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Chapter Eight- Burning Passion

"Burn it," ordered Danny the second we got through the door to our apartment HQ. "We need to burn it all."

"I'm on it," I said, and I started to pull down some of the plans that were tacked up on the walls whilst everyone else moved into the main room to gather up the rest of the documents for destroying, Henley logging on to the computer to track the FBI's positions.

I tore the first ten posters in the hall down as quickly as I could, my long nails ripping through the paper and tearing them into strips. I gathered up the paper in my arms and carried it through to the other room, where Jack was starting up a fire in the dormant grate.

"Come on, hurry up, man," I pleaded him, feeling more than a little close to tears.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Jack retorted, still pissing around with a box of matches, failing to light a single one until he had reached literally the last match, which, thank God, lit up quicker than a Zippo. "Got it!" He dropped the match into the bundle of scrunched up paper in the grate, but it took another thirty seconds before it even started smoking, and then another minute before the flames were bright and alive.

I dropped the wall plans into the flames and stoked them with the fire poker with a mutter of, "Suck it, FBI."

"Hunter, can you help me?" Jack asked, going through papers that had been scattered all over an upturned trunk.

"Yeah, sure," I said, brushing my hair out of my eyes and hurrying over to him. We worked out a system where Jack would hand me papers and I would tear them up and dump them in the fire, Merritt and Danny occasionally handing us papers from the filing cabinet he was going through.

"Shit!" Danny suddenly hissed, looking at Rhodes' phone that he'd stolen back in Vegas so he could swap it with the bugged phone.

"What is it?" Merritt asked urgently.

"They know where we are," Danny replied, and he dropped the phone to the floorboards and stood on it, shattering the phone into three separate pieces.

"He's right, the firewall's down!" confirmed Henley. "Do they know about this?"

"They who?" asked Danny, picking up the phone pieces and checking that they were adequately broken.

"They, 'them'! Whoever we're working for!" she elaborated.

"Who are we working for? And are we prepared to go to jail for them?" Merritt had a good point there. Over the last twelve months, we'd been given literally no inkling of information about who was feeding us our plans, where these people were, or why they even wanted us in The Eye to start with.

Jack and I were still frantically gathering up stacks of paper that bits of plans had been scribbled on. Jack paused, and when I looked at him out of the corner of my eye I saw that his Death Tarot card was nestled amongst the papers.

He was staring at it worriedly, and I saw him visibly gulp.

"Jack," I said gently, placing my hand over his. "It'll be okay." I knew how he felt- this was where the 'sacrifice' meaning of my Hanged Man card was coming into play.

Jack turned to me, and I could see that his eyes- his gorgeous brown eyes- were filled with panic. Sheer, undiluted panic.

"I promise," I whispered, but he just turned away from me.

"Stop being paranoid!" Danny was meanwhile warning Merritt.

"It really does happen," Merritt pointed out.

"Yeah, it happened to you!" Danny said waspishly. "It doesn't mean it's gonna happen to us!"

"Guys, I don't know if I can do this, alright?" Jack announced worriedly as Danny handed him a new stack of plans. "I don't wanna go to jail, y'know?"

"Then don't screw up!" snapped Danny. "Okay, you're always talking about want to be treated like an adult; now might be a good time to start acting like one!"

"Shut up, Daniel!" I shouted angrily. "It's easy for you to say, you don't have to stay here and risk getting the fuzz all over you!"

"Don't start, Hunter!" he barked. "Maybe you should think about acting like a grown-up too! Both of you, stick to the plan! Stay here and burn it all!"

"You son of a bitch," I muttered angrily. I opened the trunk and grabbed the leather jacket, leather fingerless gloves and black jeans that had been lined with Kevlar. I stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut, stripping out of my normal jeans and pulling on the black ones and shrugging the jacket on over my red t-shirt, zipping it up halfway. I laced my steel-toed Doc Martens back on and hurried back out to the others in case I'd missed any developments.

