New story to celebrate my birthday! Yay! I've been meaning to try this but... I was worried. In this story I'm going to add my original characters into some of my original story. These characters are from the story I'm writing so I've been afraid to post them online. In the end, curiosity won, but I might not share everything. I just thought this would be an awesome way to further understand my characters. Without further ado: Allon-sy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the turtles, though the concept, names, and characters are!

The turtles were finally out of New York City! After such a long time without a break, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles think they deserve to have a little downtime. They decide to go to April and Casey's favorite camping spot, far away from humans but close enough to Manhattan if need be. They planned to stay just overnight, but something odd happened on their way home. The brothers ran into a group of humans, or something like that...

"Come on, Leo! My comic books are waiting at home!" Mikey whines.

"Shut up, shell-for-brains! I hear something too," growls Raph.

Donny stares at Raph, bewildered, "Huh, I don't hear you agreeing with Leo often."

Raph just glares at him before continuing to follow the leader. After trailing Leo for a little bit, Leo stops by a bush and crouches down, the others following suit.

"Guys, look," Leo whispers. Up ahead are four teenage girls. Two seem to be in a pretty big agruement while the other two look like they didn't know what to do. One girl, who was doing most of the yelling, looks like she was the oldest of the four; maybe 17. She has black, crudely cut short hair, and ghostly pale skin. She is wearing black armor of some sorts and two swords at her hips. The girl she is arguing with had to be about 15, with brown hair braided to the side, olive-toned skin, and a dagger at her belt. She is wearing a slightly formal outfit of black pants and a white buttoned shirt. One of the girls watching seemed to be the same age as her, with sleek and long black hair, tall stature, and glasses. The youngest has to be the orange-haired girl who looks 9… but maybe she is older. When they listened closely, they could make out what they were yelling.

"Your kind is so smug. Ya know that? You think the world revolves round ya, like we need the mighty and fearless Eternians to tell us when ta sleep! Well, we don'! You could go back to your precious planet and I wouldn't give a damn!" the black-haired girl challenges.

"Leo, doesn't that sound familiar?" Raph asks, thinking about their fight on the rooftop a while back. Leo nods his head and they continue to listen.

"I am here trying to help Earth! Why are you here?" the other girl says stoically. Her shoulders are level and her chin is held high. A wrecking ball could hit her and she wouldn't budge.

"Ah, there's the smugness I enjoy so much!"

"If I was so smug like you say I am, then why am I trying to convince you to stay? I need your help! I need Ahina's help and Mia's help; I even need your help."

"Guys, this whole thing sounds a little off," Mikey whispers and then is promptly is shushed by the others. The other two girls on the sidelines must be Ahina and Mia.

"And why should I?" the older of the four hisses, narrowing her eyes.

"Because we agree: I am just an Eternian: the only thing I can do is lead. That is all I was ever taught! Only how to lead and obey. I have forsaken the latter, I can simply lead, and that is it. However, a leader cannot be great without a remarkable team behind them. So please, I solely want to know your intentions here, and if I can take the risk trusting you," the girl—who must be an Eternian—is starting to get an edge of desperation in her voice. The agitation between the two is palpable by the turtles.

"Ya wanna know why, huh?" the pale girl approaches the Eternian so they are only inches apart. "I came to this planet looking for a fight." She then whispers something that the brothers can't hear, but it seems to shock the other one.

"I don't think these girls are human," Leo whispers.


"What'cha mean?"

"I'm so confused."

Leo shushes them all and focuses back on the possibly-but-maybe-not-human girls.

The oldest then backs up, stretching her arms out, "You got my support. But I ain't taking smart-ass orders from no one. Neva have, neva will."

Mikey snickers, "You should marry her, Raphie. You two make the perfect pair!" he comments, earning him a smack upside the head from Raphael.

The girl then storms off, or at least seems to want to, before stopping again. She unsheathes her swords and gets into a defensive pose.

