Another Time, Another Life

-{x}-{x}-{Chapter 6}-{x}-{x}-

3:15. Finally. It was that time of the day again. The second the end of day bell shrieked through the campus Elsa was up and out of the door and on her way to the pool. In almost no time flat she had crossed the rather short distance between Arendelle and Oaken's and crashed through the doors.

She bounded up to the reception desk and leaned over the rather short counter to drape her arms around an equally short Olaf.

"Hi Elsa! Good to see you here again!" He had a huge smile on his face as his arms reached out to meet Elsa's.

"You kidding Olaf? Wouldn't miss a day if I could help it! Admission is $4 right?"

Olaf's face lit up. Elsa could practically see the lightbulb turn on in his head.

"Whoops! That reminds me! HEY PROFESSOR OAKS! SHE'S HERE!"

A rather gruff voice rang out from the back. "Coming in a second yah?" A comically large, towering man with a very bushy orange moustache came lumbering around the corner. The second eye contact was made between him and Elsa he waved timidly and said, "Hoohoo! You the lady I've been hearing lots about yah?"

Elsa raised an eyebrow, then said suspiciously, "I don't know. Am I, Olaf?"

Olaf began to chew on a nail. "Maaaaaaaybe... But I didn't start it! I swear! It was Anna!"

Her jaw dropped, "Anna's been talking about me?"

Oaken pressed his fingers together, a goofy smile spread across his face. "Yah! Anna has been quite the chatterbox about a certain 'blue eyes beauty.' I can see she is not exaggerating! Is hard to tell her to concentrate on work when she is so happy, no?"

Elsa couldn't believe her ears. She didn't know Anna had liked her enough to tell all her coworkers about. She began to wonder what else Anna did behind the scenes but before she could dwell on the thought Oaken piped up again.

"You're making our dear Anna very happy Elsa. I give you a free pass for the rest of the year as thanks yah? The rest of the staff agreed to it." He slid over a jet black card detailed: Wandering Oak's Honoured Guest: Elsa.

Now it was her eyes that Elsa couldn't believe. A free pass? For the whole year?

She dropped her bag and leapt the counter, enveloping Olaf and Oaken in the biggest hug she could possibly manage in a wordless display of thanks, albeit quite awkward because of their mismatched heights. Olaf barely reached Oaken's shoulders after all. The two were a bit surprised a first, but reciprocated the hug eagerly.

Elsa stammered out an apology for such an abrupt move, regathered her bags, and left for the changerooms. As soon as she disappeared behind the heavy door, Oaken quietly chuckled to himself.

"Be good to her, yah?"

Elsa stepped out of the showers, tying her hair into yet another tight bun to be wrapped by her trusty old haircap. Instead of beelining straight for the lanes like she usually did, she instead opted to wade into the leisure pool and wait for Anna to arrive. The pool was mostly deserted, so Elsa grabbed a nearby floating foam mat, climbed on top, and drifted off.

Her nap however was rudely interrupted when a large cascade of water splashed onto her face.

Elsa rather ungracefully fell off the mat and plunged into the water. After approximately 30 seconds of panicked, disorientated, floundering about like a fish out of water she finally managed to push hoist herself out of the water.

She resurfaced to find a hysterical Anna.

Anna was doubled over, howling, body curved as her body convulsed uncontrollably. She was leaning on a railing to steady herself, but failing that, she eventually collapsed to the floor in a fit of giggles.

"Anna! Is this your idea of a prank or something?!"

A long pause ensued as Anna tried to spit out a reply, laughing the entire time.

"S-sorry Elsa! It was just way too tempting to resist!"

Elsa observed the redhead, literally rolling around the floor in laughter. A devious smirk emerged on her face as Elsa cupped her hands and flicked upwards, spraying Anna with water of her own. A shrill scream pierced through the relative quiet of the pool.

"Aieee! Elsa! Not funny!"

"Oh so it's only funny when you do it to me is it?!" Elsa gave her a generous second helping, and a third, and a fourth..

"Elsa stop! You're making me wet!"

Elsa froze at the double entendre as yet another furious blush crept onto her pale while skin. Unbeknownst to her, Anna's cheeks had turned the same shade as well. Both girls turned away in embarrassment. Only when the rampant blushes died down did they face one another.

"So..." Elsa scrambled to think of a topic to talk about. "How's school been lately..?"

Anna coughed. "Relatively fine, think my math mark might drop a bit because I've slept through most of the lectures. I should be fine though, Arendelle High has some of the best tutors."

Anna's face lit up in a manner not unsimilar to Olaf's.

"That reminds me! Where do you attend school Elsa?"

Elsa nearly heaved. She wasn't prepared for a question like this. She had to answer fast, hesitating to reply would certainly raise suspicion as to who she really was. Elsa spat out the name of the first high school that came to mind that wasn't Arendelle.

"Corona High."

Anna's eye's widened in surprise. "Really? You're from Corona? Wow! Flynn and Rapunzel used to go there!"

uh oh.

Anna pointed at a nearby clock hanging off the wall. "Wait. How did you get to the pool so fast? Usually it takes Punzie and Flynn half an hour to get here, they're usually the first ones out of the school and they've never arrived before 3:45. The only person I know who can make it here this early is Olaf, and he's from Arendelle."

