A Secret Inside

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Chapter One

They had always been able to tolerate each other, Lily Evans and James Potter, so when he was desperate for a date, she agreed to go with him. That was the beginning of their relationship. The two were together for two months, which was longer than he had ever been with any other girl before. Everyone talked about them, they were couple of Hogwarts. A few days into the third month, he broke up with her for Gina Lowe, a seventh year Ravenclaw. Of course, Lily was upset, but they decided to remain friends. A few weeks later, she was reminded of their short time together with a souvenir that wouldn't arrive for another nine months.

This was why sleep wasn't coming for Lily that night. After tossing and turning in her bed for who knows how long, she gave up trying. Instead, she quietly got out of bed and snuck down to the common room, careful not to wake anyone else. There were many questions that she had to think about and if anyone woke up, she didn't want to explain why she was up and what she was doing. No one, with the exception of herself and the nurse, knew that Lily was pregnant. She wasn't sure when, or even if, she was going to tell James.

A fire was still burning brightly in the common room. "Looks like the last person forgot to put it out, again." She sighed, taking a seat in the red arm chair that sat the closest to the blazing flames. She brought her legs up to her chest and curled up under a wool blanket that she brought down with her. Questions kept filling her head, main one being if she was ready for this. Then she quietly chuckled. "A little late to be asking that, eh, Lily?"

"Are you talking to your self, again?" A voice from the boy's stairs called. Turning her head around, she saw James leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed and grinning. She nodded her head and gave small smile. "What are you doing down here?" He asked.

"Just thinking." She said slowly, making sure she didn't say anything that would scare him off like, 'Remember that night by the lake and how one thing led to another? Well, it turns out, I'm pregnant. Your going to be a daddy!' She giggled at the thought of the expression of his face if she told him that. 'How could that happen?!' He would yell. Then she would say they were two 16 year old kids who got caught up in the moment. It sounded good, now that she thought about it, but she wanted a little more time to think about it. Surely he wouldn't be that understanding about it.

He took a seat on the end of the couch. "Whatcha thinking about, Lils?" He asked her.

"Something I don't want to talk about." Her eyes drifted from his face to the fire in front of her. 'Please don't pressure me, James. Just go back to your room. Go back to bed. Dream about your girlfriend.' The last part hurt her to think, but she did anyway. 'Please, James. Don't start asking me questions. I have enough to think about.' She screamed inside her mind.

"You know you can always talk to me." He grinned. She looked back at him with a melancholy look on her face. "You ok?" He asked worried when he took a closer look at her.

"I have a question." She asked him. He nodded his head as a sign for her to go on. "Well," she started, "how do you go about telling someone something big. So big that it will effect their life and you don't know if they want it to." After the question had been said, she thought about it again. "Does that make any sense?" She asked.

He nodded. "At least I understand it." He told her. "Is it serious?" He asked back, concerned for his friend.

"It's hypothetical." She replied quickly, looking anywhere she could except in his direction.

"Oh, well in that case..." He said. 'He's so stupid! How did I ever like him?' Her thoughts were cut off by his response.

"Well, until you know for sure, I wouldn't tell them." He said. Lily nodded.

"Thanks." She told him. He smiled and stood up.

"Well, I'm going to go to bed now. Don't stay up to late."

"You're not my dad." She said back, sticking out her tongue at him. It was followed by a yawn.

"I know you better than yourself, Lily Evans. G'night." Then he was gone.

'How am I going to tell him?' She asked herself over and over until she finally fell asleep.