"Viv, what is it?" asks the orange-haired girl, talking to the black-haired one.

"Someone's watching us," the girl, Viv, says, making the other three stiffen. She then yells, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

"She's not talking to us, is she?" Donny shyly asks.

"Hell yeah I am!" Viv yells again, making Donny freeze.

"What do we do? What do we do?" mutters Mikey frantically. Leo just stands up and walks into the clearing to the line of sight of the girls.

"I guess we do that," Raph remarks before stepping out with Leo. The others follow shortly.

Now the brothers have the attention of all the girls. Viv looks angry (but she has the whole time), the girl with the glasses looks shocked, and the Eternian and orange-haired girl just look perplexed.

"Oh, please don't tell me you're aliens too!" exclaims the glasses girl.

"Mia!" the Eternian and youngest hiss.

"No we aren't," answers Leo calmly. "We're turtles that got, well, mutated. But that's a whole different story. Judging by your reaction my guess is you girls aren't human."

"Well, I'm human!" the one called Mia says. The two that tried to quiet her before just sigh while Viv is still in a defensive pose, something Leo hasn't forgotten.

"I guess the cat's out of the bag," exhales the orange-haired chill.

"I do not –"

"It's an expression," Mia interrupts the Eternian. "Something I'm actually proud Ahina got." The child, Ahina, just grins.

"I'm Leonardo," Leo starts, "these are my brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo." They nod their heads when Leo says their names.

"I am Kathreene Johannason," the Eternian bows, only Leo bows back. "This is Ahina Smithflower," the orange-haired girl smiles, "Amelia Evans."

"Just Mia, though," the girl with glasses interjects.

"And Viv." Viv grunts, acknowledging her name.

"The three of us – myself, Ahina, and Viv – are from the Solar System, Conria, while Mia is from Earth," Kathreene finishes.

"Welcome to Earth, dudettes!" shouts Mikey.

"Dudettes?" Kathreene questions.

"The girl version of dude," Mia answers. "Dude is slang for guys," she adds before Kathreene can ask. Kathreene nods her head in gratitude.

"Still getting used to the terms we use here?" Donny guesses, to which Kathreene smiles sheepishly.

"It is… different than what I am used to."

"Ya mean all 'proper and mighty'?" Viv finally says, still on edge. She turns towards the brothers. "How do we know ya ain't bad guys?" Ahina sets a hand on Viv's arm, who shrugs it off a second later.

"Relax, Viv," Ahina soothes. "If they wanted to do us harm, they would've already." Viv sheathes her swords, which makes Raph relax, but Viv doesn't seem to be at complete ease.

"You don't seem to surprised to know we aren't from this planet," notices Ahina.

"We've been to outer space and gotten in the middle of an intergalactic war," Mikey shrugs. "We've gotten used to it. Plus, we aren't exactly normal either." Ahina just nods and the eight of them fall into an awkward silence.

"Now what?" Viv inquires, ending the silence.

"You're welcome at our home," Leo responds. "We were just heading back there. We live in the sewers of New York. It's safe, don't worry. I think we all want to talk about all of this."

The girls all look at Kathreene, including Viv. Judging by this, she must be the leader. She seems to be considering the options before nodding her head. "We will take you up on your offer."

Ahina and Mia cheer while Viv rolls her eyes. They start walking back the way the brothers were headed.

"Wait a second," Mia gapes, coming to a halt. "Did you say sewers?"

There you have it! I think I'll have fun with this story, so let me know what you think! I tried describing each character without using their names but I don't know how we'll I did. Just to be safe, I'll clarify:

Kathreene Johannason—Eternian (you'll learn later), 15, olive-toned skin, brown hair braided, formal attire, and a dagger

Ahina Smithflower—looks 9, and orange hair

Mia Evans—15, tall, long black hair, glasses, and is the only human in the group

Viv—17, short black hair, pale, wearing some sort of armor, and two swords at her hips

Hopefully that helped somewhat. Let me know what you think!