It could have been my own paranoia kicking in, but I was convinced I could hear police sirens in the distance. Duh! Of course you can, idiot! I thought. This is New York! Name a time when you can't hear sirens! I had managed to get myself into the process of calming down when I heard a number of cars screech to a stop outside. No. No, that wasn't for us! It couldn't be for us! We weren't ready, not yet!

"I don't know what I'm doing here," grumbled Merritt.

"I don't know what you would do anywhere else!" retorted Danny.

"I'm here for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!" Merritt shot back.

"Are you kidding me!" I exclaimed furiously. "How selfish can you possibly be?!"

"You can do whatever you want when this is over, Merritt," Henley said in a dangerously low tone. "But until then, you stick to the plan!"

"Hey guys," Danny said quietly, looking out the window. "Er…they're here."

"Oh my God," I said under my breath, hugging myself tightly. This was it. Danny, Merritt and Henley grabbed their few remaining things and hurried towards the door.

"Okay, let's do it," said Merritt.

"Good luck," I said to Henley, giving her a quick hug.

"You too," she replied. "Please be okay."

"We will," I assured her, and I gave her a small push in the direction of the door. "Now go!" She nodded, and all three of them headed out the door towards the stairs, giving Jack and me one final look.

Jack and I returned to burning the plans, though we were moving much more mechanically than we had been a few minutes earlier. We were like a conveyor belt: Jack gathered up the papers, I tore them, I put them in the fire.

"Oh God, I can't do this!" I suddenly cried, stumbling back from the trunk with my head in my hands.

"Hey! Hey, hey, hey!" Jack said immediately, dropping the papers in his hands and coming over to me. "What's up? Come on, we've got this! We'll be okay!"

"Jack, I'm scared," I whispered, a couple of tears trickling down my cheeks. "What if this goes wrong? I don't want us to die!"

"Don't say that, Hunt!" Jack warned, placing his hand on my cheek and wiping the tears away. "We're not dying! Not today!" I always melted a little on the inside whenever he called me 'Hunt', his pet name for me over the last year and a bit. I couldn't deny or delay this any longer; I didn't just see Jack as my best friend any more. It wasn't even just a crush now.

I loved him.

"Jack, I…" I trailed off, unsure how to put this into words. I had a minute, a minute and a half at most to do this. The FBI were gonna be in here soon…so soon. "Oh God…" I ran a hand through my already stress-tousled hair.

"We really gotta finish this!" Jack said urgently, moving back and chucking more papers into the fire.

"No Jack! Wait!" I cried, grabbing his leather-clad arm. "I…Jesus Christ, I need to tell you something!"

"Hunt, I'm sorry, but I really, really don't wanna go to prison, okay?" he said. "Can't you tell me later?"

"No, Jack, I can't!" I shouted. "Not to exaggerate but if this goes wrong then I am gonna die! Potentially very painfully!"

Jack seized me by the shoulders. "Please stop saying that! You're not gonna die!"

"But there's still a chance!" I said desperately. "So I need to say this!"

"Say what?!"

"Jack, I love you! I'm in love with you! Can't you see that?! And I can't risk the fact that I could be dead very soon, knowing that I never told you the truth!"

Jack's mouth dropped open, and he made a couple of stuttery, spluttery, stammering noises. "Hunter, I…you…what the…I…" There was no time for anything else to be said though, because that was when we heard the front door of the building burst open downstairs.

"Oh shit!" I hissed, clutching at Jack. "What do we do?"

"We…um…" He still seemed distracted, but he shook his head a couple of times. "Act normal. We keep burning until we hear them on our floor."

"Yeah, that's perfectly normal; burning important documents to stop us getting arrested. Again." I couldn't stop myself from sounding sarcastic.

I was reeling around inside my own head at the fact I'd finally told Jack exactly how I felt about him. And he'd said nothing. Brilliant. I gave it approximately an hour before he sat me down and told me how we could no longer be friends because it would be too awkward, because he loved me, but he wasn't in love with me.

