Chapter 31

rogue wondered where gambit had gotten to. She'd looked all over the mansion for him, but couldn't find him. Fears of where he could possibly be as a hit of day ja vuw hit her scared her.

"Rogue, it's time to go." Called Merci from down the hall.

"ah can't find Remy anywhere."

she replied to Merci. "Oh." Merci said looking around the corridor as if to try and spot him hiding. Then she looked to rogue, noticing the unhappiness she held. "Hey, it's alright. I bet he's just gone out somewhere n runnin late."

That didn't help rogue at all. But Merci looked rushed to go. She nodded her head. "Yeah...maybe." She followed after.


when rogue got out of the car she smiled. Stood talking with the waiting assassins was gambit. Rogue moved out of the car to his side. He turned with a smile on his face too, and eloped her in a hug and kiss.

"Where'd you go?" Rogue asked.

"just been a little busy, mon cher. So how bout we go get dis assassins meetin ova with, non." Gambit held his hand out for rogue to take.

rogue looked down at it, then up to gambit. "But..." She frowned. "Your not ta loud in, r ya."

Gambit gave a smile, but rogue could see it was forced. "Non. But we could always ask real nicely."

Rogue turned to look at Marcus, the assassins guild leader to see him talking to tante Mattie. Rogue had talked to tante about her ideas for setting up a place for thieves who don't get through the thieves course to go, and asked tante if she could preach the idea. Rogue already had plans, and from the intriguing look on tantes eyes, she looked like she agreed with her. Rogue had no problem leaving tante to do her work, although she'd have to pay the woman back some time. Rogue pouted her lips as she thought though how this time she wouldn't have tante or Remy in the meting with her. Sure there would be someone from the courts in there with her to make sure she was doing her job right, but they were still strangers to her and she didn't feel comfortable, even facing the theives guild, without having Remy or even tante there to comfort her. Rogue knew gambit was joking about asking really nicely, but to rogue it didn't seem like such a bad idea as she led him to Marcus.

"erm, ecuse me, high, errr Marcus? Can I call you that?"

marcus gave some form of a smile and nodded his head. "What's the matter treasure? You look like a little lost pup."

"Oh, it's just, ah was wonderin if, erm, Remy could, errr be apart of tha meetin."

Marcus raised his eyebrow and folded his arms. He looked between gambit and rogue, looking at her curiously. "Sorry pittie. He be a thief. Dis is a assassins meetin."

"Ah know."rogue let out a dis pointed breath." Ah was just wonderin if ah could have someone ah'm familiar with with meh."

"You don't trust us?"

"no, it's not that it's just... Well ah've neva been much of a people person what if mah powers... Ah just wanted someone with meh who ah already knew. Ya know ta that the edge off meetin twenty or so strangers at one time n stuff. Then times that by how many Otha guilds there r out there." Rogue looked away now dredging traveling. She hadn't even thought of how awkward things were going to be for her a and the guilds. Now the lightning was hitting home hard."oh crap." Rogue muttered.

The others saw her paling at even thinking of meeting new people. Marcus had been trained well, and had been trained on how to tell when people were lieing. She didn't seem to be. Marcus thought back to what Jean Luc had been saying and the conversation he'd had with Jean lucs son just before rogue arrived. What was said in those conversations were all very good points, but some were just proven looking at the girl now. Marcus frowned as he looked at Remy, who was wrapping a comforting arm around rogue and whispering sweet French words in her ear. Their eyes lock for a moment, then Marcus looked back down at rogue who'd pulled up a front very quickly and was attempting to smile. But he'd already seem how she truly felt and he could still see it in her eyes. Marcus let out a heavy snort. "Der maybe a way round it. You know dat oath ya took before ya entered the thieves meetin?" Rogue nodded her head. It was where she raised her hand as if in court just outside of the meetin room and agreed not to share anything about what the guilds were planning outside of the thieves guild. She'd have to do the same for the assassins here too. "Well, we could always have em make an oath too."

Rogue smiled and looked up at gambit, waiting for his answer. Gambit looked down, melting at the childish hope on rogues face. "Oui, I'll do it. Dat is if de Otha assassins won't mind."

