Chapter5: Asura's struggle

Asura POV

Asura poked Kid in the face where he laid on the ground. He knew he had thrown him pretty hard, but he could just be pretending so he could get the upper hand. Not that it would do him much good, but Asura wasn't so foolish as to be caught off guard. These people still didn't trust him, so he couldn't trust them.

Asura decided to continue his precautionary measures by poking his younger brother in the ribs to see if he could get a reaction. Nothing. That might be Jacques he was unconscious, or maybe he just wasn't ticklish. Next Asura parted Kid's eyelids and looked at his eyes. They were rolled up in his head, a sure sign he wasn't faking. Unless...

Asura shook off the urge to check any more and lifted Kid in his arms. He carried the unconscious boy up to the bedroom they had shared. When he turned on the stairs he accidentally knocked Kid's head into the wall, but received no response. Was it an accident? He thought it was, but he might have done it on purpose as another way to check if Kid was faking. Either way, he couldn't be blamed for being careful.

Once up the stairs Asura dropped the boy on the large bed. He stood there, not knowing what to do now. Kid may be injured, but Asura couldn't very well ask anyone for help. They would turn on him as soon as they found out what happened. Instead he decided just to let Kid sleep. He wasn't a doctor, and he didn't have any experience with serious injuries himself. So he just sat by the bed, staring at the wall.

After a few minutes Asura yawned and licked his lips. "I'm hungry," he said to the empty air around him. "Kid never made me breakfast like he was supposed to. Maybe he'll make me something when he wakes up." Asura continued to sit in silence, the injured boy on the bed never moving. He wasn't dead. Asura could sense his soul.

After several hours with nothing changing the door to the house opened and several people could be heard talking quietly as they entered the house. 'Those annoying DWMA students are back,' Asura thought to himself. Still he didn't move. The voices had silenced shortly after they arrived, but quiet footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. Asura sighed. Did they really think they could sneak up on him. Sure enough the door burst open to make way for the meister and the three weapons.

"Kid!" The meister, Maka, screamed. "Soul go to the bathroom and call Lord Death!" As the white hair boyoved at his partners command Asura quickly intercepted him with a hand on his throat as he lifted the boy into the air.

"You can't do that," Asura said. "Shinigami-sama will be mad and will never trust me."

"Put him down," Maka yelled at him. "Stop it Asura! If you hurt him you'll only make things worse for yourself! You may have injured Kid, but you might kill Soul! Stop it!"

Asura thought for a moment. Even though Kid was fairly weak it was true that he could withstand much more than these humans. Still, if he let them contact Shinigami then he would be locked up again. But... Kid needed help. His brother needed help.

"Call my father," Asura said as he released his grip on Soul. The albino boy fell to the ground and held his throat as he gasped for air. His meister ran into the bathroom and the squeaking of her fingers on the mirror could be heard before the foolish voice of Lord Death.

"Oh hi, Maka," the Shinigami said pleasently. "Why do you look so upset?"

"Lord Death Kid is hurt! Send Stein and my father! Hurry!" A grunt of affirmation was the last thing heard before the girl returned to the bedroom, glaring at Asura. Asura paid her no mind.

He walked over to the bed that held his young brother. He seemed almost peaceful lying in bed, but his face showed he was in pain. He kissed his brother's head. "I'm sorry Kiddo-kun," he whispered. When he looked back up all eyes were on him. Faces of confusion and anger looked back at him.

Asura didn't care. He had hurt the first person to show any amount of kindness to him, and his would be his self appointed exile. "I'll he back for you, brother," he said before opening the window and disappearing outside. He yelling from the others behind him, but he was gone before they even had a chance to catch him.