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Chapter 1- Banishment

-Somewhere in the Oki no Okunote, Sunday, 3:26 A.M.-

Everything felt calm. So peaceful. Like the events that conspired beforehand never happened...

But that wasn't the case at all. No. Nothing was calm. And nothing was peaceful. Twelve years. For twelve years he labored in that hellhole. All the years of physical and mental abuse. Hoping that one day that it would all be worth it in the end, gaining their respect.

Not in this case. No, the chances of that happening were slim to none now. Now that what's done is done...

Somehow I always knew that this day was to come.

I stood at a good 5' 11, somewhat tall if I say so myself. Slightly tanned skin with golden blonde spiky hair. Three whisker-like scars on each of my cheeks and violet eyes...

Oh, and did I mention that I also have a pair of fox ears and a tail. Both are crimson red with black tips. Looks awesome on me. At least, in my eyes.

The civilians of Konoha seem to think that I'm the Kyuubi in disguise but last time I checked, I'm not a fifty-foot tall fox with orange fur and rabbit ears bent on destruction.

Who am I? Well, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto to be specific. I'm Konoha's Orange Hokage. Well... the Konoha part isn't exactly true now. On the night of my birth a great beast known as the Kyuubi no Yoko attacked my home village. But the Yondaime Hokage was said to have killed the fox...

That's a lie. I found out on the night of my Genin exams that the Kyuubi had been sealed into a baby that day. And that baby just happened to be me.

You see, where I come from people like me with demons sealed inside them are called Jinchūriki. People like me are known for being treated like a plague to society, which is why most people aren't told who we are. Though there are some of us who have giant targets painted on us.

And this week was not my week. In fact, this week would probably go down as the most horrid week of my life.

Flashback Start

-Konoha Hospital, Monday, 10:37 A.M.-

I don't know how long I was out. All I remember before I blacked out was the fight me and Sasuke-teme had at the Valley of the End, and Kakashi-sensei arriving.

My eyes fluttered open just to have my vision filled with white. A steady beeping sound was heard to my left. Probably a heart monitor I was hooked up to...

My body felt painful and sore as a whole.

Granted, that is what I should be feeling. After all, I just got a fist of lightning shoved through my chest not even a few hours ago. And by Uchiha Sasuke, my so-called brother in all but blood. It hurt, sure, but not as much as the feeling of betrayal I felt then. But after thinking about it. I don't think he's worth being called my brother.

Kakashi-sensei once told me "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash.", well, in that case, Sasuke-teme is worse than trash for what he did to me.

I kept my promise to Sakura-chan and brought back her 'precious Sasuke-kun' for her. And what do I get from her? A punch to the head and a berating, from injuring her 'Sasuke-kun'. Who, by the way, had only bruises and some other minor injuries. Whilst I had a freaking gaping hole in my chest where Sasuke had thrust a Chidori through me.

I was bleeding profusely, yet the doctors were more focused on 'saving the precious last loyal Uchiha'. Tsunade-baachan had to heal me personally because all of the other doctors refused to heal the 'demon brat'. And the few that were kind to me were out or helping someone else.

"Looks like you're awake gaki,"

I turn my head to see Jiraiya in the window. He seemed to have something on his mind, but at the same time sounded sad.

"Hey, Ero-Sennin," I replied.

"How're ya feeling?"

"Pretty well, considering what's happened,"

There was a small awkward silence after that. And after a full minute, Ero-Sennin talked once more.

"Gaki, there's something Tsunade-hime and I need to tell you, but she thought it would be better if you heard it from me," he said sadly.

"What's so important?" I asked. Curiosity getting the better of me.

Again, there was this small pause filled with silence.

"The Council heard of your fight with the Uchiha. Specifically your use of the Kyuubi's chakra," He paused for a second. As if to find the right words to use to tell me the rest of the story. "Gaki, there's no good way of saying this, so I'll just come out and say it. The Council has banished you from Konoha,"


I let the new sink in. It felt so saddening...

My dream of becoming Hokage. Gone. Crushed by a bunch of old stooges who are stuck in the past.

Yet, at the same time, it felt relieving...

"They're giving you three days to pack up your stuff and leave in exile," I just stared at the wall for a few minutes. Three days to leave the village I grew up in...

Three days to leave the village I had sworn to protect.

"... I'm sorry gaki," I hear Jiraiya say to me.

"... I know..."

-Konoha Red Light District, Wednesday, 2:15 P.M.-

After I was released from the hospital, I went back to my cruddy apartment. I lived in Konoha's Red Light District, which was the slums of Konoha. The area that was

mostly destroyed from the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha.

