I love Frosty the Snowman so here is a lil ficlet for him and his all to beautiful wife, Crystal!

"Oh, Frosty. Aren't they just the cutest?" Crystal whispered as she looked down into her arms.

Everyone surrounding her smiled in awe. It was nearing Winter again meaning that production at the North Pole was speeding up due to the rapid Holiday season. This also meant that two certain snow people would be heading back into a little town soon. But, not before they finally got a little something taken care of first. Two something's, actually.

Frosty sat next to his wife in a speechless daze.

He could do nothing but stare at the two blankets that bundled two little snow babies in them. When everyone turned to the snowman, they saw a grin grace his face. A grin that showed his love and determination not only for his lovely wife, but for his two newborn children as well. Frosty stood from his seat and knelt next to the love of his life. "Crystal...they're amazing. And they're ours." He turned to finally be face to face with Crystal. The snowwoman giggled and held the two babies tighter.

The room was then filled with quiet murmurs amongst the two snow people's friends. But soon fell silent when a familiar jolly voice suddenly emerged from nowhere.

"What are you going to name them?"

Frosty grinned wider and glanced over at Santa. He then glanced back at Crystal and gave her a questioning look.

Crystal giggled and looked at Santa. "Would you like to do the honors, sir?"

Santa gave a his boisterous laugh, which surprisingly soothed the slightly irritated babies, and walked towards the blooming family. "Well, they are twins. Are they boys, or girls?" He saw Frosty shift a bit. "Actually, the one on the right is a girl, and the one on the left is a boy."

Santa's rosy cheeks grew brighter with delight as his smile expanded. "Well, the boy's name can be Chilly, and the gal's name can be Milly. Does that sound about right for these two?"

Everyone's murmurs rose up again in agreement. Frosty looked at the two children fondly who were now in a sound sleep. Lightly rubbing Milly's head, Frosty and Crystal replied enthusiastically. "Perfect."

I'm obsessed with Frosty and I don't care that it's Spring. I love the snowman and his adorableness family! Thank you for reading! I have plenty ideas so stay tuned!