Dionysus: The Greek god of wine and revelry

It took almost two years before Charlie decided it was safe to celebrate his release from prison. Ted had gotten out six months after him and a small party was thrown in honor of Ted s release. Charlie, Charlie never actually celebrated his freedom. Sure he slept around and bought expensive things but really that was about celebrating his wealth.

For a year after his release Charlie thought that they would come back to get him. He would wake up in a cold sweat and swear he could hear sirens waiting to drag him back to Pelican Bay. He started working as a police officer again and still he thought they would take him back. Roman took Dani and he found something to fight for and he got her back. But he did bad things to get her back. He threatened people and maybe didn't follow the law down to the crossed 't's and dotted 'i's and so he still thought they would come for him.

When Dani slid her hand into his after he got back out of Roman s car, after he found her again and told her that Roman was dead. That is when he knew he wouldn't have to go back. Because in her hand in his he knew that there was a promise kept between their cupped palms. A promise from him to her and her to him that if anything tried to take them away again that they wouldn't let that happen. And so he knew that he was free and that it wouldn't tempt fate to celebrate.

So he threw a fete. A party the likes of which the LAPD had never seen and never would again. The doors of his home were thrown open. Beer and wine and spirits ran freely throughout and all the officers who were off duty came. The party continued and duty shifts changed and more people cycled into the party. Music blared but none of the neighbors were brave enough to call the police on a party with that many cruisers out front. Women and men danced and celebrated. They thought they were celebrating Dani s safe return back to the LAPD, back to her brotherhood and that was okay.

In the wee hours of the morning alone locked away in Charlie's room Charlie told Reese that they were celebrating his freedom. Charlie told Reese that he knew what the promise of their hands cupped together meant and Dani agreed. Charlie and Reese cupped their hands together again with their fingers intertwining and celebrated his freedom together, their own way, with nothing between them but the night air that blew in coolly from open window while the sounds of revelry rose up from below and surrounded them.