Title: Violet Hill


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Chapter 1: Thoughts of a man

Dumbledore apparated outside the wall separating the Leakey Cauldron from Diagon Alley with a soft 'crack'. Must be silent next time he thought to himself. He deftly cast a disillusionment charm on himself followed by a notice-me not charm. It wouldn't do for the "leader of the light" to be seen walking into knockturn alley he justified to himself. He quickly tapped the required bricks of the wall and set off into the crowded street, slowly but surely making his way towards the darkened corner the housed the entrance to the foreboding knockturn alley.

Potter, he cursed to himself quietly, still not wanting to draw any attention. If that boy had even a modicum of self-control he'd be perfect, no rash running off to the ministry to save his Godforsaken godfather, no immature strops destroying priceless instruments. At least he didn't get the pensieve Dumbledore mused to himself. I guess this will have to come out of the Potter account... After all he did break those instruments and he has to learn the consequences of his actions. That reminds me; I'll have to stop off at Gringotts and renew the address to forward Harry's bank statements. Feeling he has justified himself he entered the shop named "Malvoisie and Mangrove Magical Mechanisms", a shop he had only entered once before, almost 16 years ago.

5 minutes previously,

Not too far away, in the head goblin's office at Gringotts, Ragnok looked up to see an anxious goblin enter the chambers carrying a letter. "Let me have the worst" Ragnok said in a calm, scratchy voice. The young goblin straightened up and looked Ragnok in the eye, before depositing the note on the counter.

Ragnok sighed as the goblin left the room. Curious at the note he picked it up and slit it open with this dagger. His eyebrows would have jumped, had he any eyebrows, but his surprise was evident all the same. No time to loose... He thought as he quick marched from his office to the floor of the bank. Today will truly be... Interesting if we succeed. Having been played thoroughly by the old man over the last 10 years, the goblin race was about to knock him down a peg or two. Albus Dumbledore would indeed, rue the day he took over the Potter accounts from its rightful heir. Unbeknownst to the Headmaster, who was fawning over the new array of instruments laid out in front of him, a determined owl named Eargit streaked through the sky, due course: Little Whinging.

Harry Potter lay on his small bed in his box room in the Dursley's house, Number 4, Privet Drive. His bedroom cluttered from the many failed apology notes he meant to send to his friends that lay discarded on the floor. He contemplated what had happened at the end of last year, wondering what his friends would say, that was his only concern at the moment; would they forgive him? Not a second later, he heard a small tapping at the window, Hedwig had returned from her hunt. Harry quickly opened the window and slumped back onto his bed. Instead of flying back to her cage though, she landed swiftly on the small square table where his wand and a few school books lay open, and held her leg out. 2 minutes passed, Harry hadn't moved from his despondent position so she clicked her beak and barked, thoroughly annoyed. Harry was raised out of his stupor and quickly detached the note form her leg, so she could fly back into her cage. Looking at the note, he recognized Hermione's neat handwriting adorning the surface of the envelope. With trembling hands he opened it, before he could even try to face the horrors that lay within, another snowy owl swooped through the window landing nearly on the table. Harry had never seen this owl before and carefully took the thick parchment that it carried. The owl didn't move after that so he proceeded to read the letter it had brought, willing to put as much time between himself and Hermione's letter.

Dear Mr Potter,

We would like to make our yearly request for review of your accounts here are Gringotts. It would be most helpful if you were to send your reply with Eargit, the Gringotts Owl. If you wish to discuss your accounts, we will send a portkey to you, activated at your earliest convenience.

Wishing you well and hoping to hear from you soon,


Senior Teller

Gringotts Bank

He quickly scrawled a note and attached it to Eargit's leg before he took off once more heading towards Gringotts. Harry lay down in his bed once more, his heart throbbing deeply, almost painfully in his chest. Suddenly he sat up and put the pain out of his mind, it was time to face Hermione's letter.


I truly hope you are well, I understand that you can't be taking Sirius' death too well, but listen to me Harry, you will get through this, don't lock me out, don't lock Ron out. We want to help you.

AND NO WE DON'T BLAME YOU FOR WHAT HAPPENED! I should have seen it, I should have been stronger Harry, I'm sorry I let you down. Don't beat yourself up about me getting hurt Harry, it was completely my fault. Nor does ANYONE blame you for Sirius' death. If anyone is to blame it's Voldemort!

Please write back soon Harry, you're beginning to worry me. (Then again, when do you not worry me?)



Harry looked up, a look of complete relief on his face spread across his face. He still couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty, the pain in his chest returned and he scratched it absent mindedly.

Harry sat up from his bed to stare out of the window, watching the clouds roll by. The day is still young. He mused to himself. Suddenly, Harry pulled his trunk from the corner of his room, invigorated by the letter from Gringotts and the forgiveness he received from Hermione. Pulling his books he began to read, open-minded and found himself absorbing the information at an alarming rate. By the end of the day, he had zipped through the DADA course of 5 years, and had committed it to memory and was already half-way through Charms, although he'd have to wait until he next saw Hermione to actually test his retention.

Later in the evening, Eargit swooped through the once again, open window carrying a small envelope with a slight bulge in the bottom. YEARLY MEETINGS! Harry realized this is the first I've heard about this! Harry fumed. He picked through the note that came with the portkey.

Mr Potter,

As requested we have enclosed your portkey and have been able to authorize travel from your home. Please use the portkey at any time tomorrow to visit Gringotts. We will provide you with a return key upon completion of your business at Gringotts.

May your Gold flow freely.


Senior Teller


Harry lay down in bed, unable to contain his excitement. As he drifted off there was a sharp pain in his chest, but dismissed as he closed his eyes.

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