Marcus shrugged his shoulders. "Ya de treasures lover n guardian. I doubt anyone would say no just encase dey upset de externals treasure."

Rogue looked up at gambit a little puzzled, but he just chuckled and shuck hands with Marcus, before moving on to where rogue and Gambit both took oaths.


The meeting with the assasins went... Alright. Rogue had gambit sitting next to her and having his hand in her bare hand relaxed her to the point where the fact that she was sat in a room with about forty of the worlds best deadlest killers didn't bother her. She felt safe and protected from this new world shed entered. the way Marcus ran his meetings was scary, but the good thing about Marcus was that he was good at doing his job.

When gambit and rogue got outside, gambit started explaining about how he'd followed his father into town, seeing him meet up with Marcus and how he forced an expliaintion out of his pere as to what he was doing. Rogue, herself, felt shocked at discovering how vindictive Remy's father actually was Because it turned out he wasn't happy about rogue demoting him, so he'd gone to the assassins basically putting a hit out on her and setting up the assassins so the external would destroy them for killing rogue. It was perfect for jean Luc as he got rid of two birds with one stone. Gambit told rogue that he came straight to the assassins to stop the hit and help get rid of the doubt they had heard about her from Jean Luc. It also turned out that he'd convinced the assassins that she was trouble amount the thieves, and that she'd do the same to them. Rogue was outraged and just about to let off steam, when Bella Donna and her bright toothy smile stopped her by tapping her on the shoulder.

"Errr, hi." Rogue said, still feeling awkward about setting Bella tightened her grip on gambit who saw through her front.

"hey treasure, I just wanted ta say thanks."

rogue looked at her confused. Bella Donna rolled her eyes. "Thank ya for savin ma neck n also thanks ta you, not only do you get ta be with Remy, but i get ta be with the guy I live too." Bella Donna looked back at one of the guards who winked at her. Bella smiled and gave a wave. She turned back to rogue with a look of cunningness in her smile. "Ma Peres not happy bout it, but I can deal with em." Bella took rogues hands in hers, away from gambits. "So, I was wondering how ta thank ya properly, then it hit me. I mean it was so obvious it was stupid of me not seein it in de first place. So, you n me are gonna go shoppin for the most beautiful dresses ta wear to the grand gathering." Bella squealed.

"the what?" Rogue asked, kinda confused.

"the grand gathering. Oh it's where there's this big fancy party the assassins hold each year to celebrate our success. It happens every year like Christmas only were praising ourselves steada Jesus. This year it's beenin hosted by the assassins in France. Can ya believe ya getta come ta France with me?" Bella said, drunk on happiness.

rogue still looked taken back, till she felt an arm snaking around her back. "Bell, rogue won't be join you assassins. De thieves be celebrating on that day too, n roguell most likely be with moi."

rogue nodded her head knowing that of was true, but felt bad as Bella started to protest and argue about rogue night being a thief. Remy argued back that she wasn't an assassin either. Rogue looked up past them, seeing they were drawing attention. Then an idea came to rogue. "How come y'all cant shara party?" All eyes were now on rogue. "What? Ah was just thinkin since y'all aren't at each other's throats anymore, maybe ya could also celebrate the coming tagether of guilds. Celebrate the peace at least."

"but rogue, thatll make things awkward n uneasy for everyone. n just cause we all stopped fightin in the feud doesn't mean little fights won't break out."

rogue shrugged her shoulders. "Well then how's this peace thingy gonna work if y'all can't even be in the same room tagether for a little while? Hmmm, well if that's the case, why dont ya make it a masks ball. Like fancy dress."

"a masks ball?"

"Yeah, that way no one will really know who's who n ya never know, assassins n thieves might be one friends without knowin it."

Bellas confusion turned into a smile. "ya know what, that ain't a bad idea. alright then. A balled mask gathering It is. Of bourse yall haveta have another meetin n set it all up, but since ya got all dat power under ya belt, it should happen any how. So how's bout we go dress shoppin tomorrow then? Or durin the week?"

rogue took her hands back from Bella Donna and went to wrap her arms around Remys body. "Sorrah Bella, but ah can't. Me n Remy r gonna ho see some of mah old family members. We've got our hands full n a job ta do. Were gonna have to set up more meetings n organise something for tha new mutant guilds that'll be openin. "

"Really? Ya convinced the courts?"