So we carried on burning things. We were silent, trying to ignore the sounds of doors being smashed in downstairs and the various shouts of, "FBI!" They were getting close. So close. So close that I could hear two sets of footsteps padding almost silently towards 6A. The door squeaked open.

"They're here!" I squeaked, feeling the blood drain from my face. "Oh God, what do we do?! Do we hide!?"

"Yeah, good plan," Jack whispered, standing up from putting more plans in the fire and looking wildly around. His eyes settled on a bookshelf. There was a gap at the top big enough to hide the two of us. "Up there!"

We hurried over to the shelving, Jack giving me a boost up so I could position myself on top of the shelf. I then held my arm down so I could grip Jack's hand and help pull him up. We were positioned in what would normally be a compromising position; me lying underneath Jack, with our faces mere inches apart.

However, there really was no time to reflect on this whatsoever, as I could hear people creeping around the apartment. No prizes for guessing who it was. I was prepared to bet good money on it being Rhodes and his bitch.

My hunch was proved correct when Rhodes skulked into the room we were in, gun cocked and ready. Nice, so if we didn't surrender we could potentially be shot. Charming. We waited for Rhodes to turn his back and start to move into the other part of the room before we even considered moving.

Once he had, Jack looked down at me, and I nodded. Do it, I mouthed to him, and he nodded too. He braced himself on the wall and the part of the shelf by my hip, and silently slipped down to the floor. Rhodes, completely unawares, was meanwhile looking at our model of the Vegas heist. Oh my God, had that only been a week ago? It felt like forever.

I saw Jack clock something in the corridor. I followed his gaze and sure enough, there was Original Agent Guy, also armed. Jeez, how dangerous did these morons think we were?! Jack waited a few seconds, then ducked out the door after Original Agent Guy. I also waited a few seconds before I made my own way down from the bookshelf.

I tiptoed my way up behind Rhodes, who was now inspecting the model of The Savoy. I hesitated before doing anything- I didn't want to drag any attention to myself before it was practical to do so. But then I suddenly heard thuds and grunts emanating from the kitchenette, a clang of metal and a follow-up of the garbage disposal whirring.

Rhodes heard it too, and he whirled round, coming almost nose-to-nose with me. He had raised his gun, and it was now pointing straight in between my eyes.

"Hey, what's up?" I said to him with a smirk, and his eyes widened in shock.

"What the-?" he spluttered, and that was when I punched him in the face. He reeled back, clutching at his nose, and I scurried my way into the kitchenette, where Jack had trapped Original Agent Guy by wedging his blazer into the garbage disposal. Well, that explained the whirring.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I shouted as I watched Jack wrestling Original Agent Guy's belt off of his trousers.

"Duck!" Jack commanded at the same time I heard Rhodes behind me yell, "Freeze!", and I dropped to the floor as quickly as I could. Jack used the belt to wrap around Rhodes' pistol and wrestle it from his hands, sending it flying at Original Agent Guy, where it whacked the guy in the crotch.

"Oooh," I hissed sympathetically, but I was more preoccupied watching Jack and Rhodes go at it, Jack striking Rhodes in the face with the belt then whipping it round to smack Agent Guy, causing Rhodes to try to practically manhandle Jack out of the kitchenette and into the other room.

"Don't hurt him!" I shrieked, unsure whether to help Jack or keep Agent Guy guard. It didn't matter anyway; Jack grabbed hold of Rhodes and slammed him into the old fridge, giving him enough time to sprint into the other room by himself.

"Dylan!" Agent Guy shouted, spitting out the rag Jack must have stuffed into his mouth.

"Shut it!" I yelled, booting him in the gut to wind him at the same time the garbage disposal tried even harder to suck his jacket down the chute.

