Chapter 6

Last chapter was mostly Lita by herself. Sorry, but most of this story is going to be told from her point of view, so she's sort of the center of attention in this story. If you don't like that honestly I don't care. There are lots of Loki fictions out there if you want Loki to be purely Loki, go to tumblr, ok? Anyway there's gonna be some Loki and Lita time here. ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

Lita smiled as she sat with Loki in the throne room. Ever since he had come back from Asgard Loki had spent little time with her, she missed him greatly. She sat on his lap looking up at the new Asgardian king. He seemed to be in deep thought as he sat there, it made her wonder what was going on inside his mind.

"Loki was gone all day yesterday," She said sweetly leaning back into Loki's chest, her voice seemed to jar Loki from his thoughts as he looked down at the Midgardian child and smiled warmly, "Lita missed Loki greatly."

"I apologize Lolita, as King there is much I must do to ensure Asgard's safety." He explained to her with a soft smile. Lita smiled back.

"Loki is a good king of Asgard." She said looking ahead. "Much better than Thor ever would have been. Will Loki tell Lita of his adventures to Midgard?"

Loki smiled down at the young child. Her large sapphire colored eyes looking up at him innocently. She seemed to love his traveling stories, no matter where he went, and Loki enjoyed telling her of them. However this time he would not be able to tell her the full story.

"I went to see Thor," He told her. Lita scowled.

"Why would Loki do that?" She asked, genuinely confused by Loki's words. Loki laughed genuinely as he looked down at her, her head tilted like a confused pup.

"To see if he had made any progress during his exile." He explained. Lita frowned deeper and looked ahead.

"Lita does not believe Thor can do anything progressive." She muttered grumpily, she then smiled and looked up at her beloved Loki, "What is Midgard like?"

Loki pursed his lips, of all the realms he traveled to, Lita never asked to go to Midgard. She would ask almost all the time to accompany him to any of the other realms, however Midgard was a world that tended to hold little interest to the child. Perhaps it was because it reminded her of the kin she never knew, or perhaps it wasn't anything that deep. Whatever the case, Loki did not mind, though he did wonder about it. He then smiled down at Lita and wrapped her in his arms.

"Perhaps one day, I will take you there, and show you." He said, hugging her close and kissing the top of her head. Lita smiled and hugged the god of mischief back wholeheartedly.

"Lita wants to go everywhere Loki goes." She said, just as four people entered the throne room. Loki released Lita as he was approached by Lady Sif and the Warriors three. He looked upon them with a look of neutrality, as they kneeled before him. Lita looked to them as well, but with a smile.

"Hello Siffy!" She said, waving at the kneeling woman. Out of all of Thor's friends, she was perhaps the only one Lita actually liked. She was the only one who didn't call the child an imp.

"Lolita, go play while I attend to this." Loki said sternly. Lita looked up at the newly anointed king, whatever the situation was it must have been more serious than Lita could understand if Loki wanted her out of the room. Lita pursed her lips as she jumped off Loki's lap and padded away out of the room. She wanted to stay and listen, watch Loki being the benevolent king that she knew he was, however, she did what he was told and left. She would simply have to ask Loki about it later. He promised to tell her stories anyhow, this situation she was missing out on would just have to be one of them. With that thought in mind she scurried off down the hall, turning into a snake as she went toward the gardens.

Her plan was simple. She would—as a snake—slither into the tall grass where maidens were gathering fruit for the kitchen, and scare them. It always made Lita laugh to hear them scream over the harmless prank, mostly because they could never do anything to punish her, because no one ever got hurt. Sure there was one time in the kitchen when she pretended to be a rat and the cook nearly took her head off with a meat cleaver, she'd been scolded profusely by Loki, and was forever band from the kitchen.

Silently, Lita slithered outside the gates into the gardens, where the unsuspecting Asgardian women toiled away. Lita giggled to herself as she snaked her way toward one who was bent down picking tomatoes. She made a face internally—she hated tomatoes—mostly because it claimed to be a fruit but tasted like a vegetable. Lying food is what it was. She slithered until she was directly beside the woman, ever silent, and ever patient as she coiled right next to the woman. When the woman moved to go to the next vine, Lita let out a hiss. The woman looked down and let out a scream, falling backwards and spilling tomatoes everywhere. The other women turned to see what was going on.

"S-snake!" The poor maiden cried, Lita giggled to herself as she quickly slithered away back into the tall grass. She then changed form into a cat and climbed a nearby tree, as the women went in search for the snake. Lita let out a joyous laugh as she returned to normal and sat on a nearby branch. she laughed so hard she almost didn't notice someone walking under the tree she was in. Lita quickly silenced herself and hid behind the foliage of the tree. A woman with golden blonde hair walked beneath the tree. Lita scowled she had never seen this maiden. Who was she? This woman dressed in blue silk, adorned with gold and jewels. The woman looked up into the tree, and Lita retreated into the leaves, she stared at the woman. This woman, with her hazel brown eyes, golden hair, and olive skin was beautiful, even to the young Midgardian child. However, something about the woman did not sit well with her.