It may not have been the best place, but it was sentimental to me. The Sandaime-jiji gave this apartment to me on my sixth birthday, after he had found out that the orphanage I was supposed to be staying in kicked me out.

Over the past two days, my friends came to say goodbye to me in their own ways...

Team Guy came over to say their goodbyes to me, after hearing that I was to be banished. Lee and Guy spent about an hour wailing on how my 'flames of youth had been dampened by the council'. I assured them that my flames of youth would still burn on. Tenten was saddened that I would be leaving, but not to the extent of the others. Granted, we weren't really close friends. But still, she said that she would miss my charisma. Neji had reverted back to his old self. Spouting on about fate and all that crap. I told him to snap out of it or I'd beat the crap out of him again...

Needless to stay, he was alright after that.

A bit after Team Guy left, the Konohamaru Army Corps showed up.

Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi were each crying. Saying they would miss their boss. I told them to never give up. And they said they would give it their all.

Soon they left. And Team Kurenai showed up after them.

Kiba, while saddened still had some cheerfulness to himself. Wishing me luck outside of Konoha. Even Akamaru was sad.

Shino, whilst still remaining stoic, had a bit of sadness to his voice when he said goodbye to me.

Hinata though, was a different story.

Hinata was practically crying her eyes out. Confessing her crush on me ever since I helped her from those bullies all those years ago. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and told her that I would love her, but I wouldn't be able to return those feelings. Telling her to give Kiba a chance.

Kakashi visited after Team Kurenai left...

"So this is it," Kakashi said.

"I guess so," I replied.

There we stood, embracing the silence that permeated the air. Until finally, Kakashi spoke once more. Handing me a scroll twice the size of my hand.

"Huh? What's this?" I asked.

"Naruto, in that scroll is something that you should have been given when you became a Genin, but weren't given," he replied.

"But still, what is it?" I asked again.

"In this scroll there are a few jutsus ranging from D-rank to S-rank. It's a scroll that was made for you by your parents,"

I looked up at Kakashi. Shocked at the words that he said...

My parents. Sandaime-jiji told me that they died on the night I was born. When the Kyuubi attacked.

"I can't say who you're parents are, but know that they loved you to their dying breaths," I began tearing up at that. I had feared that my parents were still alive, but didn't want me because I had a demon sealed in my gut.


Again, silence filled the air for a half hour. Kakashi got up and headed towards the door. On his way out, he turned his head to speak to me one more time.

"Goodbye, Naruto. Hopefully where ever you go, you'll find happiness,"

And with that, he was gone.

It was about an hour or so before the door opened again. Only this time in the doorway was Ero-Sennin, Tsunade-baachan, and Shizune-neechan.

Before I could say anything, I was enveloped in a hug by Tsunade and Shizune. Both iryo nin were sobbing...

And before I knew it, so was I.

After a half hour, both Tsunade and Shizune had stopped crying uncontrollably, as did I.

From Shizune-neechan, I got a scroll filled with medical supplies that would come in handy. I thanked her for the supplies.

I got a scroll with a strange red spiral on it from Tsunade-baachan.

"This is a scroll on the Uzumaki clan. Filled with their techniques before the destruction of Uzushiogakure during the Third Shinobi War,"

Jiraiya stepped forward next. Handing me a large scroll similar to the one that he carried around on his back.

"In here's a storage scroll filled with a thousand kunai and shuriken, five-hundred explosive tags, a instructions for a few jutsus that range from C-rank to A-rank, and a copy of my Icha Icha series," Jiraiya finished sporting a small grin on his face at the mention of that last part...

Said grin, however, was soon wiped from his face. Courtesy of a slightly chakra-enhanced punch from Tsunade.

"I'm really gonna miss you, brat," Tsunade said.

"I will too, Tsunade-kaachan," I said tearing up.

At the mention of kaachan, Tsunade enveloped me in a bone-crushing hug. Openly crying at the statement.

"I'm also gonna miss you too, neechan," I said to Shizune.

Shizune joined in on the hug, also on the verge of crying again.

"Don't forget about me, gaki," I hear Jiraiya say.

"I'll miss you too, Ero-Sennin,"

Soon enough, the trio had left. And now I was alone...


A few hours had passed now. The sun had set about two hours or so ago...

So this was it. The last day in Konoha.

I stood up. I had decided that I would leave in the cover of night.

I didn't want to give those civilians the chance to jeer at me on my way out. No, I wouldn't give them the satisfaction

of seeing me off. So, I gathered up what little I had, and the storage scroll, now filled with the items I had received from my friends,

and I left.

-Outskirts of Detarame no Sato, Thursday, 6:41 A.M.-

I've been running for about eight hours now. I began to run low on chakra... And I have a LOT of chakra, so that would take a while to run low.

