Chapter 6

Emma smoothed out her dress as she checked herself in the mirror. Her nerves were making her a bit antsy. She knew that she would be seeing Steve in just a few minutes at Tony and Pepper's rehearsal dinner. And hopefully tonight she would be able to talk to him alone. She had many things to tell him – mainly the fact that she was falling for him…

But the question was how was she going to do that.

Why was she so nervous about confessing her feelings to Steve? Perhaps it was the fact that the only other person that she had ever dated was the one that she ended up marrying and having her precious daughter with.

This was going to be a lot harder than she thought as she turned away from the mirror and left the suite that she and Audrey were sharing for the weekend at Singer Castle, in which her brother had purchased with the idea of keeping it how it was currently functioning as – an escape for those who want to get away from the city life for a few days. Well that was at least what Tony told her when she had asked him why he bought a castle in the first place.

As she began to make her way down the hallway, she looked around for Audrey. She had made sure that Audrey had been dressed first before allowing Audrey to leave the suite to find her uncles. Yet Emma had known better.

Audrey was on a mission to find her favorite uncle.

Right on cue, Emma heard Audrey's laughter before she spotted Audrey being carried on Steve's shoulders down the hallway towards the courtyard where the wedding rehearsal was taking place. Emma could not help but smile.

The feelings about Steve that she had been pushing away suddenly came surging to the surface as her heart was sent racing at the sight of him. Ever since her admission to Pepper about her feelings towards Steve, she had been having an internal debate with herself. Was it too soon? Was she ready? What would happen if Steve rejected her? Yet each time she had thought about the "almost" kiss in her living room several months ago, she couldn't help but blush. At the time she couldn't fathom the idea of ever having feelings for another human being like she had shared with Clint. But now things were different – she was harboring feelings for America's Golden Boy, Captain America.

While part of her wanted to say no to even telling Steve her feelings, there was the fact that Audrey loved her Uncle Steve. And Steve was great with Audrey. He always was willing to do whatever needed to be done to make Audrey happy. And in retrospect, it made Emma happy.

And seeing how happy both Audrey and Steve were made Emma realize that she had to talk to Steve. No matter how nervous she was.

Steve watched as Emma laughed at something that Bruce had told her. a small smile spread across his face. This was how Emma should be all the time – happy.

While he had every intention on telling Emma how he felt about her, he still had not yet found the right time. He had planned on telling her sometime during this weekend, yet with the way things were going, he might not get that chance.

As soon as he had arrived, he had to rush to get ready for the rehearsal then there was the dinner that had followed. The entire time Emma had been occupied by something – either with Audrey or doing something for Pepper to even talking to various people who had attended the rehearsal dinner. It almost seemed as if she was avoiding him. So until he could find the perfect time to tell Emma how he felt, his feelings would remain his own.

Yet each time he saw Emma, it was getting harder and harder not to pull her into his arms and kiss her deeply on the lips like he had wanted to do for several months now.

Hopefully soon he would get the chance to do just that.

Finally a moment to herself to gather her thoughts. The entire night had been one thing after another – wedding rehearsal, meeting more of her father's former friends, tending to a scraped knee that Audrey had gotten while playing with some of the other children who had come for the wedding to finally getting to talk to some of her Avenger teammates. Everyone with the exception of Natasha had made it for Tony and Pepper's big day. Emma learned from Bruce that Natasha couldn't make it because she was on some sort of mission for S.H.E.I.L.D. – deep undercover. She fondly remembered those days as well.

Yet the one person she had not spoken to that night was Steve. Many of the people at the rehearsal dinner had occupied Steve's time by asking questions about the past and even how he was adjusting to the present. And without causing a fuss, Steve had politely talked to everyone who had wanted to meet him. Hopefully she would get a chance to talk to Steve alone.

Until then some fresh air was needed.

As she stood out in the courtyard looking out across the St. Lawrence River in the full moon light, she sighed in relief. While she desperately wanted to tell Steve her feelings, she was still nervous. Fears about being rejected slowly crept their way to the surface of her conscious. She would be devastated if her feelings were not returned. That had been one reason that she had not sought out the affections of others when she was in her teens – fear of being rejected.

