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"No luck. You?"

Leonardo sighs, "Just as much as you."

Raphael growls, "I knew we couldn't trust them."

"We had no reason not to."

"Yeah, well, we had no reason to either."

Before Leo can retort however, Michelangelo walks into the sewer intersection with one of their newest additions, Ahina.

"Hey, guys, look who I found!" Mikey says excitedly, but something is underlaying the displayed excitement that doesn't go unnoticed. He gives his older brothers a "talk about it later" look. "Any luck finding Raph's soulmate?"

"Viv's not my soulmate, knucklehead!"

"Also, you will not locate her if she does not want to be found," Kathreene comments, walking into the group with Donatello and Mia on her tail.

"Why's that, girlie?" Kathreene narrows her eyes at the "girlie" jab.

"Because she's Ziirac," Ahina interjects. "You just won't."

"Well what do you suggest we do?" Leo asks.

"We return to your living quarters. She will find us when she wishes to."

Donny scowls. "She won't find the Lair unless she knows where and what to look for. I've made the Lair hard to find."

Ahina just smirks. "Like I said: she's Ziirac. When she wants to find us, she will."

"I'd have to agree with Ahina," Mia laughs. "She's a stubborn one!"

That answer didn't sit well with Donny, but instead of responding he starts walking in the direction of their home.

"Wait!" Ahina calls. They all turn to look at the young girl while she shifts uncomfortably. "I just wanted to say... I'm sorry for my outburst. You guys didn't do anything wrong; I shouldn't have snapped at you."

Raph rolls his eyes while everyone else just smiles at her.

"No prob, kid," he says before they all start walking home.

Mikey hangs back enough to be noticed by Leo. Obviously something was weighing on his mind.

"You okay, Mikey?" Leo asks softly to not be overheard.

"Just... Ahina said something to me that's concerning," Mikey whispers with his eyes downcast.

Leo looks ahead. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be okay."

"No, Leo," he says harsh enough to make Leo look back at him. "Ahina said something about them being here because the world is in danger!"

Leo glances at Ahina briefly before returning to Mikey. "We'll talk later, okay? Everything will be okay, I promise." He pats his baby brother's shoulder before quickening his pace to whisper something to Raph and Donny.


"I've got a small confession, Kathreene," Ahina starts hesitantly.

Kathreene raises her eyebrow at Ahina, but the orange-haired girl was at a loss for words.

"You've got a confession?" Mia asks. "Well, that doesn't sound worrisome at all," she says sarcastically.

"I kinda slipped up," she glances back to where Mikey and Leo were talking in hush whispers. "I accidentally told Michelangelo about our mission here on Earth."

Knowing that this is a big issue for Kathreene and Ahina, Mia takes a step back. She is still able to hear but she refrains from commenting.

Kathreene gives a slightly shocked look before scrutinizing Mikey and Leo. "And it appears that whatever you told Michelangelo is being conveyed now to Leonardo. How much did you 'slip up'?

"I just mentioned that their world is in danger."

Kathreene nods thoughtfully. "We will be able to function with that." She watches Leo dart around Mia to get ahead of the Conrians to talk to Donny and Raph. The two of them eye her briefly. "However," she undertones to Ahina, "I feel like this event will soon turn into an interrogation."

Catching on to what her friend is saying, Ahina responds, "So let's delay that for as long as possible."

Finally, the group reaches their destination. Turning the corner, Donny pulls on a pipe and enters in a code, having the brick wall make itself known as a door.

"Welcome to the Lair, dudettes!" Mikey shouts.

"Wow!" Ahina exclaims. "The ceiling's so high!"

"Not used to that?" Donny inquires.

"Not used to a ceiling," she answers.

"Ah," Donny says. "What about you, Kathreene?"

"I am not used to it being so small and closed in," Kathreene says reluctantly.

"Well, this is home sweet home for us," Mikey says, opening his arms up.

Mia laughs. "It's definitely bigger than my aunt's house." Mia looks around before stopping at the family's entertainment center. "And a lot more TVs!" She comments happily before she runs over and starts checking out all the movies.

Mikey starts walking to join Mia, but Kathreene stops him. "I understand this is your home, Michelangelo, and I did not mean any disrespect. I am sorry if you felt that you were insulted."

Mikey's face brightens. "No problem! And you can just call me Mikey."

Mia scoffs. "Good luck with that."


Mia turns around and gives Kathreene an annoyed look. "If she still calls me 'Amelia' after I have told her millions of times that I want to be called 'Mia' there's no way she's calling you 'Mikey'."

Mikey pouts at Kathreene but she just smiles kindly at him.

"If it makes you feel better though," Mia continues, "I'll call you 'Mikey' and so will Ahina—if you want."

Mikey huffs. "Okay." He and Mia start talking intensely about different genres of movies. Kathreene decides (after having no idea what the two of them are saying) to move to the kitchen table where she sees Leonardo and Raphael talking.

Upon entering, both Leo and Raph's heads dart up.

"Where is Ahina?" Kathreene asks.

"The nerds are in the lab," Raph responds.


"Ahina and Donny are in our smart turtle's laboratory," Leo translates. Kathreene nods in understanding.

"Anyway," Raph says, "should we talk now or later about what Ahina said to Mikey."

"Later," Kathreene answers calmly; however, Raphael doesn't react like the Eternian.

"Wrong answer," Raph snarls, making Leo put his hand on his brother's plastron in warning.

"I apologize, Raphael. Ahina and I were not planning on involving you so early after our meeting. We will discuss later if we wish to reveal this information to you, and when Viv finds us we will communicate with her too."

"I think we have a right to know what happens to our planet!" Raph retorts.

"Going off that knowledge would mean notifying the government as well, since it's their planet too; and if we continue with that track it would include telling them about ALL creatures on the planet," Kathreene counters. Leo nods in understanding. "Some details are not ready for outside consumption. I understand that you have limited trust in us, but I ask for you to believe in the four strangers you met today."

With nothing to be said, Raphael storms out of the Lair.

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