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Bella felt her mind spinning. Giant wolves. Giant freaking wolfs half the people on that beach had turned into giant wolves and now they were telling her that she was imprinted on by Jacob Black. Jacob Black who she remembered following around as a child begging him to make mud pies with her. She groaned. This was just strange.

Imprint, imprint, imprint. The word kept echoing in her head. "You can decide the type of relationship we have." The words Jacob had said spun through her head also. What did she want?" She knew she felt something when Jacob was around but she didn't know what. She figured it was just the imprint the freaky magic of the imprint.

"Ugg just great stuck with a giant wolf looking over me for the rest of my life. a guy I hardly know. Who I haven't seen since I was little who is older than me and just I can't believe this." She shook her head as she walked farther along the beach away from the gathered group. "But what do I want." She whispered to herself "Do I want to give this a chance?" and her heart was yelling yes and her head was still spinning but even though she figured it was the magic and even though she wasn't completely sure how she'd handle it she decided that yes, yes she wanted to give it a chance to see where the magic of the imprint could or would take her. She figured that if Jacob was a bad guy her dad would have objected. And he hadn't so that was a point in Jacob's favor. Jacob well she wasn't completely familiar with him she still knew him. He'd been a part of her childhood. He seemed to command respect and have good friends all points in his favor but there was one thing nagging at her mind. Why did all the others seem to look at him for direction?

She sighed and stood up it was time to go back she didn't want them to worry. Though she knew she was perfectly safe here on the slightly chilly beach. She walked back towards the group. She cleared her throat when she got close enough to be heard.

"Jacob can I talk to you please?" Jake looked up at her seeing the war in her eyes.

"Yes of course." He jumed up and walked towards her. "Why don't we walk back to Sue and Charlie's?" Bella just nodded her head agreeing to the plan. The rest of the pack watched them go.

"I hope she say's yes." Leah said and the other girls nodded.

"Jacob deserves to be happy." Kim said.

'Yeah he has so much on his shoulders." Rachel sighed. "I hope he tells dad soon though I think dad has figured something is going on with all the whispers traveling between all of us. And I'm surprised Charlie hasn't told him anything."

"I think Charlie is still shell shocked." Seth chuckled.

'Very true." Leah nodded. The pack continued to talk as Jacob and Bella made their way towards the house.

"Are you okay" Jacob asked.

"Yeah I think I mean it's not everyday you get told people you know turn into giant wolves and that you're imprinted on. I have a few questions but something I had to answer for myself was if you were a normal guy who asked me out would I say yes?"

"And what answer did you come to?" Jake asked.

"That yes I'd say yes. I realize there are some strange cosmic magic going on here and I'm willing to give this all a shot but please lets go slow. I'm only 16 my dad doesn't seem to object to the age difference but still I'd like to get to know you not letting the imprint dictate to us to much."

Jacob let out a sigh of relief "Yes what ever you want." He said looking down at her.

"I just have one question for you?"

"And what is that?"

"Why does the whole pack turn to you looking for answers?"

"Because I'm the alpha which means I'm the leader of the pack. Sam is my Beta."

"Oh." Bella filed that piece of information away to examine later. They made it to the front porch. "I think I should talk to my dad about all this I hope you don't mind?"

"No of course not your dad knows all about the pack so say what ever you need to him."

"I have another question. You have another sister Rebekah right, does she know about all of this?""

"NO only people directly affected such as imprints or your father know. Your father knows because he's with Sue and thus lives with two wolves. There is no reason for Rebekah to know. She lives in Hawii and she never comes home anyway." He shrugged and Bella could see the hurt those words caused him let the subject drop. "Thanks for the walk Jacob."

"Thanks for agreeing to give this a try." Jacob said and before he could really think about it he pulled her into a hug. Bella was a bit shocked at the move but didn't protest. She let herself be held in his arms and wonder what her future would hold. Jacob watched her slip inside before heading back to the rest of the pack.

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