Note: This idea just came to me. I kept reading Fan Fic's about Gambit and Rogue getting married and I wanted to have a shot at it. This is just like a side story. It's got nothing to do with Running into You. It's just for fun. This one doesn't involve the other X-Men's stories. It focused just on Rogue and Gambit. It's a full on Romy.

Chapter One

Gambit watched as Rogue came out of school looking in a foul mood as always. He'd been silently watching over her ever since he got back from New Orleans and it was today that he had decided to finally make himself known.

Gambit was lent against a tree with his red Harley parked up besides him. He felt his anger flare when he saw some of the jocks and popular girls push past Rogue and called her names that not only insulted her, but her very being. But Gambit kept his calm, just as Rogue did. She spotted him and stopped. She was walking towards the parking lot, but after seeing him, she quickly crossed the field to come stand in front of him. It made him smile. Rogue still wore that gothic make-up. He remembered when they fell into the swamp and all her make-up came off; he preferred her without it. He'd have to tell her that for the future. Rogue had grown taller and her hair had grown longer into little waves by her shoulders. Now she only had one larger white strip in her hair than two framing her face.

He'd wondered how this meeting would go. He wondered if she was still mad at him from that one time he took her to New Orleans. He knew from her temper that she'd be touchy, but he didn't know if she'd want to see him again. He hoped so, or else he was done for.

"Well, hello there, cherie. Beautiful day, non?"

"Gambit, what are you doin' here?" She snapped like he knew she would. He'd imagined her placing her hands on her hips and leaning more on one leg than the other and she did. Her bag was hanging loose in her hands and he could feel her anger rising.

"Passin' by."

"Yeah, right. Like the last time ya were passin' by? Ya got Lance and the other Brotherhood members ta free Pietro which nearly had good innocent men who don't hate mutants killed. Are ya tryin' ta make people hate us or somethin'?"

"Non, that was just work. 'N' ya not the only one who was pissed at 'em. I gave 'em a piece of my mind afterwards. Told 'em how stupid they were. But I've never said how good you or that cat friend of yours was." Gambit suddenly took her hand and kissed it. Rogue was unsure about what to do, so pulled her hand away and swung her bag on her shoulders. She was sure she was going to start blushing and she really didn't want him to see her blush. "If it weren't for you cheire, I might have gotten a good yelling at by old bucket head."

"Yeah, well, instead me and Kitty got the leacher from tha Professor. Why is it that whenever you're around ah always ended up getting the bult of it."

"Desolor cheire. I don't mean ta cause you any trouble."

"Troubles ma life. What you doin' back here anyway? Ah thought you were stayin' with your father back in New Orleans."Gambit leant back into the tree giving a bad boy attitude and a roll of his eyes as he pulled a ciggarette out from his jean's pants. Rogue eyes' widened as he placed the cigarette to his mouth and lit it with a touch of his fingure. "What do you think your doin'?"

"Huh?" Rogue snatched the cigarette from Gambit's hand and stomped it out on the ground. "Hey, dat was mine."

"It's bad for ya health, and it stinks. And now ah'm gonna smell like ah've been smokin 'n' Logan's gonna give me a week of extra danger room sessions. Yeah so thanks for that."

"Why not just tell him ya been with me. I'm sure he'll be able to smell me on you if he can smell the cigarette smoke on you."

"No, that'd be worse. He'd wonder why ah was hangin' out with you. He'd stop mah from goin' out."

"Alright, alright then. Come on. I'll give you a lift to a shop or somethin' and get ya some deogerate or perfum ta spary yaself with."

"What? Ah ain't goin' anywhere with you." Rogue spat, but secretly, she wasnt that fuzzed.

"It's that or grab a rid with ya friends who'll be able ta smell it, grass you up, and you'll be back early so the Wolverine will be able ta smell the smoke on ya too."

