Hi if you know any possible ways to kill kaito and make it very Very VERYpainful please do tell

Conan you say it if not you will end up in the same position as kaito now back to killing kaito SIE FILTHY ASSOLE SUN OF A BITHCH KAITO DIE!

Conan gulp Detective2Conan doesn't own detective conan whimper

Good boy your safe. woo hoo. For

Conan POV

K Kid I stuttered what are you doing. I'll snow you tainte kun. In a poof both me and kid were nude. W-w-w-wait like stuttered. It's ok tainte kun whispered kid the next thing I know Kid has a bunch of sex toys. Pick a number between 1 and ten. 7 I guess. Ohhh. The vibrator. Kid grabs it and pushes it a little more that all the way in. Then he turns it on high. Kid stop. After about 20 mins he turned it of. Next he slowly positioned Conan so that when he let go conan would fall onto his dick. In a poof Conan's hands and ankles were bound and he was gagged so he couldn't make any noise. Then he drops/pulls conan down onto it and Conan winced The next time kid went so deep conan cried. Then he started pounding around in Conan.


Time Skip Two hours later conan was tied and gagged and asleep. Kid had use chloroform to knock him out. Then he forced a... Down his throat

Find out what was forced down Conan's throat and what acutely happen was all just a dream The world may never know just kidding notice the pun find out in the next chapter sorry about them being short I will try to make them longer