"Hold on!" Rhodes shouted to Agent Guy, racing after Jack. Jack tuck-and-rolled underneath a table and paused. Rhodes seized the table and attempted to ram it into Jack's gut, so Jack jumped up and rolled on to the table. Rhodes seized hold of Jack's collar and attempted to pin him to the table.

"Oh, you little-" Rhodes grunted as Jack struggled free of his grip, and he attempted to grab hold of Jack's arm again.

"Get away from him!" I screamed, sprinting up and jumping on Rhodes' back, pummeling the top of his head with my fists. Since I had Rhodes distracted, Jack yanked Rhodes' handcuffs straight from his pocket and kicked over a chair, handcuffing Rhodes to said chair by the ankle. I clawed at the top of his head one final time before I pinched a nerve in his neck and sent him sprawling to the ground, jumping away from him as he fell, giving Jack the chance to grab Rhodes' walkie-talkie.

"Five is clear. Standing by for Six," came crackling through the walkie-talkie.

"You little shits!" Rhodes spat at us.

"You little shits!" repeated Jack.

"What game you playing?" Rhodes demanded.

"What game you playing?" Jack mimicked Rhodes' voice perfectly, so he clicked the comms button of the walkie-talkie and imitated, "We're all good at Six, move to Seven!"

"Copy that. Going to Seven," the walkie-talkie replied, and outside the door I heard the muffled voices of the SWAT team saying, "Go, go, go!"

Rhodes looked completely furious. Jack suddenly threw something at him, but it hit the fire and burst into sparks. "Hey!" Rhodes protested angrily, protecting his head. I dropped and skidded along the floor, grabbing the super-important documents and shoving them into Jack's hands. He thrust them into the interior pocket of his leather jacket as we backed away from Rhodes, who was skittering backwards.

"Come here!" he ordered us, grabbing one of the fire pokers.

"Oh, hell to the no!" I spat as Jack and I backed into a table. We turned and saw a load of the fake Euro notes resting on the wood. We gathered up a couple of handfuls each, prepping ourselves. Rhodes managed to break the handcuff attached to the chair away somehow, and he advanced on us, brandishing the poker at us.

Jack started throwing handfuls of flaming notes at him, and I alternated so that I as throwing handfuls of notes that had frozen into hard little bullet-type balls. Rhodes was batting the notes away like they were baseballs, the notes exploding into either showers of sparks or ice crystals.

It seemed like we were winning, but that was when I tripped over one of the wheeled trunks, sending me sprawling to the ground.

"Hunter!" Jack shouted, but he was too preoccupied trying to hit Rhodes in the face with his sparks to try to help me up. He succeeded, and Rhodes doubled over trying to get the burning paper out of his eyes, allowing Jack to grab hold of the poker.

He held it between his hands and smirked patronizingly at Rhodes, before he threw the poker up into the air, where it miraculously disappeared. Rhodes jerked his leg up and kicked Jack in the chest, causing him to go crashing back into the curtains. The curtains tangled around him, and when Rhodes wrapped his arms around the bundle in an attempt to restrain Jack, his arms closed around mere fabric as the curtains fell away from their railing; Jack had vanished.

I took the opportunity of Rhodes being distracted to jump up and hide above the archway to the little window alcove where Jack was hiding, bracing myself with my strong upper arm and thigh muscles. I watched as Rhodes sent the wheeled trunk I'd tripped over smashing into a mirror that made it look like Jack had been in the room with him, causing glass to shatter down to the floor. Jack jumped up and grabbed the top of the archway, and the two of us swung back down clean over Rhodes' head, the top of my heavy boots barely clearing his scalp.

I landed perfectly, absorbing the impact with the balls of my feet. Jack wasn't so graceful, and he stumbled slightly, allowing Rhodes to strike him in the back of the knees, making him fall to the floor with a thud. The force of the blow sent Rhodes himself flying, and he collided with my legs, sending me down to the floor as well.