I must have covered at least two-thirds of Fire Country by now. My destination, Wave Country. From there, I could go to Uzushiogakure. It may be just ruins, but I still want to see where my clan lived.

I could go there, hide out there for a bit, and also say hi to Tazuna, Tsunami, and Inari. But for now, I would rest for an hour once I got to this village.

Once I entered the village, I reached to my forehead to remove my headband. Only to find it not there...

And then I remembered that I had it taken from me when I left the hospital.

With a sigh, I entered a small shop which I guessed was a bookstore. If the giant book symbol outside was anything to go by.

It was still a bit early in the morning, so there was only a few people and the store owner. So out of boredom, I began browsing the books, which was something I couldn't do much of when I lived in Konoha.

Last time I had a book in my hands, some random civilian tried to set fire to my hands. Saying that demons shouldn't learn to read and become smart...

So around now, being able to grab a book and NOT have my hands set on fire was nice.


I was so caught up in my thoughts of the past and Konoha that I didn't notice the book I had grabbed.

Shaking myself out of my musings, I noticed a book I had grabbed, it was dusty, but I was still able to make out the name.

"The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi

By Jiraiya the Gama Sennin"

I blinked in surprise at the author of the book...

Jiraiya had written a book that wasn't smut. That was a shocker. I went up to the cashier and placed the book on the counter.

"How much for this one?" I asked.

The cashier was an old looking man. His hair was a light gray and balding. He had wrinkles below his eyes indicating he hadn't had much sleep or was an

insomniac. He looked up at me, and then to the book I had selected.

"This one?" he asked.

I nodded my head. And for a few seconds, he remained quiet. But then he started to lightly chuckle. After a minute of chuckling, he talked once more.

"Boy, not one person has touched that book ever since I got it into this store. You can have it for free," I was surprised at his response. I kept looking back and forth between him and the book.

"... For free?"

He just nodded his head.

"For real?"


"Thank you so much, sir," I said.

"Think nothing of it. I'm just happy that someone your age would actually read that book,"

After thanking the kind store owner, I left to rest under one of the trees nearby. I still haven't recovered enough chakra to continue.


An idea popped into my head. And I began to meditate underneath the tree. Soon enough, my surroundings shifted from a forest to my mindscape.

-Naruto's Mindscape-

I had only been in here a couple of times. And usually I didn't have time to pay attention to the scenery. Now I was able to.

It looked sorta like a large sewer. Reddish-brown bricks covered the walls and ceiling, tannish-gray smooth stone covered the floor. There was about an inch on water that coated the floor, but I didn't mind (Pun Not Intended). There were pipes along the walls, those were slightly leaking...

All-in-all, my mindscape looked like crap.

There was four ways I could go, not knowing which one would lead me to my destination. It was like I knew this place like the back of my hand. My legs moved on their own, taking me to where I wanted to go. And eventually, I arrived at my destination.


Unlike the rest of the sewer-mindscape, this room was quite larger compared to the others. The water was at least knee deep, but I was water-walking. In this room, there were large red iron bars that were at least two feet in length, and touched from floor to ceiling. In the center, there was a large paper with the kanji for 'seal' written on it.

A pair of large eyes opened to stare at me. I stared right back. These eyes were filled with anger. Crimson red, like blood, and were slitted like an animals'...

I was staring directly back at my inner demon.

The fox that attacked my home twelve years ago. The same fox that I've had save my life countless times.

This was the Kyuubi no Yoko, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

"Oi, furball!" I exclaimed.

I heard what was most likely a grunt or groan.

"What do you want, brat," I heard.

"I just want to talk," A roar of laughter was heard from behind the bars of the cage.

"You and me, talk? How about you take that seal off this cage and free me, and THEN, we'll talk,"

"You and I both know that would just kill me,"

"Oh, so you do have a brain in there,"

I felt a tick-mark appear on my forehead from that remark.

"I'm serious, though. I want to talk,"


After what felt like an hour or so, I heard a huff of annoyance come from the cage.

"Fine then brat, what would you like to talk about," it asked. I sat down on top of the water, relaxing a bit more compared to before.

"Well, I just realized, that I don't know that much about you, so I'd like to get to know you better," I heard a stifled laugh come from the cage. "I'm serious, you oversized furball, 'dattebayo!"

"Why would you, a mere human, want to know more about me,"

"Well, you've been with me my whole life, yet I don't even know your name,"

"Hm? And what makes you think that Kyuubi isn't my real name?"

"Well, Kyuubi seems more over like a title than a name," I heard another huff of annoyance come from the cage.

"You are not worthy of hearing my true name, brat," That got me a bit angry, so I reverted back to my old self for a bit.