"Hello, I thought I saw you up there. Little one." She said, her voice was soft and sweet. Lita scowled. None of the other maidens had ever been able to find Lita when she pulled her pranks. How did this one find her now? "Won't you come down? I promise I won't tell anyone about your little prank."

Lita's scowl deepened as the woman smiled at her, "If you come out I will give you a treat."

The woman then pulled out a strange fruit. It was a round fruit with a deep red color, Lita had never seen it before. Silently she climbed down from her hiding spot, being extremely wary of this strange woman.

"That's a girl." The woman said as Lita hung from the tree limb.

"What is it?" Lita asked holding onto the branch she was previously sitting on. She was referring to the fruit in the woman's hand. "It is not a strawberry is it?"

"No, you silly girl." The woman said, "Tis merely a pomegranate. Do you want it or not?"

The woman then held the pomegranate toward Lita, who then sniffed it curiously. It wasn't smart to take fruit from people she didn't know, Loki had told her this once before. However curiosity—once again—got the better of her. It smelled sweet, and bitter at the same time. It was strange. Finally, Lita let go of the tree, catching herself and floating in midair—much to the woman's surprise—and snatched the red fruit, sinking her tiny fangs into the it. The bitter sweet taste of the pomegranate's juice surprised her. she stared at the woman as she willed herself to the ground.

"Do you like it?" she asked. Lita said nothing and only continued to drink the juice that came out. "I shall take your silence for a yes."

There was a loud crash, pulling Lita's attention away from the woman. It came from the palace, she scowled, wondering what had made the sound. When she looked back at the woman, she was gone. Lita tilted her head in confusion. No doubt she would see that woman in the future. Of that she was sure. Pulling the pomegranate away from her mouth and shrugged the foreboding feeling away.

"Lita likes pomegranates." She said sweetly, as she sat down at the base of the tree and a sudden sleepy feeling over took her.

She awoke to the sound of Loki calling for her. She yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she hadn't expected to fall asleep. After meeting that strange woman…come to think of it, where did that woman go? Lita shook her head as she stood stretching her limbs. She shook her head, supposing that it really didn't matter as she scurried away back to the palace. Back to Loki.

Once back inside, Lita soon found Loki. He was back on his throne, and rightfully so in Lita mind. Loki had seemed to be in deep thought, and had yet to notice her in the room. Lita smiled deviously, it was the perfect chance to sneak up on Loki and surprise him.

Lita took to the shadows of the throne room. She was naturally silent, so that was nothing to worry about with her. It wasn't long until she was right behind the throne on which Loki sat. Silently she willed her body up from the ground until she was hovering just above him. She had always snuck up on Loki in the past, so today should have been no different. However, when Lita went to wrap her arms around her beloved prince, she fazed through and landed on the seat of the throne. Luckily, she had managed to twist her body—much like a cat—so that she would land on her bottom and not her head. Lita pouted, and looked about the room for Loki, but he was nowhere to be seen. She pouted, completely unaware of the metal and leather clad prince lurking behind her. Lita let out a squeal of joy and she was attacked by Loki and wrapped in his embrace.

"Loki's not supposed to be able to sneak up on Lita!" She giggled as Loki held her in his arms. Loki smiled.

"Yes, well, let it never be said that your Loki doesn't learn from his past." He said, moving out from behind the golden throne to sit down, with Lita on his lap. He then held up a finger, "You've snuck up on me enough times for me to learn a thing or two."

"Will Loki tell Lita about his adventures now?" Lita asked beaming up at Loki.

"Yes but first, Lolita, I must tell you something," He said to her in a serious tone. Lita's smile faded a bit, it wasn't very often Loki spoke to her in a serious tone. Usually it was reserved for the rare occasions that she would get in trouble with him. Was she in trouble? She hadn't done anything wrong in a long while—accept run away from Frigga come bath time, and that last prank—but those were different situations.

"Lita is listening." She said with a confused look as Loki paused for a moment. As if he were trying to find a way to make the young Midgardian understand.

"Some things will be happening in the next few days Lolita." He began, "I have planned for them to happen. However,"

He paused for a moment. Lita stared up at him, confused. He sounded worried. Finally Loki spoke again.

"However, Lolita, if anything seems odd to you. Don't worry. It will all be alright." He said, it had sounded like he decided against what he was going to say, and decided to lie instead. He was the God of Lies, this was true, but sometimes Lita could tell when he was hiding something. Though, for now, she would just trust in Loki.

"Lita understands." She said, then smiled sweetly and snuggling closer to him. Though she couldn't seem to shake the foreboding feeling that something bad was about to happen.

This time I end things on a more eerie note, and let's see if youcan figure out who the mystery blond woman is! Ten points if you can figure it out. Haha! It's been so long since I've done any kind of fanficting. I've been, so uninspired lately, and that depresses me, cause I used to look at a leaf blow and think of a story line. Sigh. It's sad, maybe I'm losing my touch.