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Warnings: omnipresent and italics obsessed Lone Power. You have been warned. Mwahahaha!

The Lone Power was angry, if a being such as He can feel this weak, human emotion. Yet another of his incarnations had been destroyed. By no less than a human that was possessed by the One's Champion.

Sibling rivalry was very complicated when one was immortal. Even more so if you ruled part of the Universe. If you made one mistake, on one would trust you for centuries. Or, if they bested you once, they bragged about it forever more. My siblings literally can go on for forever.

Look at how long they crowed about defeating me in the form of Usoae, the Queen of Chaos. When your evil, you are very lonely. I never should have created entropy, maybe I will let the Wizards fight it for another few millennia before I undo it.

It will be ever so shameful to admit to this mistake, what will keep my fellow Powers That Be occupied after it is gone? We wouldn't want a repeat of the last time they got bored. The dinosaurs were a fairly nice creation of mine. I miss them, wait, why am I talking to you, human? Are you a Wizard or one of my siblings in disguise?

I think I'll try to resurrect Voldemort, again, he just can't seem to stay alive. Or should I visit Agent Smith, I haven't seen him in a while... Hmm, I know, of course I do, I am the Lone Power after all. I will go and bring Sauron back to life, none of my minions or incarnations can seem to stay alive. Oh well, it is an occupational hazard.