"Listen here and listen good! Furball! One day I'll learn your real name! That's a promise of a lifetime, 'dattebayo!" I exclaimed.


There was an uncanny silence after my statement, and I was worried for a bit. Then I heard a small chuckle, that chuckle soon turned into full-blown laughter. Then it spoke again.

"Hm, you remind me of a certain redheaded woman that was just as stubborn, if not more stubborn, than you are, brat,"

I froze at that, a woman that was just like I was.

"Who?" I asked. If I could see through the darkness that shrouded the cage, I swear I would see a grinning fox.

"Wouldn't you like to know," it said, amused.

"Please," I begged, "I need to know if this redheaded woman is still alive,"

"No, she's dead," it said.

"...Was she related to me in any way?"

"... Yes," it replied, "she was your mother, Uzumaki Kushina. My second jailer,"

I was shocked. I wasn't the first Jinchūriki to the Kyuubi?

"No, you weren't my first jailer," it said.

How did it read my mind? ... Oh wait, we're inside my mind right now.

"Finally, the brat figures it out,"

"Shut up, furball,"

"Make me, brat,"

"... So my mother was your jailer before me?"


"And before her, who was your jailer?"

"You ask a lot of questions, for a brat,"

"That doesn't answer my question,"

"I know,"

"Humph. Can you at least tell me who my father was,"

"Why ask a question you already know the answer to. After all, he's the bastard who sealed me in you,"

Wait, my father sealed the Kyuubi inside me. But then that would mean...

"Hm, so you figured it out,"

It couldn't be him. Could it? I mean, it does make sense considering that there was only one person I knew that sealed the Kyuubi into me.

"My father was the Yondaime Hokage," I said. Not believing the words that came out of my mouth...

It all makes sense now. I've seen pictures of the Yondaime before, but put if off as convenience that we looked similar.

"Yes, Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, is your father. And Uzumaki Kushina is your mother,"


I sat there, letting it sink in. The man who sealed away the Kyuubi into me, is also my father.

"Well, now that you know who your parents are, what will you do now?" I stayed silent at that.

What was I doing? Where would I go?

"I know of a place where you can go," I thought about it for a second. I have nowhere to go. But can I really trust the Kyuubi?

"How can I be sure I can trust you? I mean, for all I know, this could just be one of your ploys to escape," I exclaimed.

"Hm, it may be. But then again, it may not be. The real question is, are you willing to take that chance,"

... Okay, now I have no doubts that if I could see the Kyuubi's full face right now, I'd be looking at a grinning fox. I thought about the furball's statement. Could I really take that chance that this isn't one of the furball's attempt to escape?

"Okay, Kyuubi. What's your deal?" I respond.

"Oh Naruto, Naruto, Naruto. What makes you think that I would get something out of giving you information?" it asked in almost an innocent voice.

"..." I gave the great bijuu a deadpanned look.

"... Fine, if I tell you where this place is, I get to share your senses,"


"Hm, I forgot I was talking to an idiot here,"

"Hey! I resent that, 'dattebayo!"

"If I tell you of this place, I get to share your senses. You know, eyesight, hearing, touch, smell, pain-"

"Wait, doesn't that mean we would merge minds or some-"

"SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH SPEAKING!" I shut my mouth after that. The Kyuubi may be caged, but it still can be damn scary when it wants to.

"No, our minds won't merge. We will just share the five senses,"

"Is that it?" I asked.

"Basically, yes,"

"... Well okay then, deal,"

"Alright then. The process will begin in a few days or so,"

"So what's this place you speak of?"

"Hm? Oh yes, there is a place I know of passed the Oki no Okunote,"

For what felt like the tenth time this week, I froze in surprise.

The Oki no Okunote was an area passed the Land of Water that led to the unknown. Hence, the Okunote in the name.

"But what would be out so far that it's not on the map?" I asked.

"There is a land known as Remnant. Those lands are far more advanced in technology compared to the Elemental Nations,"

"So how would I get there?"

"Hm, just get a boat from that place you saved. The Land of Waves I believe it was called,"

"Alrighty then,"

I felt myself being pulled from my mindscape as I awoke from my meditation...

Before I left, I said one last thing to the Kyuubi.

"Oh, and Kyuubi," I could see the towering red eyes of the Kyuubi looking down upon me. "Thank you," I said as I left my mindscape.

-Reality, Under a Tree Near Detarame no Sato, Thursday, 7:54 A.M.-

I awoke from my meditation. Exiting my mindscape after having that conversation with the Kyuubi. I noticed only an hour had passed, but it had felt like it had been longer in my mindscape...

Meh, must be a mindscape thing.

