Shadamy: The Phoenix

Prologue: Part 1

"There is story that I should tell you my child. Long ago, when Mobius was young, the start of the Middle Ages, there was a happy village on this very land. Everyone was at peace, no one were harmful to each other. But that all changed when a young male hedgehog started to feel the darkness arise from around him. Everyone in the village feared him, he had the powers to burn the land and to kill by one simple blast from his body. They called him 'The Phoenix'. For so many years, the young Mobian had ruled all of the land and soon the whole world. But when the people of Mobius rose up against him, he was destroyed. And when they thought it was all over, he wasn't the only 'Phoenix' to rule the world. Soon, many young evil Mobians have taken over the world, but one by one have been defeated by the citizens of Mobius. But, what happened to the last Phoenix just made it worse. This young male, the latest Phoenix, has been the longest ruling Mobian there is. He turned everyone in Mobius into his slaves. The whole land was destroyed, there was no food, no water and no happy lives. For the so many years, this young Mobian has turned Mobius into hell all together. But, when he least expected it, he found a beautiful maiden in among the land. And when he first looked into her eyes, he fell in love. Because she lightened up his heart, the world had regained peace. All the citizens in Mobius praised in rejoice of peace. The Phoenix was too in love with the girl that he restored everything back into place. He never left her side, he loved her with all of his heart. But, that maiden was about to do something extremely foolish. The girl, however, never loved him back. It was all a trick in order for her to extinguish him once and for all. And so, she destroyed him. The reason it was foolish, was all because since he died from falling in love, the next Phoenix will learn from his mistake. He would never fall in love with a beautiful maiden and he will avenge and finish what the last Phoenix had started." A white hedgehog puts her journal down onto a wooden stool next to her throne. She sits back up straight, regaining her posture. "And that is the story of how Phoenixes evolved. If you were so curious-" She was cut off when she saw an 8 year-old pink hedgehog beneath her feet playing her quills. "Amy darling? Were you listening?" The young hedgehog looks up at her with her emerald eyes.

"Yes mommy, I was listening." The older female chuckles before picking her up and sitting her on her lap.

"And that was the answer to your question my child. But I must ask, why do you want to know?"

"Because, my friends Sonic and Cream were talking about it the other day. They told me that you would know more about it, so I asked you for the whole story." Her mother smiles sweetly at her.

"Your highness?" The white hedgehog sees a orange maiden echidna in front of her. "It's time for Princess Amy to go to bed." The queen nods before putting Amy on the ground.

"Remember this child," Amy looks at her curiously. "the Phoenix is a dangerous creature. Beware of the future child." Amy nods before the orange echidna picks her up bridal style and walks out of the throne room. The queen leans on her throne before sighing. "You are my special girl..."

The orange echidna entered the room with Amy in her arms. She placed the young hedgehog in her bed. "Tikal?" The maid looked down at the young princess curiously.

"Do you need anything princess?" Amy's emerald eyes sparkle in wonder.

"Do you think there will ever be a next Phoenix?" Tikal went into deep thought. She then looks at Amy and nods.

"There will always be a twist at the end, but nothing is going to stop it from happening. No matter how hard you try." Amy nods before her jade eyes start to flutter close. Tikal stood grabbed the door. She looks back at her. "Goodnight, little princess."

"Goodnight Tikal." Tikal blew out the candle near the door and closes it shut. Amy looks at the door before glancing outside of the window. She sighs before her eyes close, making her fall into a deep slumber.

How long has it been since I have done anything around here? And I know you are probably thinking.

'Where the hell were you?'

'You haven't finished Total Mobius Island!'

'No, please don't do another story!'

Well sorry guys, but I need to be in the mood to continue writing Total Mobius Island. But don't worry, it isn'tdiscontinued. It will still be continued soon, when I'm in the mood. So thank you.

Disclaimer: Amy and Tikal belong to SEGA.

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