"You bastard!" I shrieked, and I grabbed hold of the hair on the top of his scalp and slammed his head down on to the hardwood floor, causing him to hiss out in pain. I slid my way over to Jack, checking over him to make sure he wasn't hurt. "Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine," he replied. "Are you?"

"Yeah, I-" I began, but I cut myself off as I saw Rhodes managing to remove the handcuff that was still around his ankle. "Balls!"

"Get behind me!" Jack said, and he scrambled to grab the playing cards scattered around him. I listened to him, crouching behind his back.

"Come here!" Rhodes snarled, lunging at us.

"Alright, whoa, hold on, hold on!" said Jack, holding his arms up in a surrendering gesture. I copied, but very reluctantly. What was he doing?! That was when he flicked both his wrists and revealed his two handfuls of playing cards.

"Really?" Rhodes sneered.

"Yup," Jack retorted, and with another flick of his wrist he sent a card spinning at Rhodes' face. It hit its target, breaking the skin.

"Ow!" Rhodes clutched at his cheek, and Jack and I clambered to our feet, Jack continuing to throw the cards, me huddled behind him with my arms around his waist and my face pressed into his back.

I should not be focussing on how hot he looked when he did that. I should not be focussing on how hot he looked when he did that. I should not be focussing on how hot he looked when he did that, I kept repeating in my head.

"Oh, you…!" Rhodes spat as Jack turned and threw the final card at Rhodes' bitch, where the card struck him right in between the eyes and sent him sprawling back into the sink.

"You little…aaarrrggghhh!" Rhodes practically roared, and he charged at us, wiping the little trickles of blood from his face. Jack and I realised it was time to stop postponing everything at almost the exact same time. We turned and bolted out of the open apartment door, Rhodes so close behind us that I could hear his heavy, angry breathing. So close behind that he grabbed hold of the scruff of my jacket and pulled me back, pushing me behind him so he could get to Jack.

Of course. Jack had the documents, and Rhodes wanted those documents. I was just a little blonde British inconvenience. I was now a good six or seven steps behind the two of them, and I was still at the top of the stairs down to the next floor when I saw Jack fling himself down the garbage chute.

Rhodes paused, pushing open the chute flap and looking down it. Even this side of the wall, I could hear the scraping sounds coming from the chute as Jack braced himself on the way down.

"Shit!" I heard Rhodes hiss, and he gripped at a pipe above the opening, clearly getting ready to go down himself.

"Don't even think about it!" I screamed when I got right up behind him, and without hesitation, I roundhouse kicked him in the ribs, a move I'd learned in a self-defense class I'd been forced to take after the knifing incident back in London when I was sixteen. It both winded him and caused him to collapse to the ground.

I pushed open the metal flap. "Heads up, Jack, I'm comin' down!" I shrieked, kicking my legs into the chute as Rhodes groaned on the floor behind me.

"Hunter, what are you-" I heard Jack shout, his voice getting steadily quieter as he slipped further down the chute. "No! Don't! Wait for me to-"

It was too late. I flung myself down the chute as forcefully as I could. I didn't even bother to attempt to slow myself down; I knew that I hadn't hit Rhodes hard enough to cause much damage. And sure enough, I heard the clatter of the chute opening again, and some thuds as Rhodes must have clambered in, followed by Rhodes yelling something totally incoherent as he came rapidly sliding down above us.

That was when I crashed straight into Jack, my legs either side of his head as I sat on his shoulders. The force caused Jack to let go of the walls, and we dropped down the rest of the way in mere seconds, the two of us landing in a heap on a conveniently placed mattress at the bottom, though we did crunch through a load of rubbish, and Rhodes collapsed next to us.

Jack had dropped the documents, and Rhodes leapt for them with a yell of, "Give me that!" Jack managed to grab the documents first, and he helped pull me to my feet. The two of us ran out of the room, taking care to step on Rhodes on our way out.