"Well," I said, to no one in particular, "I have a target destination now,"

Off to the Land of Waves. Coincidentally I was headed there anyways. So it's a win-win situation.

I felt my chakra coils rejuvenated, so I decided now would be a good time to head out.

-Wave Country, Friday, 6:36 P.M.-

Wave Country. It feels like yesterday that me and the rest of Team 7 came here. Hired by a grumpy old man who could barely stay sober...

The last time I was here, the town looked like a slum. Now, it looked like a real town bustling with business.

I walked around, knowing my way towards Tazuna's home. And there it was...

Ah the memories. I felt like I was old there for a second. Reminiscing on the past...

All that was before I was banished.

But I can't spend my days toiling in the past, or else I'd turn out like Kakashi-sensei.

I approached the house and knocked on the door.

"I'm coming, just wait a moment," I hear a voice call out from inside the house. The door opens, and there stood Tsunami. She looked surprised to see me here. I would be too, if I were her.

"Hey Tsunami-san! It's good to see you," I exclaim.

"Naruto! It's good to see you too. Come on inside," she says.

As I walk inside I notice that the house has changed on the inside. Tsunami must have noticed me looking at the changes and answered my silent question.

"Ever since the bridge was built, and Gato gone, the town has been thriving. We were able to afford a bit of luxury here and there," she stated.

"Hey mom! Who was that at the door?" I hear a voice yell from upstairs.

"Come down and see for yourself. I guarantee you'll be surprised," Tsunami yells back. Soon enough the boy comes down the stairs and notices me. I wave at him.

"Yo Inari! It's been a while,"

"Naruto-neesan! It's great to see you," Inari exclaims.

"It's great to see you too,"

We settled down in the living room where Tsunami brought us some tea.

"So where's Tazuna-jiji?" I asked, after receiving a cup of tea from Tsunami.

"Oh, tou-san is out drinking with a few of his friends. He should be back soon," Tsunami replied.

"So what brings you here nee-san?" I hear Inari ask.

"Well, I'm taking some time off from doing Shinobi business," I lied, "sort of like a vacation of sorts,"

"Oh, that's nice," Tsunami says.

A few minutes later, I hear the door open. And in comes Tazuna. Stumbling around a bit like a drunkard.

"I'm back," I hear Tazuna say from the doorway.

"Hey, tou-san! We have a visitor,"

"Well, who is it?" he asked. He then walked into the living room, I waved at him and give him an eye smile.

"Yo, Tazuna-jiji. It's been a while," I say. Tazuna smiles and waves back.

"It certainly has been gaki," he replies.

After that, we spent a few hours catching up. Both on my adventures and how the town was doing after Team 7 left...

Apparently, ever since we took down Gato and the bridge was built, the town has been thriving. Becoming a large port town with a stable economy.

I told the stories of my adventures. What happened during the Chunin Exams, the Invasion of Konoha, searching for Tsunade to be the Godaime Hokage, the events of the Land of Tea...

I even told them about Sasuke's attempt at defection. Minus the part where I was banished from Konoha.

Tsunami and Inari enjoyed hearing about my adventures, but Tazuna, I could tell, knew I was holding back some information.


After trading stories, Inari and Tsunami went to sleep from exhaustion.

So here I was, alone with Tazuna-jiji. We didn't speak for a few minutes. Until he spoke up.

"... You didn't tell us the whole story, I could tell that much," he said.

"What gave it away?" I asked.

"I'm old, not senile,"

"Humph, could've fooled me,"

"Watch it, gaki,"

"Humph," I reply.

"... So what's really going on?" he asks.

"... I've been banished from Konoha," I said after a small pause.

"Why didn't you tell Tsunami or Inari?"

"Because, even though I've been banished. I don't want to be a burden on anyone," I reply sadly. Tazuna's expression saddened. "Besides," I start saying, "there's a place that I want to go to, to escape,"

"Escape what?" he asks.

"Konoha's bound to try to capture me at some point," I said, "even when they've banished me, they'll probably want to keep a close eye on their 'weapon'," Tazuna silently 'ah's at that. "I want to go and see Uzushiogakure,"

"But weren't they destroyed in the Third Shinobi War?" he asks.

"They were," I replied, "but I want to go see if there's anything my clan left behind,"

"But where will you go from there?"

"Well, according to the furball," I started saying, tapping where the seal was, "there's a place beyond the Oki no Okunote that I can go to,"


To say Tazuna was surprised was like saying that Jiraiya was only a closet pervert.

"Beyond the Oki no Okunote," he says in disbelief.


"And you believe it?" he asks, looking at me like I had grown a second head.