"But..." Rogue didn't have a comeback. In a way he was right. The only other option she had would be to walk home which was a really long walk home and be questioned about why she didn't catch a rid. Rogue rolled her eyes and put her bag on fully before pulling out her phone to text her brother Kurt to tell him to go on ahead without her. "Finah, but we make this quick,'k." Gambit smiled at her, and she wasn't sure she liked that smile. She wasn't sure she liked climbing on the back of his motor bike either and before she did she turned to Gambit who was now sat down on his Harley and asked,"Look, if you're gonna kidnap me again 'cause ya need ma help, ah'd really apreciate it if ya just told me now."

"Non, I might have done dat last time, but I learn't ma lesson. Shall we?" He held out a red helmet for Rogue and she let go of a breath before she took it, pulled it on and slowly got on the back. "Ya might wanna hold on tigher." Gambit said before he sped off. He felt Rogue's arms tighten around him more and he smiled to himself.

Gambit drove them all the way to the mall. Rogue thought he meant dropping her off at a corner shop then dropping her off home, but no he took her to the mall.

"What are we doin' here?"

"Shopping. Thought we could also grab somethin' ta eat since ya told that brother of yours ya were goin' out with a friend."

"How'd you know ah-"

"Seen the message. Come on." Gambit got off the bike and locked it up. Rogue followed after him, entering the automatic doors. Rogue quickly popped into the first shop she found and went straight for the cheap deodorant. When she went towards the till, she noticed she'd losted gambit and looked around for him. She found him at a glass square till that looked very unique and expensive. He was buying something from a blond barbie who had that large full pearly smile to go with it. Rogue raised her eyebrow as gambit walked towards her. She noticed the woman seemed charmed and intoxicated by gambit. She leaned on the glass desk watching him go and ignoring her customer. She moved her eyes to look up at gambit who now looked down at her throw those dark glasses. He gave her a light smile and gave her a little bag that looked classy. While he gave her the bag he made a trade and took the cheap deoderate from her hand and placed it on one of the shelves. Before she could ask, he had an arm wrapped around her waste and was leading her out of the shop."ya deserve the best ma cher. Not some cheap stuff. I thought ya might like that. It's suppose ta smell of sweet spices from back up south."

Rogue pulled out the box the perfum was in and her eyes widened. No way was this cheap. She looked towards gambit and said,"how'd you afford this? Ya didn't steal it did ya?"

"Non, I bought it. Truth is I got myself a whole lotta money saved up, but don't tell anybody dat."

"Wait what? You mean like money saved up from jobs and stuff. Ah can't accept this." Rogue said starting to put the perfum away. She turned to take it back, but Gambit had catch her elbow and pulled her forwards.

"It's ok cher. I still got loads of money saved up, and ya deserve it. Let's call it a thank you for helpin' me out with ma father." Rogue raised her eyebrow at him and was willing to keep arguing, but he moved the conversation on before she could stop him. "So where'd ya wanna eat. We could leave dis place and go somewhere else if ya like?"

"Hmmm, we could just grab some coffee from Starbucks or sumthin'." It was then rogue noticed that gambit had his arm wrapped around her. Rogue quickly stepped out of it and shot him a glare. "Don't touch me."

"Why not? Ya powers don't scare me rogue."

"They should. Besides ah don't want ya inside ma head if ah have a choice." He smiled his cocky smile at her before answering.

"Sure ya don't." Rogue rolled her eyes at this as they found themselves in Starbucks. Gambit told her to go find a table and he'd order he drinks. "Ya don't even know what ah want."

"Then tell me and I'll get you it."

"Your not paying for me in here too gambit. Here, take this and get me a mocha with cream and sugar." She said handing him the money. He took it and frowned as she walked away. He was hoping to spoil her rotten, but here she was paying for herself. he was upset she wouldn't let him buy her stuff,but then again, rogue paying her own way was one of the reasons he chose her. Besides, at least now he knew what she liked to drink.