We emerged in a litter-filled alley behind 45 East Evan Street. While the bright light momentarily dazed me, I blinked hard and soon got over it because there was literally no time to stop. The soles of our shoes thudded with every step as we ducked and jumped our way under and over various chain-link fences and broken cinderblocks, until we found our way into the basement of the building next door.

As we ran, we reached out and pushed down anything behind us that could even remotely slow Rhodes down; things like bins and steel drums, abandoned, empty lockers…an unsuspecting janitor. And finally, as Jack and I ducked under a load of hanging metal baskets, Rhodes straight-up rammed with them, causing him to slow down substantially and allowing the two of us to continue our escapade.

Rhodes was still behind us- of course he was- but he was nowhere near as close as he had been, and once Jack and I emerged on to the pavement, we decelerated and walked normally for a few moments as to not draw any unwanted attention to ourselves.

That was, until we got recognized by the FBI agents milling around outside, and one attempted to grab Jack's arm with a cry of, "Hey!"

"Oh shit!" I yelled, ducking down as the other agent tried to grab me by the hair. I kicked my leg out and struck the agent in the ankles, and he crumpled to the ground. Meanwhile, Jack had jabbed the other agent in the eyes and left him reeling, and with my help, we grabbed the agents' arms as they attempted to punch us both in the face and handcuffed the two of them together, pushing them both to the ground in a lump of agent.

I grabbed a set of car keys from one of their pockets and threw them to Jack, who caught them one-handed. We wrenched open the doors of the cars the agents had been standing by and climbed in, Jack driving. I clipped my belt in as Jack rammed the keys into the ignition and we peeled away with a screech just as Rhodes emerged from the building and tried to get in the car.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" I yelled as we weaved our way through the traffic, going God knows how much over the speed limit. "We're dead! We are so DEAD!"

"Hunter! Stop saying that!" Jack warned me, glancing at me for a second before reverting back to looking at the road.

"Listen, can we talk about what I said earlier?!"

"You really want to do this now?!"


"What do you want me to say?!"

"Anything! Okay, please, just anything! You can't just leave me hanging like this!"

He sucked in a deep breath. "Hunter, I-"

That was when my phone decided to start ringing, Iggy Azalea's Work suddenly blaring through the car. Oh, how apt the lyrics were.

Walk a mile in these Louboutins.
But they don't wear this shit where I'm from.
I'm not hatin', I'm just tellin' you.
I'm tryna let you know what the fuck,
That I been through.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I shrieked, pulling the phone out of my pocket and seeing Mila's picture flashing up. "Now!?" I pressed the Accept Call button anyway. "Hey, Mila!" I tried to sound calm.

"Hey girl!" she twittered happily. "What are you up to?"

"Oh, not much," I said casually. "Just going for a nice relaxing drive with Jack." Of course, it was at that point that Jack decided to pass a Chinese food truck and nearly get us crushed, causing me to shriek out.

"Are you okay?!" Mila asked me worriedly. "What was that?"

"I'm fine," I assured her. I turned in my seat and saw a silver BMW that close behind us get cut off, Alma behind the steering wheel and Rhodes next to her. "We nearly ran over a, um, pigeon."

"So, out with Jack, hey?" Mila had this real 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' tone. "Did you take my advice? I told you-"

"Look, Mill, this isn't really a good time!" I interrupted. "Can you call me back later? Bye." I hung up before she even had a chance to reply. "So. You were saying?" I said to Jack.

"I really don't know what to say here," Jack said, gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were turning white.

"Anything!" I begged him. "Dear God, just say anything!"

"Okay, fine!" he shouted, the car bouncing the two of us up as he drove straight over a pavement island, running over about three bikes as he did so, bringing a couple trapped under the wheels with us. "Hunter, I…I love you too!"

I gasped, my mouth involuntarily dropping open. He said it. He loved me too. Jack Wilder was in love with me, Hunter Blackwell. They were the words I'd wanted to hear for so long, and I could barely comprehend them. "You do?!"