"It's not like I have any other options," I stated, "if I stay here or at Uzushiogakure, Konoha will eventually find me. Heck, I'd be surprised if the council HASN'T put me in the bingo book yet," I stand up, making my way to the door. "It was nice to see you and Tsunami and Inari again. Tell them I said goodbye,"

"I will. And gaki," he says. I turn my head to look at him from the doorway. "Goodbye, and good luck,"

I smile at that and exit the house.


I walk toward the town once more, and after half an hour, I realize something...

"Wait, where am I gonna get a boat?" I ask to nobody in particular.

-Port #17, Wave Country, Saturday, 3:21 A.M.-

I went back to Tazuna's house after that. And sheepishly asked him if he knew where I could get a boat...

After face faulting at my question, he gave me an address where I could get one from a friend of his that owed him one.

"Tell him Tazuna sent you," he said.

It took an hour or so to find the address he gave me, but I eventually found the place. The place looked weathered and worn out. A fog was present. Not surprising considering what time it was.

Sitting on top of a few old crates was an old looking man. He was wearing a worn-out yellow fisherman's coat and hat. He had a scraggly greying beard and a pair of slightly bushy eyebrows to match his grey beard.

He looked up slightly at me and spoke in a coarse voice.

"What do ya want lad?" he asked me.

"Are you Arashi?"

"That depends on who's asking,"

"Tazuna sent me, he told me to tell you, 'I'm cashing in my favor you owe me, get this gaki a boat and you'll owe me no longer'," I said, "also, he said something about telling you that guy's night is on Tuesday at seven,"

I heard a small laugh come from him.

"Yep, that sounds like Tazuna," he states amusingly, "so ya need a boat eh? Well, Ol' Arashi here can help ya with that," He nudged his head in a direction, probably telling me to follow him.

We walked to the end of the dock, there in the water was a boat big enough for two or three people. It looked to be about nine meters in length, the sail about ten meters.

"This here," I heard Arashi start saying, "is an 18 foot Skiff. I call her, Teikanshi Ken,"

"Is it good for travel?" I asked.


"Well, thanks for the ship," I said.

"Just one thing lad," he says.

"What?" I ask.

"Why would a young lad such as yourself need a sailing vessel?"

"I'm headed out to the ruins of Uzushiogakure," I said, "and then passed the Oki no Okunote,"

"Well then," he says, acting casually, "good luck lad,"

And with that, I was given enough supplies to last me a few weeks, and I set sail towards Uzushiogakure.

-Shores of the Ruins of Uzushiogakure, Saturday, 11:47 A.M.-

Using the directions that the Kyuubi begrudgingly gave me, I was able to navigate the skiff to the shores of Uzushiogakure. I left the ship anchored to the shores of the land, and traversed the shoreline, searching for any signs of the ruins left behind...

After searching for an hour, I came across the ruins of what I believe used to be the walls of Uzushiogakure.

Unfortunately, when I tried to get closer to the wall, a barrier popped up.

I had no clue what the barriers were, until the Kyuubi explained it to me.

"Brat, those are one of the defense barriers that used to be in Uzushiogakure. It can only be deactivated by the blood of an Uzumaki," Kyuubi explained to me.

"Oh, wait. How can I hear your voice if I'm not inside my mindscape?" I exclaim.

"First of all, shut up brat you can just talk to me by thinking. Otherwise people will make you out to be insane,"

'Okay then, explain please,'

"Well, this is part of the deal we made. Starting with the ability to communicate telepathically,"


Even though I was in the outside world, and not in my mindscape, I could hear a groan of annoyance come from the caged bijuu.

"We'll be able to talk using our minds, brat,"

'So what do I do to deactivate the barrier?'

"Just smear some blood on the barrier, and it should deactivate," And so I did what the Kyuubi told me, and just like he said, the barrier deactivated...

Blinking in surprise, I ventured onward towards the heart of the once great village.


I kept on moving until I came across a large building. It was the most intact building compared to the ones surrounding it, and reminded me of the Hokage Tower back in Konoha. Something told me that this was probably the building where the kage was, so I went towards it.

Walking inside the building, I noticed the similarity between this building and the Hokage Tower... Definitely the kage's tower.

I went up the stairs and used my memory of the Hokage tower to guide me through this place. The uncanny resemblance to the Hokage Tower whisked away any doubt I had on whether or not this was the kage tower.

I reached the kage's main room, and I had an idea. Considering the similarities between the two buildings, I reached underneath the kage's desk and felt around until I felt a small bump.

Smiling, I pushed down on the bump until I heard a click behind me. I turned around to see a small compartment open up and reveal a scroll similar to the one I had been tricked to steal so long ago by Mizuki-teme...

I had just found Uzushio's version of the Scroll of Seals.

