It was a couple of seconds before the rest of his statement configured in her thoughts. "Wait, forty minutes was a small amount of time."

"Pretty much," said Gohan sheepishly. "Dad, Piccolo and I would train from breakfast til night, stopping for maybe twenty minutes or so to have lunch depending on dad's appetite. That was a long time ago though, I'm not a fighter anymore."

Videl blinked a couple of times as she absorbed this information like a sponge to water, for some reason the name Piccolo stirred memories of history lessons long since passed that she would have to look up once more. "You've managed to avoid all of my attacks, attacks that would floor anybody on the street and you dodged them as if they were nothing. You can't insult me by saying that you're no longer a fighter."

"Sorry," said Gohan with a shrug of the shoulders, not really sure what to say in this situation. "Anyways, I should be going home otherwise my mum will start to worry. I'll see you tomorrow okay."

Turning his back on Videl he was unable to see the anger on her face, a shade of red on her cheeks bright enough to make a tomato look pink in contrast. He was able however to hear and sense her approaching from behind and reacted on instinct and nothing more.

From Videl's perspective she had been about to push Gohan, anyone watching from the sidelines could have thought she was trying to get a cheap shot in but that was not her attention. In one second she had been facing Gohan's back before the next instant where Gohan was facing her with his arm outstretched, his fist only an inch to the right of her face, the strike having enough force that the metal ring which held her pigtail in place shattered sending half of her hair waving behind her before falling onto her shoulder. Her mouth sat agape ever so slightly at just the raw speed and power that had been put into the attack; had Gohan had actually intended to hurt her then she doubted that her consciousness would've remained intact after taking an attack of that calibre.

A few seconds passed as Gohan's eyes widened at what he had done before he lowered his arm and turned around, power walking his way towards the door where he picked up his belongings on the way through. It was only when he stepped out of the door did Videl break out of her stupor and give chase, bursting out into the hallway to find that Gohan had vanished, not a trace of him to be seen. That wasn't to say that she wasn't alone.

"Hey babe," said Sharpner as he stepped into the frame, tucking a lock of hair behind his ear. "You finish showing nerd boy your skills, pfft of course you did. There's no way mountain boy would have even gotten close to even hitting you, let alone..."

Sharpner never got the chance to finish his sentence as he found Videl's fist buried deep within his stomach, the girl happy that at least one of her attacks in the last ten minutes actually managed to land the intended mark. With one last look down each way of the hallway to find no sign of her prior opponent, Videl started to make her way towards her locker to collect her belongings.

She didn't really know why she had lashed out and struck her friend, this of course despite the fact it happened on a regular basis. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that everything he had expected to happen, not to mention what she had expected, had been completely reversed with Gohan having given Videl a lesson very few could.

Needless to say, this wasn't over. Not by a long shot.


Hope you enjoyed.

Considering Easter is the time of rebirth, I thought I'd go back to my roots with a story and try once more at seeing whether or not I have it in me to write a DBZ story. We'll find out soon if I've still got it.