Inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest (which is now a part of the cover image if you want a look).

I love Howl's Moving Castle (both book and movie, and for once in my life, I couldn't tell you which version I prefer) and so this was written in less than five minutes and put up here in less than ten. This is in the movie version, though, so- in case there was any confusion. Movie. Not book. Though both are awesome and I'd recommend them a thousand times over.

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"Find me in the future!" she had called.

But when is the future if every day is the present?

When does the future become now?

She was amazing- he had enough time to notice that. She called his name and told him to do something.

"Find me in the future!"

It'd be difficult, but he could do it.

He could do anything.

When does the future become now?

Years pass, but still he looks for her.

She'd arrive and she'd be there to help fix all his flaws and he'd stop moving around so much cuz he'll have found her.

When does the future become now?

He's built a castle that moves amongst the mountains.

He'll find her and she won't have to fix his flaws because they'll be perfectly off set by hers.

When does the future become now?

They'll find each other and they'll never stop moving and seeing and marveling at all the beautiful things in this world.

When does the future become now?

"There you are darling, I was looking everywhere for you."