"yep. Now all an need is the professors agreement n help n mutants everywhere will be able ta find a safe haven with the guilds Where they'll be with their own kind, accepted n learn how ta control their powers."

"oh ma god. That's brilliant rogue." bell burst into laughter. "Didn't take ta that long ta get things the way ya want em, huh? Gosh, ya makin this job work for ya like a fish ta water. But Little gush, were still goin shoppin some time."

rogue chuckled. "You sound like Merci. well all haveta go out shoppin some time. And leave the men at home." Rogue gave a playful glare at gambit.

"what?" He chuckled. Rogue shuck her head at him, remembering his behaviour last time. "Ya weren't spending anything. Ya were putting back clothes that made ya look beau."

"oh was she." Bella said, folding her arms with another cunning grin on her face. "Well now, you just leave me rogue n Merci alone for a little while, n well soon have her adapted to shopping with us."

rogue groaned, rolling her eyes away from them, both gambit and Bella laughed at her. But from rolling her eyes, rogue saw Marcus and Julian watching on from afar. Both had a look on their faces which made rogue surspisious. She watched as Marcus ordered a few assassins back into the meeating room, and ordered a few to wait outside. But the meeting was over. Something wasn't right.

"Bella, what are your frere n pere doin?"

Bella Donna looked back to see, and rogue took the oprotunity to look up at gambit. He had seen what rogue had seen and was meeting her eyes. Answering her question with a serious face he shuck his head.

"oh, there probably just goin ova some things. Anyway, I should probely get goin. Good luck on ya trip rogue." Bella said as she brought rogue into a hug.

Rogue hugged her back hezently, but then turned with gambit and slowly began walking to the car waiting for them. When rogue was sure Bella was out of ear shot she turned to gambit. "Ah don't like this. Ah don't like Julian n marcus havin another meetin without us there."

gambit just shuck his head. "Best let things lie cher. Dis is de ripper terriory. Let them do their jobs."

"but thats the thing. Ah don't think they're doin their jobs. Or they are, but something doesn't feel right. Remy, ah really think we gotta know what."gambit looked like he was thinking darkly."what is it?"

he shuck his head again. "You don't wanna go digging into he assassins works cher. It's a dark place n they don't take kindly to snoops. Ya want them on ya good side, n ya bad."

"But Remy it's our job ta make sure things r goin right between the guilds. Besides, they can't touch us."

"no, they can't touch you. Your the externals treasure, not moi."

"course they can't touch you! Ya really think ahd let them anywhere near you?"

gambit chuckled. "It ain't just that cher. They can make life dificult for us if we do grass dem up."

"what do you mean grass them up? You know what's happening in there dontcha ya?"

"Oui. Remember, me n Bella used to be close friends when we were kids. well, she let things slip, just like I sometimes did. We were kids after all. What they're doin in there now is most likely goin over der enimes n plottin how to kill dem."

"oh... Wait, their enemies? So, not enimies of the guild or hired hits?"gambit shuck his head."can they do that?"

"they're not suppose to." Gambit said grim faced.

"then we gotta do something Remy."

"oh roguey, I know ya used ta be a super hero n ya used ta doin the right t'ing, but dis ain't the life for dat. All de guilds sometiMessage use their skills to their advantage. For example we thieves may steal things we ain't been assigned to steal, but we might need it, or simply want it. De assassins kill those who may get in der way, or who they have a problem with. But de thing is cher dat each guild is taugt n brought up with morals. Us thieves don't steal everything we can get our hands on n ditto for de assassins. We all have more honor n respect than dat."Rogue nodded, feeling a bit disappointed at the honest truth. Gambit saw and felt her doubt. "Hey, don't worry. De rippers won't kill anyone under de guilds or who r protected by de guilds. Dat includes de X-Men now. n it's de same rules for thieves. We don't steal from family. It's de advantage of being in the in."

rogue nodded, however she wasnt as enthusiastic or as hpy about how the job she'd been given now. Not after experiencing a bit more of it and realising what it is she was involved in. She didn't believe much in killing or that much in stealing, but she guessed this was the life she was going to be living now. At least she knew her friends and family were safe, and if their protection meant that she may have to suffer abit by seeing faces of people on file who were going to die, then she'd just have to deal with it. Rogue hugged gambit closer and he kissed the top of her head.