"Of course I do!" he replied, finally taking his eyes of the road to look at me. "God, how could I not?"

"I don't know, because I'm me? I mean, I've always just thought I was like your little sister! That's only ever what I thought I would mean to you! I never thought I could tell you this, because I thought it would totally mess up what we had!"

"You're kidding," Jack sighed. "That's why I never told you, either. I thought you felt like that about me."

I actually snorted. "Yeah, right. Because with your looks, I could clearly only look at you as my brother from another mother."

He grinned at me. "My looks?"

"Don't start turning the conversation to that!" I said. By now, we were turning on to the FDR. The police had been alerted to our car chase and had attempted to cut us off at the last few corners, their sirens blaring. "I can't believe it. I've waited so long to say it…we could have had so much time together differently."

"Yeah," Jack said pensively. "It's too bad I'm about to die."

"At least there's very little chance of you actually literally dying," I muttered grimly, unclipping my belt and rolling down my window. We continued to weave in and out of the traffic, overtaking every car that got in our path.

"Where's the bus?!" Jack demanded.

"How the hell should I know?" I answered, fear beginning to spread throughout my veins, making my blood run cold.

"Come on!" he muttered, more to himself, checking the mirror to see where Rhodes and Alma were behind us. We sped on in the direction of the 59th Street Bridge and cut across a black car that was just coming on to the road, and as I glanced out my window, I saw that the driver was Original Agent Guy, who was now very hot on our heels.

We turned on to the bridge, successfully putting a few more cars between us and Agent Guy. I could see a news chopper in the sky. Oh God. That was national news. My family were still here in America. My parents would see this…so would Mila…

"Can you see the others yet?!" Jack asked, still meandering past the other cars on the bridge. I could hear sirens, and looking in the mirror, I saw that Rhodes, Alma and Agent Guy had backup. Fantastic.

"No, I…wait! Yes! There! There they are!" I yelled, pointing at the white and blue bus about five cars ahead of us.

"Are you ready to do this?" he asked me, concerned.

I shook my head. "I'm so scared," I whispered, feeling tears well up in my eyes.

"You'll be okay," Jack assured me quietly. There was a two-second pause. "We'll be okay." He hesitated, then he leaned across and kissed me. I kissed him back, feeling the cliché fireworks explode in my head. Finally.

We broke apart a few seconds later, and looked at each other. All I did was reach over and take the documents out of Jack's interior pocket.

We didn't say anything as Jack got steadily closer to the bus. I drew my feet up on to the seat so I was crouching. "I'll see you soon," I said, and, giving myself no time for delay, I grabbed hold of the open window frame and hoisted myself up on to the roof of the car at the exact same time Jack swerved in front of the bus, which Merritt pulled in front of Rhodes' car, blocking us from view.

My boots had industrial grip soles, and my gloves were also gripped, so I didn't slip very much as I used my gymnastic skills to slide my way down the back window and landed on the boot. The wind was taking my breath away, so I sucked in as much air as I could and, waiting the one second Jack had to reverse close enough to the decoy car, I jumped over and landed on the front bonnet.

In five seconds, I had dragged myself across the bonnet and hooked my legs through the open passenger window, propelling myself into the seat and belting myself in.

Urgh, now I'm sitting next to a dead body, I thought uncomfortably as I flashed up a V with my fingers to signal to Merritt to drop us, stuffing the documents into the body's leather jacket. The car, which I had no control over, swerved over to the other side of the road, and I knew I had just seconds left as I saw the car get closer to the concrete road divider.

I squeezed my eyes shut, placing my hands on the roof to brace myself for impact. Jack, I love you, I thought. The car smashed into the divider and catapulted up in the air, rolling upside down. I screamed. The car began to roll over, and I carried on screaming. Once it rolled, twice, three times…

"Holy shit!" I howled as my right arm suddenly went numb, which was followed by a shrieking, fiery pain shooting bursting up my arm. My arm…my arm was broken! The car kept rolling, the glass shattering all around me, settling in my air and slicing across my face. The car eventually skidded to a halt after about another five rolls, and that was when I registered the heat. Oh my fucking God, the car was on fire!

