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Cecil: ::backs away a few steps, and ducks under the card table::

Squall: ::pulls out his gunblade, and rests it on his shoulder:: Fine then.

Cloud: ::pulls out his buster sword:: C'mon Sephiroth! Not like I haven't killed you before.

Sephiroth: ::jaw drops:: I died!?!

Cloud: ::smirks::

Sephiroth: ::turns to his villain friends:: I died?

Villains: ::look around whistling::

Sephiroth: What do you mean I died? ::shouts out::

Locke: Looks like I win this game guys! ::was playing behind everyone's back::

Seifer: Lets duel at cards next. I won against them.

Seymour: You did not win fairly Seifer, I believe that a rematch is in order.

Seifer: Shut up Seemore! ::smack Seymour across the forehead::

Seymour: It appears that you have mispronounced my-

Seifer: Shut up! ::hits him in the back of the head with the hilt of the gunblade::

Seymour: ::falls to floor with a yelp, that sound quite like a school girl crying::

Sephiroth: Now the really good bad guys will take you all on! ::pauses to recognize the oxy-moron::

Seifer: You're a moron!

Sephiroth: I didn't say anything!

Seifer: I know what your thinking!

Kuja: Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bear, Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzz wuzn't fuzzy wuzz he?

Everyone: ::looks at Kefka::

Kuja: ::blinks twice::

Tidus: ::rolls to his back:: We are the good guys! And we'll ::three bones break:: AHHH!!!

Zidane: ::kicks him:: Shut up! Anyways, We'll kick your ass anytime.

Cloud, and Squall glance at each other nearly laughing at their new "hero"

Cloud and Squall: ::puts arms around each other shoulders:: And they say that a hero could save us! I'm not gonna stand here and wait! I'll-

Chad Kroegor: ::walks in:: Hey! You didn't give a disclaimer on my song you mother-

Keoki: ::stumbles in before Chad turns this into a Pg-13 fic:: I do not own anything!!! I repeat!!! I do not own Hero!!! ::stumbles his way out::

Chad Kroegor: ::snaps his finger:: Thought I had a sure way to make some money there. ::walks out of the room, and joins the rest of his band in another go fish game::

Cloud and Squall: ::shrug to each other::

Zidane: Hey don't make fun of me man!

Squall: At least you can call us men. What are you monkey boy?

Zidane: I'm not a monkey!

Kefka: ::runs in:: MUHAHAHAHAH!!! ::dangles a banana in the air::

Zidane: ::jumps towards Kefka:: Gimme!

Kefka: ::runs out:: Asante Sana Squish Banana!!! Asante Sana Squish Banana!!!

Zidane: You better not!!!::chases after Kefka out of the room::

Rafiki: Hey! That's my song! I should call Simba to show you a thing or too!

Keoki: ::walks in shaking his head:: This is never going to end ::mutters under breath, and smiles:: I repeat I own nothing! Kefka just sang Rafiki's song in the Lion King. I repeat not mine ::walks out making stabbing gestures into his own chest:: Rafiki: ::walks out joining Timon and Pumba in another game::

Locke: I'm noticing something.

Cloud: What? ::turning to Locke::

Locke: You look a lot like me.

Cloud: Ha! You look a lot like me!

Locke: I came before you bud.

Cloud: Well I had CG first!

Locke: Well I was on SNES!

Cloud: Well I was on PSX!!!

Locke: So was I!

Cloud: ::looks down trying to think:: Well I'm blonde and blue-eyed so whatever!

Locke: ::looks at him:: You're an idiot too.

Squall: ::chuckles:: Now wait a second, this isn't a fight. Zidane is off chasing a banana-wielding Kefka, Tidus is just as useful as he ever was, but none the less broken to pieces, and Cecil is a wimp.

Cecil: I am not! My mommy always told me "Turn around and run away, and live to fight another day"

Squall: Yeah, in your case never.

Locke: Now wait a second Leon.

Squall: Squall

Locke: Whatever, He saved the world while you were just an itch-

Squall: In my dad's crotch, yea yea yea, I heard already.

Locke: Give your elders some respect.

Cecil: Yea! ::ponders for a second:: I'm not old?

Celes: Don't forget about our date Locke ::she walks past the good bad guys::

Seifer: You're a moron!

Celes: I didn't think anything.

Seifer: You were about to!::hates the word Oxy-Moron:: I'm a moron! I mean ::twiddles thumbs:: Whatever!!! Come fight wussy boy!

Kuja: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Everyone looks at him.

Kuja: ::blinks:: Well I had an extrodinary time with you gentlemen, I must join my mother for tea and crumpets. As the good and old used to say, and that, is that. ::begins to walk away:: I have almost forgotten I have a game of tennis with the gents at the country club. ::leaves::

Cloud: ::doesn't know what to say::

Seifer: ::turns to Sephiroth:: And I thought he was just an idiot, but now I know he's a smart ass.

The fight is now left to Seifer and Sephiroth versus, Cloud and Squall

Locke: Later guys, I'm passing by the motel on 67th. ::walks out with Celes around his arm:: So did I tell you about the time.

Cloud: ::coming to a conclusion:: Why don't we just play go fish, and forget that all this occurred?

Sephiroth: ::paces back and forth:: I get the seat on the end?

Cloud: Sure ::everyone sits on an end anyway::

Squall: Whatever.

Seifer: Great! I get to kick all your asses again.

The four of them begin to play a safe and innocent game of Go fish. Well I guess not safe, and now that I think about it, not innocent either, but whatever

Squall: That's my word.

I mean but I sure.

Seifer: Shut up mommas boy!!! Sephiroth: Foolish mortal!!!

Keoki: ::slaps hand on forehead:: Not again. I'm never working with this group.

Tifa: Well are we going of too the movies or not?

Keoki: Yes swee- err I mean Tifa.

Tifa: Byies ::waves to reader::

Keoki: Take Care guys ::waves to reader:: Wave back!!! ::waits for you to wave back::

::They both turn and walk away::

Tifa: so how about we watch the Blob!

Keoki: Fine, but I'm sure I'm gonna feel the same way about it as Cloud.