"Ok Remy. Ah get it. But ah kinda wish ah knew who they were targetin though. Well, ah don't really, but ah think it'll just may it safer ya know."

Gambit nodded before turning around and yelling, "Bella." Bella Donna turned, before she could enter the meeting room and hurried on back towards them.

Rogue looked to gambit questioning."what are ya doin?"

"What ya want. You held ya tongue n asked moi bout your decisions fore ya went throw with em, I gotta do somethin bout ya worries though, n i th'ink dis maybe de best way."

rogue raised her eyebrow at him, but watched and listened to him and Bella talk. "Yeah." Bella said.

"Bell can you do moi n rogue a favour. Can ya find out who de assassins are targetin behind our backs, then give us a copy of de files."

Bella placed her hands on her hips, she looked outraged."ya want moi ta spy n betrey ma family?"

"Non, it ain't betrayal bell. It's just doin de job de external wants, n that's checkin out who ya killin. We know not ta stop ya's or act like we know who's been targeted, but ya never know who ya might be targetin. Maybe someone important to de thieves or ma cher here. Ya understand why she's concerned."

Bella looked to rogue, then back at gambit. "Fine, I'll do ya a copy, but only dis once. Ya know I can't risk bein caught Remy. I just got ma neck back n I ain't willin ta risk it again."

"Oui, I know dat Bella. I don't want ya gettin inta trouble, n neither does rogue..." Gambit stood and thought for a moment before it came to him. "I gotta idea. How bout if all de guilds write up a list of people not ta target. You know de assassins could write down all de people they don't want the thieves stealin from, n de thieves can write down a list of people we don't want bein killed. we could all use n share dis list of names as a data base for all de guilds ta protect the people who shouldn't be targeted. dat way no one gets caught in de cross fire between guild jobs, n we could avoid another feud."

Rogue smiled up at gambit, happy he'd thought of the idea. Rogue never would have thought of it, so it just went to show that she was better of having her other half have a say and opinion on things that were happening with the guilds. Her other half, was that what gambit was to her. She smiled up at him more brightly. Yeah, she couldnt see her life without him now. he just made her complete.

bella nodded her head. "That ain't a bad idea. N you agree with dis?" Rogue nodded her head. "Alright then. I'll find out who der lastest targets are n report back to ya's with em. Do ya also want meh ta tell em bout dis list ya's are creatin?" They nodded together. "Alright then. What sorta things do you want included in dis list when we start makin it?"

"the persons full name, n any other names they go by. A picture of them and a basic description of what they look like, ya know blue eyes, black hair, ect. Hmmm, any other ideas rogue?"

Rogue pursed her lips. "Yeah, how bout why not ta target dis person. Like, ah'm gonna out de X-Men on de list. They won't be in either assassins or thieves guild, so people may wonder why they're there. So maybe if underneath the names their was a reason why not ta target em, it may keep em safe. But ah don't think we wanna be puttin down too much information. After all if dis list falls inta de wrong hands then loada people could get hurt."

Gambit squeezed her shoulder. "Ya don't want ya friends havin their mutant powers written down cause ya don't want them bein hunted down for them."

Rogue smiled at how gambit could read her like a book. "Oui. Therell havta be a good security to it too. Maybe dis list could be an online thing, dat way it's easier for any thief or assassin ta access, n ah could get Kitty ta find a good security systerm. She's got a thing for computers."

"or we could have professional thieves work on it as der used ta gettin passed security."

"or we could have both look at it. double times better than just one person designing a security systerm, n less gaps for people to sneak inta the list. Oh n how bout we create some sort of search engine thingy where if ya targetin someone, then all ya gotta do is type in a name or take a picture of em, and if their on the list, they'll pop up."

"sounds good to me, mon cherie." Gambit said pulling her closer to his chest.

gambit and bella both nodded at this. "Alright then. I best go. They're waitin for me. Bye again." And Bella took off.

rogue smiled up smuggly at gambit. He smiled back."what?"

"oh, nothin. Ah was just wonderin who a girl like meh could end up so lucky."