He got the drinks and found her seated near the back of the shop, away from others. He was kinda glad too. He had something to ask of her and he could do with not having an audience. He took the seat oposite her and she gave a thanks when he gave her her coffee. "So, ya gonna tell me what ya doin' back here?" She asked.

Gambit looked up to face her. He seen an opening for him here to explain things. She seemed interested in what he had to say or else she wouldn't have stayed with him. He frowned a little about what he was about to ask of her and in a coffee shop. He was hoping to take her to some nicer restaurant and maybe even buy her a dress or something nice to where while he asked her this favour. Well, actually, he would have preferred to get to know her better first by joining the X-Men, then asking her this,but beggars couldn't be choosers. Not with his time limit anyway, so he began;"I left ta go back to the thieves guild with ma pere and try to fix things. Things were goin' fine with me and the rest of de family, but den ma pere's found a new way to use me to his advantage."

"What's happened?"

"He hates de rippers a lot. You seen him. He wanted ta blow up de mansion and everything. Well, now he wants ta make peace."

"What!" Rogue asked kind of confused that a man with that much hate would so fast and simply want to have peace. She must have missed something.

"Oui. Moi pere wants me ta marry the rippers daughter, Bella Donna. Me and Bell been friends since we were little kids and dats why it'd been so easy just ta marry us off instead of ma brother Henri marryin' her. Besides there's another catch with me marryin' Belle instead of Henri. And dat is that 'cause Henri's first in line for the thieves crown, I'll always just be a prince and never take de thrown. Not that I want it anyway. It also mean dat if the rippers do marry into de family den they don't take over the guide. Not unless Henri dies and his wife Merci hasn't had an heir."

"So, your bein' dragged into a marrage with what, a childhood sweet heart? Is it really that bad marryin her or am ah still missin' somethin'?" Rogue said a little defeated. She couldn't really see gambit settling down. He was a free spirit and somehow it just pained her to see him being forced down and not to get out and explore the world just because his father was making him marry and settle.

"Oui. Ya missin ' de fact dat me and Belle hate each other."

"But ah thought you said you were firends?"

"When we were kids. The fact is that once Belle officially became an assassin, it sickened me ta the bone."

"Wait assassin?"

"Yeah. They used ta be called de assassins before the rippers. They changed de name ta get more business. But that's what they are. Assassins. And Belle is one gory assassin. She used ta come back with bones and eyes and stuff as if they were trophies or something and I used ta vomit after she happily told her stories of her latest kill. I lost it and told her ta leave me alone. That we were done, only dat girl don't take no for an answer."

"What did she do?" Rogue couldn't believe he was telling her this much and in public. They may have been out of ear shot from others who were sat closer to the coffee machine that screamed every minute, but that didn't mean that it was alright to talk about this stuff in public. She could see it was really personal. He'd moved his chair to get closer to her and whisper (loudly over the coffee machine) his story. She couldn't believe he was telling her all this. They weren't friends, at least she didn't think they were. She guessed she must have given him that impression from New Orleans and getting on the bike with him. But still, it was a little soon for him to be spilling all these dirty little tales out. There must be something he wanted, so rogue looked out for any signals or indecation that he was up to something.

"She killed every girl I ever got close to."

" That's exterm."

"Yeah. I got with other girls and they were all one nighters but still. She killed them and it made me sick. I stopped goin out with woman from New Orleans after dat. I didn't wanna be the cause of anyone's death. But ya see why I don't want ta marry her."

"Defently. The girls crazy. Why don't you just refuse to marry her?"

"'Cause the weddings already been set up and I can't stop it. It's being arranged for three months from now and then I'll be forced to marry her. If I don't I'll be killed."

"What? They can't do that."

"They can cher. When I went back to the guild, I was under their law again, and moi pere made me a deal that I could stay and be un-exiled from the guild and New Orleans if I resign ta be a theif."