"Help!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face from both terror and pain. "Oh my God, someone, please help me! I'm stuck!" I was still belted in, dangling upside down next to the charred corpse that so closely resembled the boy I was so desperately in love with.

Flames began springing up in the car's interior, and one licked at my head and hair, burning me and no doubt coating me in soot. Pain now exploded across my neck, bringing fresh tears to my eyes, and I could smell singed hair. This was it. I really was going to die. The smoke was beginning to fill my lungs, choking me. This had all gone so wrong! I wasn't supposed to get hurt! I wasn't supposed to die!

"Please!" I sob-croaked as loudly as I could. "Someone! I need help! I don't want to die!"

That was when the pulverized passenger door was creakily forced open, and an arm supported me whilst a hand unclipped my seatbelt, wrestling me out of the car. It was Rhodes. He'd saved me. He'd saved my life.

"Let's go!" he yelled, passing my sobbing, shaking, blackened form over to Agent Guy, who hustled me away over to Alma, who, being a woman, placed her arms around me comfortingly.

"Are you hurt?!" she asked me in her thick French accent. I nodded, crying so hard I couldn't even form a single-syllabled 'yes.' "Where?"

I uneasily held out my right arm, which still had white-hot pain shooting through it. Alma unzipped my leather jacket for me and helped me to take it off, revealing the awkward angle my arm was bent at, especially along the bone between the thumb side of my wrist and elbow. I clapped a hand over the part of my neck that was stinging, and felt a shiny, bleeding burn there.

"Call an ambulance!" Alma ordered one of the unimportant agents who was standing by.

Rhodes, meanwhile, was now attempting to break into the driver's side of the burning car to rescue the cadaver. More flames were blossoming over the car, and I knew it was only going to be a very short matter of time before the car totalled itself.

"Get back!" Agent Guy yelled at the group of FBI agents, and me, as he ran back over to Rhodes. "Get back!" He dropped down and attempted to extract Rhodes from the car. However, Rhodes was fighting back, still desperately attempting to free the corpse.

It was terrifying. The car was going to blow any moment, I could tell. However, I needed to keep up the pretence that I thought it was Jack in the car still, so I broke out of Alma's kind grip and began to run over to the car. "Get him out!" I screamed. "You can't let him die! Please get him out!"

"There's nothing you can do!" Agent Guy was yelling. "Let's go! Leave him!"

"No!" I cried, slowing to a stop a few steps away. "Please save him! He can't die!"

More flames broke out, and these ones spread to the puddles of petrol around the car. "Hunter, you need to get back!" Agent Guy shouted at me, having managed to haul Rhodes to his feet and, grabbing my shoulder, he dragged me away from the rapidly-growing fireball in front of us. "Let's go, let's go! Come on!"

"No! No! Jack!" I shrieked, thrashing around, trying to free myself as he and Rhodes had a very tight grip on me. We were only fifteen feet away when the car exploded, the vehicle being engulfed in the inferno.

The force of the blast sent Rhodes- who I vaguely noticed was clutching the important documents I'd planted in the cadaver's hands- and Agent Guy face-first into the bonnet of their car, and I myself went sprawling to the ground, and I had to throw myself to the side to make sure I didn't land on my broken arm.

I rolled into a sitting position, and I felt myself being dragged back to where the cars were by one of the agents. Everyone on the bridge was standing there, shell-shocked, staring at the burning wreckage of the sedan. Even I was shocked; I hadn't expected the explosion to be so huge.

I let out a single, heart-wrenching screech, "JACK!" I clambered clumsily to my feet and rounded on the agents. I could feel my tears streaking through the soot on my face as I glared ferociously at them all. "You bastards!" I screamed. "You killed him!"

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