Title: Forsaken and Begotten

Author: Arldetta/Knight MysAri

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Spoilers: Not in this one, because you can read up to page 46 in the JA books and then ignore everything else. Except, you would also have to ignore the conversation between Yoda and Qui-Gon saying that he was also going to Bandomeer, cause in this fic, he doesn't.

Summary: Obi-Wan has not been chosen as a Padawan and the Council sends him to Bandomeer. While on route the ship is attacked and Obi-Wan is lost. The whole thing goes on from there.

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Prologue - Paths Not Taken

"We walked the narrow path,

beneath the smoking skies.

Sometimes you can barely tell the difference

between darkness and light." - It Can't Rain All The Time(Crow Soundtrack)

There were times when the darkness was comforting and inviting. It's only desire to envelop and take a person away from the pains and sorrows of the living world. Banishing worry to leave only a deep serenity. Why would anyone want to deny such a wonderful thing as darkness? The young boy thought. After all, what was there to live for when your dreams are all but shattered? And yet the grey haze that brought with it the grace of light and warmth and beauty crept into the edges of the void. And mentally, he had to suppress the shiver that ran through him, as the comforting rays of light drove out the cold that surrounded him. The intensity of the brightness grew, also bringing on the intense heat of his body. Progressively, Obi-Wan became aware of the fire that emanated from his wounded form. His hazy mind recalled the brief conversation he had with Clat'Ha and that he had been pounded by a Hutt from Offworld. The fever was obviously a side effect from my injuries.

He prepared himself to sit up, but even those small movements caused him to wince at the pain. Pushing the pain aside, he centered his cloudy mind and called upon the Force to heal him. After some long minutes, he could feel the nagging aches dull to a throbbing discomfort. Gently, he pulled himself up to a sitting position and opened his eyes. Immediately, he shut them again as the harsh glare of the infirmary lights caused his eyes to dilate too quickly, inviting a new pain. Raising a hand to shield against them, he carefully, re-opened the captivating sea change orbs. Glancing around he took in his surroundings, and noticed he was alone. I guess I'm not even that important to the people I was assigned to.

But that sarcastic thought brought with it agonies that quickly over took those of his physical body and stabbed right through his heart. He was heading to Bandomeer to become a Farmer. Not a glorious Jedi Knight, but a Jedi Agroculturalist, a failure. The realization made him nauseous, and he soon found himself lying back down on his medical bed. I don't care how selfish it sounds, but I don't want to be a farmer!! His mind cried out at the injustice he had been forced into. Fully succumbing to his misery and pain, he fell back into the abyss of darkness.

The next time Obi-Wan emerged from the void, he knew he had been woken by something. At first he gathered his thoughts so as to figure out what could have pulled him from the abyss, when he was suddenly jerked in his bed. A loud boom could be heard and Obi-Wan knew instantly something was happening. Forcing his protesting limbs to move, he hurried as best he could to sit up. Another thud and he was almost thrown from his berth. Gripping the sides of his cot, Obi-Wan winced against the pain that ran through him.

Soothing his rushed thoughts, he called again upon the healing power of the Force. When he felt it wrap around him like a soft down comforter in winter, he slid off the sleep couch. Removing the tubes that were placed to heal him, Obi-Wan hurried from the medical ward to find out what was going on. Bangs and shimmies lurched the ship from side to side. Obi-Wan had to use every ounce of his strength to keep upright. Just up ahead of him a giant blast knocked him off his feet. Smoke filled the small corridor, causing Obi-Wan to cough as the hot billows seared his lungs. Shouting and growling erupted all around him, confusing the dazed boy.

Shaking his head clear from the fever still trying to overpower him, Obi- Wan glanced up to find a group of Togorian Pirates moving toward him. Two broke off from the group to stop in front of the downed and wounded former Jedi. Speaking in their own tongue, Obi-Wan could not make out what they were saying. It appeared to be some kind of argument, but he still had no idea what was the problem at hand. Finally they stopped their debate and one raised their blaster rifle only to bring it back down on his temple. Darkness quickly wrapped her nightly robes around him.


He sat alone in the map room, gazing at the twinkling worlds floating around him. In all the galaxy only one of the sparkling planets really had his attention, Bandomeer. His mind still debated his choice, despite the futility in it. The boy had too much anger. He could have turned. His fate was already decided by the Council and there is nothing I can do about it now. Even at his half excuses, Qui-Gon somehow felt wrong. And that sensation scared him more than he cared to admit. Suddenly, the door opened and he watched as a small shadow entered.

"Alright, if join you I do? Intruding not am I?" The ancient Master asked, but Qui-Gon detected a small hint of something else in the tiny Jedi's tone.

"Of course not," Qui-Gon assured. He watched as the green being worked itself onto one of the benches lining the wall. Once Yoda had settled himself, the tall Knight could see the deep sorrow etched in the wrinkled visage of the sage. "Is there something wrong, Master?"

A long sigh escaped the petite form as he nodded. "The ship, /Monument/, attacked has been. Many casualties there were." He paused, and Qui-Gon leaned in closer. The Knight could sense that that in itself was not the reason for the Master's grief. Silently, he waited for Yoda to continue. Sighing again he added, "A promising student was lost." Yoda rested his chin on the top of his gimmer stick and looked up to the stars.

At that moment, Qui-Gon's heart sped up and his anxiety grew. He was afraid of the Master's answer and somehow Qui-Gon already knew it before asking, but his hope forced him to press, "Who?"

Heaving yet another sigh Yoda fought for composure. Qui-Gon could see how much this must have been upsetting the green Jedi. "The young initiate to Bandomeer we sent, Obi-Wan Kenobi."

In a rush, Qui-Gon felt all his hopes, desires and dreams die a violent and horrible death. He had lost the young boy with those compelling blue-green eyes that invited you into his soul. His heart seized for a moment as he tried to catch his breath. Quietly, he whispered, "What have I done?"

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