Elsa glanced at the clock. 3:31. Shit. Elsa was glad that she was in the pool, otherwise Anna would definitely have seen the beads of sweat rolling down her forehead.

"Umm... I think I'm going to go swim my laps now. Talk to you later Anna..?"

Anna shot her a look. "Okay. See you in the caff by 5?"

"Yeah. Sure. Bye." Elsa waded out of the pool as fast and she gracefully could. She suspects something. There's no way she wouldn't.

At 5:00 sharp Elsa stepped out of the changerooms and into the cafe adjacent to the reception desk.

Anna was already there, eyebrows furrowed while texting on her phone as she quietly slurped on a coke. Elsa slid into the chair across from her, prompting two teal irises to look up at her.

"Hey Elsa."

"Hi Anna."





This is awkward.

"So.. anything you want to talk about Anna?"

Anna shot her another glance. Definitely suspects something. "Sure. Want to hear about Flynn and Rapunzel like I promised?"


"Fair warning though, it's kinda a long story so I'm not sure if you'll really pay attention throughout the whole thing." (THIS IS AIMED AT YOU READERS :L)

"Okay so, Punzie is like, a shy girl? I don't really know the world I'm looking for but- wait! I think the word's naive? Anyways she spent pretty much her entire life inside, reading, painting, she was homeschooled and everything."

"Then Flynn walks by her house and climbs up the tree next to her window for some random reason and looks in. When Flynn told me that part of the story he replicated the face he made, like, a 'bleaarrghaarghhh I'm a zombie gifu me your braainsss' kind of face. It was hilarious! Like think about it. BAM! A WHILE FLYNN HAS APPEARED! WILD FLYNN USED SCARY FACE!"

"But Punzie wasn't at all scared for some reason. She even opened the window! Never heard of stranger danger I guess? So they talk a bit and Flynn asks her all these questions about her, but Punzie's like 'wtf you talking about?' Turns out that Punzie literally has almost never went outside before. Her mother shielded her from the outside world for some reason and told her it wasn't safe to go out."

"Punzie never really cared about the outside but once Flynn came into her life she suddenly felt the uncontrollable urge to explore and see what it was like outside her house. It was like, Flynn was a dashing prince who barged into her life and opened her eyes."

Hmm. I could probably relate to that. Anna barging into my life and everything.

"So Flynn took her to see the sights and they had a blast! Punzie said she never had more fun in her life! From that day on Punzie was always sneaking outside, her mother never knew! Then eventually Punzie confronted her mother and now she's allowed to go pretty much anywhere she wants now. Lucky girl. So with that newfound freedom she literally goes everywhere. She's not afraid to climb into a sewer ditch and get her hands dirty. Neither is Flynn really. They're quite a cute couple really."

Anna took a deep breath. "Whew! That was a long story. You still here? Did I put you to sleep?" (Well? Did I? Haha)

Elsa nodded. "Still here Anna. That was actually a really interesting story. It was like the classic tale of boy meets girl, they live happily ever after."

"Hmm... actually yeah! Now that I think of it it does! Kinda corny, but it fits."




Another long silence followed, punctuated by a drawn out slurp of coke. Anna coughed.

"So Elsa... is there perchance a reason why you always conceal your hair around me?"

Elsa's eyes widened to dinner plates. Shit! What do I say?!

"Eehm. Um... It doesn't look very good so um.. I just don't.. I just don't wanna scare you off.." At least half of that is somewhat true...

"BS! You're drop dead gorgeous! There's no way that you can have such a cute face, and such a.. um.. perfect body... and yet have ugly hair. I bet it's absolutely stunning. $10."

Anna did something Elsa didn't expect. She lunged over the table, reaching for Elsa's hoodie with the obvious intent of taking it off. In a panic, Elsa tried to back up.

It is difficult backing up in a chair. Elsa soon found herself crash against the hard floor. The world began to spin.

"OH MY GOD! Elsa! I'm so sorry are you alright?!" Anna sprang out of her chair and ran to Elsa's side. "Here, let me help you up."

Elsa reached for Anna's outstretched hand but as soon as she did Anna abruptly yanked her upright to her feet. The extremely quick change from laying down to standing up worsened Elsa's dizziness; in a daze, she stumbled forward and fell into Anna's arms.

"E-Elsa..? Oh my god wow..."

Elsa sighed. This is actually quite comfortable... Her arms are so soft and she smells so good... I could get used to this...

"Elsa.. Your hair is beautiful."

wait WHAT?!

Elsa wretched herself out of Anna's embrace as her hands flew to her head. Her jaw dropped in absolute terror when instead of touching the soft fabric of her hoodie like she expected, she felt her lush golden-white hair.

shit shit shit SHIT. When did my hoodie fall off?! When she pulled me up?

"Elsa...? Are you okay..?"

This isn't good. This isn't good. This isn't good. What if she's seen me before? What if she recognizes me? What if she puts two and two together?

What if she rejects me? The thought terrified her beyond belief. Elsa's fight or flight instinct kicked in and naturally she ran.

She grabbed her bag and sprinted home, ignoring Anna's cries to stop.

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