I also noticed that unlike the compartment that the Scroll of Seals I had seen before was in, this one had an extra scroll in the compartment.

Putting the larger scroll aside, I inspected the other scroll and found that it had a blood seal on it. Just like the barrier outside had.

I bit down on my thumb, enough to draw blood, and smeared it on the scroll while also channeling chakra into the scroll...

Suddenly, smoke appeared and I heard a 'poof' sound similar to when I use Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.


When the smoke dissipated, I was able to see a tall figure standing in front of me.

The figure stood at approximately 6'1, and was wearing samurai-like armor. Taking a closer look, I noticed the figure had long, straight red hair, and a fu manchu mustache-beard combo...

"Who the heck are you?" I exclaimed.

He, I'm guessing that the figure was a guy, looked around before looking at me.

"Who are you?" he countered. A tick mark appeared on my forehead.

"I'm Uzu-freaking-maki Naruto, 'dattebayo!" I yell. The edge of the man's lips curled slightly upward, amusingly.

"Well, my name is Uzumaki Haran, the Sandaime Uzukage," he states...

I blink in surprise. Another Uzumaki?

"You're an Uzumaki, like me?" I ask.

"Well," he starts, "only those with the blood of an Uzumaki can open that scroll, so yes,"

"Wow! I'm not the last Uzumaki alive! What happened here? Why was Uzushiogakure destroyed?

How come I don't have red hair? 'Ttebayo?" I ask, talking about a million miles a minute.

"Whoa, slow down. I'm just a blood clone, I'm only around until I'm dispelled or I run out of chakra," he states.

I falter at that... I really am the last of my clan then.

"But to answer your other questions, Uzushiogakure was attacked by the armies of Iwa, Kumo, and Mizu. The Uzumaki clan was greatly known and feared for our specialty in fuinjutsu, so they tried to destroy us. And as for your last question, one of your parents must've had a stronger gene for blonde hair than the Uzumaki's red hair gene,"


It took a minute for those answers to settle in, and by then, Haran spoke again.

"If you're here, and since I see no others with you, I'm guessing that Uzushiogakure was destroyed," he stated. I could only nod my head in agreement. A long sigh was heard from Haran. "Well, since you found this scroll, you must have found the Scroll of Seals,"

"Yeah," I reply.

"Well, in that scroll is the forbidden techniques of the Uzumaki clan. Along with the instructions and tips on how to use the Uzumaki clan's taijutsu and kenjutsu styles, along with enough jewels to buy all of the Elemental Nations three times over," My jaw dropped at that. If I wanted to, I could be the richest man in all of the Elemental Nations...


"So if I may ask, who are your parents?" Haran asks. I become a bit sadden, but I still answer the question.

"My father is Namikaze Minato, and my mother is Uzumaki Kushina," I reply.

Haran's eyes widen at the mention of that last name, and starts lightly chuckling.

"My little Kushi-chan? How is she?" he asks. My face contorts to one of sadness at that question.

"She's dead, along with my father. They died protecting me and Konoha," I said.

Haran stops chuckling at that and becomes a bit saddened.

"Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't know," he states sadly.

"It's okay. But how did you know my mom?" I asked.

"She's my daughter," he states. My eyes widen at that.

"So that means-"

"Yes, I'm your grandfather, Naruto," he states smiling.

"So where exactly are you going?" he asks.

"Well," I begin saying, "I'm going to a land beyond the Oki no Okunote,"

"Well then, I'm coming with you," he states.


That makes me think, wasn't he a clone?

"Aren't you a clone? Won't you dispel after this conversation?" I ask. Haran smiles, as if he knew something I don't.

"I'm a blood clone," he states, "blood clones are more durable than regular clones. And on top of that, I have a reinforcement seal on me along with chakra absorbing seals,"

"So..." I state, not knowing where this was going.

"So I'm not going anywhere for a long time. I might as well spend my time bonding with my grandson," I smile at that. Family was something I never experienced. Having a blood relative was a great thing to me. Even if it was only temporary.

"But the ship I have only has enough room for a couple of people," I state.

"Ah, don't worry about that," he says, "I'll just revert back to scroll form to conserve this clone," And with that, he sealed himself back into the scroll I found him in.

I figured that now would be a good time to rest up a bit, so I sat down in the Uzukage's chair and dosed off.

-Naruto's Mindscape-

Great, just great. I try sleeping and I'm pulled into here of all places...

Dammit! I wanted to have that reoccurring ramen dream again!

Shaking those thoughts aside, I head towards the fox's cage.

"Oi, furball, why am I here now?" I yell out into the cage. I heard a shifting noise from behind the bars of the cage.

"I came here to warn you about some of the side-effects of the deal," it stated.

