E/O Challenge

Challenge word: stiff

Length: 100 words

Tag to 9.18, Meta Fiction

I thought Sam looked exhausted and worried in this episode.

Sam stood and stretched his stiff, aching back. Between his late night research on the Mark of Cain and his worry over Dean, he was absolutely exhausted.

The strength Dean had shown with Gadreel terrified Sam. No human should be able to beat an angel to the point of death with his bare hands but his brother had. Sam knew he had to find a way to save him. No matter what it took, he was not going to let Dean be lost forever to this darkness.

You sound just like him.

Oddly enough, Sam was perfectly okay with that.

Thanks for reading! Comments are always welcome! I also posted a one-shot that kinda goes along with this drabble. It's called Finding My Way Back to You if you're interested.