Something moving behind her caught Emma's attention. She turned and was face to face with whom she had just been musing about.

Steve was standing behind her with a slight smile on his face. While seeing and spending more time with Emma made his world seem brighter and less confusing at times – it was the times that he caught her in deep thought that he enjoyed the most. He found that since Clint died, the times that Emma seemed most like her old self was whenever she was lost in thought. If only he could find a way to breech the subject of his feelings with her. He was too scared to do so – especially with all that she had gone through the last nine months. Heck, it had even taken him just as long to figure out what his own feelings towards her were.

"Audrey fell asleep in Bruce's arms. I was coming to find you to see if you wanted me to carry her back up to your room," he said as he moved closer to her, quickly coming out of his thoughts.

"That would be great," she said returning his smile.

Steve turned back towards the door to head back inside to gather a sleeping Audrey from Bruce's arms. He could have kicked himself for not taking a chance at the moment. Why hadn't he told her how he felt? It was the perfect time to do so! They were alone out here with no one to bother them.

"Wait, I'll come with you," she quickly said, moving towards him. Steve stopped and waited for her. Perhaps now he could bridge the issue of his feelings with her.

Yet something else happened instead.

As she moved next to him, Emma took ahold of his hand and looked up at him. "Thank you for being so good with her. The last few months have been hard on her," she said pausing. "As well as on me."

"Audrey is amazing, just like her mother." Steve answered with a sincere tone in his voice.

That was when something in her snapped. Emma leaned up and wrapped her arms around Steve's neck as she pulled herself up towards him. Steve responded and leaned closer the woman that he had been longing to kiss and hold close to him for several months. That was when her lips met his and a fire exploded within each of them. Emma felt herself melting against the Captain's lips as she pressed herself against his firm body as Steve moved his hands to her hips so that he could hold her close. The actual feeling of Emma's lips against his was far better than he had imagined. His last kiss had been so long ago with a woman who still held part of his heart, yet this kiss was far different. This kiss felt right, almost as if this was were Steve belonged.

While their kiss wasn't a long kiss, it still was enough to make each of them breathless. For a moment, neither of them said anything as Steve pressed his forehead against Emma's as they continued to stand in the moonlight.

"I'm…I'm sorry," Emma said trying to pull away from Steve a few seconds later once she realized what she had done. She couldn't believe what had come over her. Clint's death hadn't even been a year ago and here she was kissing another man.

"I'm not," he said still holding her close to him. "I've wanted to do that for several months."

"You have?"

Nodding slightly, Steve leaned in and gently kissed her lips again. Emma pressed herself up against Steve as she urged the kiss deeper. Without much pressure, Steve willing gave into Emma's advances. He knew that he could not get intoxicated, but as he kissed Emma, he felt that he could.

"So what are we now?" Emma asked as she looked up at him as she pulled back from his second kiss. "Because this is well past the idea of just being friends."

"I'm not sure either. But I do know that I want to take you out on a real date."

"That I can do," she said with a smile as she turned and pulled out of his arms, but held onto his hand as she pulled him inside to gather up Audrey and take her up to bed.

With a smile, Steve followed behind her. As he did, he realized that slowly his world was beginning to make more and more sense.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Cheers erupted as Tony leaned in and kissed Pepper's lips.

Emma couldn't help but watch with a smile on her face. She knew that her brother was ecstatic to finally call Pepper his wife. As she stood watching Tony and Pepper, her eyes glanced over to where Steve stood right behind Rhodey as a groomsman. She couldn't help but blush as her eyes met his and the smile on Steve's face just grew.

After their impromptu kiss in the moonlight the night before, Steve carried Audrey to bed for Emma. Once Audrey had been tucked into bed for the night, he and Emma sat in the small sitting area of the suite Emma was in and talked. Much to her surprise, Steve admitted his feelings towards her, while Emma did the same.

Now that everything was finally in the open, it was decided that they would take things slow.

And perhaps over time, they too, would have a happy ending together.

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