Author's note: This may be a weird story coming from me. But it just popped into my head and well I thought why not?! I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless.

They say that breaking is hard to do.

Now I know I now that it's true...

Ever since that day she couldn't get that song out of her head. It ran through her mind over and over again. Sometimes it drove her nuts other times it comforted her. Why she didn't know but it did. Maybe it was because they weren't the only couple that had been through the ache of a breakup. It eased her mind that others went through the same loss. Maybe she was being selfish, maybe she wasn't. But, she didn't care She just liked knowing that others were as miserable as she was. Okay maybe it wasn't the most charitable thought. After all going through the end of a relationship is never easy. Even if you knew in your heart and head it was coming.

Remember when you held me tight.

When they had first started dating she had never been happier. Their relationship had started out very unexpected and unusual. But, hey a lot of the best romances start out that way didn't they? At least that is what she thought. What she hoped for. Unfortunately things didn't turn out the way she wanted-the way she imagined. The was she had dreamed. They had been broken up for about a month. She thought she would have gotten over him by now but every day was harder and more painful than the one before. The ironic thing was was that their breakup wasn't all that surprising. She knew it was coming but that didn't make it any less painful. She missed him terribly. She loved him but knew letting him go had been the right thing to do. They had had a great relationship but as much as she hated to admit it, as much as she loved him she knew they couldn't go on the way they were. She hadn't planned on breaking up with him that night. But circumstances and fate had other ideas. What had started out as a good day quickly turned into a day that even now she couldn't think about without getting all teared up.

Can't we give our love another try?

For a long time afterwards she thought about calling him on the phone and asking him if he wanted to get back together. She wanted to tell him that she loved him and missed him. She lost count the number of times she called him but hung up before he could answer. She just couldn't do it. She couldn't do that to him. She couldn't put that kind of pressure on him. He was where he was supposed to be. Their time together was over. It had been wonderful. It had been amazing. But it was over.

Instead of breaking up I wish we were making up again.

She looked at a picture she had of him. He was so handsome. Every night she slept with the picture underneath her pillow. It didn't take his place of course but it was comforting seeing him smile at her. In a strange way it was like he was still with her. She could fantasize that they were planning their wedding. It would have been so beautiful. She could just see him in a tux and she in a long flowing white gown. She even dreamed about it at night sometimes. It felt so real that when she awoke she expected to roll over and see him lying there. Of course he wasn't. He hadn't been and never would be again. They had both moved on. She sighed and put his picture away. It was time. Time to say goodbye for good.

"Goodbye Tony. I love you. I'll always love you." she whispered. She had to talk to someone and knew just the person. The one person who had always been there for her. Even though they had their ups and downs they were family. Family was everything. That was something he had shown her. She walked over and picked up the phone and dialed the number. After a few rings the phone was picked up.

"Hi Daddy! It's me Kathleen."