"Wait what? Why'd you sign? Why sign a contract meanin ' that if ya don't marry this crazy woman then ya gonna die."

"'Cause I didn't think ma pere could sink so low. Cher the reason he wants me ta marry Belle isn't for de peace. It's so it can tip off Julian, her brother, the one ya meant back in New Orleans, so he can kill me or put a hit out on me."

"WHAT?" Rogue yelled. A few people turned to look at them and only when she was sure nobody was paying attention did she curse his father. "What sort of idiotic stupid selfish rat of a lowlife sells out their own son to marry someone so he can die?"

Gambit smiled at her reaction. It showed she did care for him, so maybe this wouldn't be so bad. "'Cause cher, all dat man cares about is revenge. Its a stupid feud dat no one can remember how or when it started. He dunt care if I die cause he still got Henri. If he married me off ta Bella Donna and Julian killed me, then by law Julian would have ta be killed, meanin' that the assassins lose their heir."

"Wow... That's messed up."

"Oui, I agree. Thing is tho that Belle is the next heir after her brother, Julian. Ma peres plan is good, if Belle died. So ya see now why I defently can't marry her. I can die for a cause, but dat isn't even a real sacrifice. It ain't even gonna be worth somethin'. And it's be a pointless sacrifice cause dis feud is so stupid. Cher, I had ta get away from there. I have ta get outta dis mess."

"Can't blame you. So ah guess you've resigned and gone ta work for Magneto again huh?"

"Not exactly. When ya sign a contract with the theives, there ain't no gettin outta it. At least not alive anyway. I know I checked."

"Wait, do your family know ya here?"

"Non, they know I'm gone, but don't know my location."

"Then why not just hide out here then. They can't kill ya if they can't find ya."

"Cause cher, they can. The assassins and the theives would end up workin tagether ta find me n kill me. There are assassins, thieves and spies all over de place. Cher one day they're gonna find me n I'm not even gonna know I've been found till there's a bullet in ma head."

"Oh gawd... Then... Wait, why don't ya come back to the insitute with me?"


"Yeah, the Professor can help. We can hid ya at the mansion and take care of ya. We can fight off the assasins and thieves if they try anythin' and ah'm sure the professor or Hank will be able ta find something ta help get ya outta it."

"That's sweet cher, but I can't do dat."

"Why not?"

"First ya really think de X-Men would have a low life thief like me on their team."

"Of course they would. The Professor would accept anyone. He's good like dat. And ya ain't a low life. It's just how yave been raised. If ya wanted to change ya can and he can help ya change. He helps people every day. He's used ta it. He'd accept and help ya out in no time, even if you decide that ya wanna leave and travel the world instead of stayin with the X-Men."

"That what you wanna do cher, travel the world?"

Rogue looked down to her mocha feeling a little embarrassed. "Ah guess it would be nice ta travel n see tha rest of tha world. Ah get ta see parts of it already with stayin with tha X-Men. But..."

"It ain't really travelin'"

"Well, we don't see much. Busy Savin peoples lifes n all. But at least lifes r bein saved. Better than bein selfish n only wantin ta see the world, right? The X-Men r great for doin' good stuff, n that's what's important, right?"

"Maybe. One can only dream cher, but dat wouldn't really be an option for me would it cher? I'd have to hid away so I didn't get found. How'd you think I would cope. Locked up for the rest of ma life, paranoid that I might be found one day and get all of you X-Men killed just cause I won't marry the assassins daughter. Cher it'd drive me crazy. I appreciate the offer and the kind thought, but there ain't no way the X-Men can help me outta this one." Gambit took a good hold of Rogues hand. She had stopped looking at him and ignored the warm and comfort she felt from his touch. Gambit turned her to look at him. Rogue noticed he looked nervous and his eyes glowed red. "But cher... I think I might have found a way outta the married and a way I can still keep ma life."

"Really? How?"

Gambit swallowed hard and Rogue noticed the sweat on his brow."Marry me."