"Side-effects? What kind of side effects?" I ask.

"Well, heightened sense of hearing, sight, and smell. Also, a little surprise," I could tell the furball was grinning now.

"What's this surprise you're talking about?"

"Oh, you'll see,"

What the heck was it talking about? Meh, I'll worry about it later.

"Well, if that's all, I'll be leaving now,"

As I was leaving, I heard the sound of chuckling come from the cage...

-Uzukage Tower, Uzushiogakure, Saturday, 3:27 P.M.-

I awoke from my short nap. I felt a bit different, but I couldn't figure out why. I scratch my head for a minute, and then I noticed something different...

I could feel something soft and ear-like, but I just dismiss it as something else...

Then I felt something brush against my leg. I looked down to see a red fox tail with black tips.


It was then, that I calmly reacted to the tail I now had...


"That is one of the side-effects of the deal I told you about. That, and the fox ears," Quickly, I summon up a Kage Bunshin to check my new features. Only to find that what the fox said was true...

On my head were two red fox ears with black tips. And a fox tail of the same color orientation was attached to me...

I stood there in both shock and surprise for a good minute.

"... Kit-"

"I... look... AWESOME, 'TTEBAYO!"

"Wait, what?" it was the fox's turn to be surprised now. Expecting me to be a bit upset.

'A new look, plus a new life. I guess I should thank you furball,' The Kyuubi stayed silent for a good minute at that last statement. Until it spoke again.

"Humph, don't look into it, brat. This is merely me taking pity on you," it stated slightly arrogantly. I huffed in annoyance before speaking again.

'Well, call it what you want, I'm still grateful,' I think. 'So off to Remains, then,'

"It's called Remnant, brat,"



So after that conversation with the fox, I grab both scrolls and head back to the skiff. Pulling the anchor out of the water, I take one last look at Uzushiogakure...

I wonder what it would be like if the place was never destroyed... Oh well, I can't dwell on the past.

I set sail once again, off to my new life. My new beginning. A few hours into sailing, my drowsiness kicks in. And I close my eyes.

Flashback End

-Somewhere in the Oki no Okunote, 3:26 A.M.-

And here I am now. On a boat in the middle of the ocean.

I close my eyes again, letting myself rest for the time being. A smile graces my face. I bet that from here on out, things will be just fine...

-Third Person P.O.V.-

Just as Naruto thinks that things will turn out fine, he fails to notice the red dawn...

'Red at night, sailor's delight. Red in the morning, sailor's warning.'

He also failed to notice the storm clouds in the distance that he was headed towards...

-Somewhere Different Yet Still in the Oki no Okunote, 7:56 A.M., Naruto's P.O.V.-

"Kit, WAKE UP!" I hear the Kyuubi yell in my mind. I awoke with a jolt. Looking around, I noticed that the waves that clashed against the boat were less calm and more violent than before.

The sky had darkened. Which was odd, considering it's been only a few hours since I went back to sleep...

A loud 'boom' sound caught my attention. I looked to my right to see thunder strike against the surface of the water. I counted three strikes...

It was then that I realized that I was in the middle of a sea storm.

'Furball! What the heck is going on?!' I yelled in my mind.

"We're in the middle of A FREAKING STORM! If you don't get out of the storm zone, it'll tear the skiff apart!" Getting what the fox was saying, I attempted to steer the ship out of the storm.


Thunder danced around me, striking like the beat of a drum. Waves clashed against the hull of the skiff. Rain struck my skin like a barrage of senbons...

For a long hour, it felt like it was me against nature. As if trying to push me back to the Elemental Nations. But I prevailed. The last of the storm clouds slowly disappearing behind the horizon...

I survived the storm. Hopefully it would be smooth sailing from here on out...

'Whew, that was close,' I mentally say.

"It sure was, kit," the kyuubi said.

'Hey, you didn't call me brat this time,' I added, mentally smirking.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, brat,"


The next few hours were nothing but the sounds of the water in the ocean. I looked out on the horizon as I headed towards my destination.

'Look out, Remnant, cause the number one most hyperactive knucklehead ninja is coming your way! 'Dattebayo!' I menatally said, smiling as I watched the horizon...

Chapter End

Post notes

First off, I appologize firsthand if any of the information on nautical ships is false and offends any readers,

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Word Translations

Oki no Okunote- Ocean of Mystery

Kyuubi no Yoko- Nine-Tailed Fox

Uzumaki- Whirlpool

Naruto- Maelstrom, Fishcake

Namikaze- Waves and Wind

Yondaime- Fourth

Sandaime- Third

Hokage- Fire Shadow

Jinchūriki- Power of Human Sacrifice

Iryo Nin- Medical Ninja

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